Instagram embraces the fascinating world of AI

Emre Çitak
Jul 31, 2023

Instagram is constantly evolving to enhance user experiences and stay at the forefront of technology. In recent times, there has been a surge in interest regarding generative AI technology, and Instagram is not one to be left behind in this trend.

The platform is experimenting with a range of generative AI elements, aiming to introduce innovative tools that will elevate creativity and interaction for its users.

While the current developments primarily focus on AI chatbots like ChatGPT and visual creation tools like Midjourney, the potential for generative AI in the artistic domain is immense.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more groundbreaking features that redefine how we interact and express ourselves on social media platforms.

New Instagram AI tools
New Instagram AI tools are on the way - Image by lookstudio on Freepik

What are the upcoming Instagram AI tools?

The platform, which reminded everyone once again of its place among social media giants, especially by releasing Threads, seems to make a name for itself with Instagram AI tools this time.

How will this affect your social media profiles? Here are the upcoming Instagram AI tools according to Alessandro Paluzzi:

  • Generative AI sticker creation
  • Visual editing tools
  • AI chatbot
  • Message summary
  • Instagram Standouts

Generative AI sticker creation

One of the exciting new features in development is the Generative AI Sticker Creation tool. This tool will empower users to craft custom graphics for their Instagram posts and Stories based on simple text prompts.

By utilizing visual AI creation in-stream, users can add unique and eye-catching stickers to their content, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and creativity of their posts.

Visual editing tools

Instagram is also working on Generative AI tools to improve the post-creation process. Two elements stand out in this development - the ''AI brush'' and ''Restyle''.

The AI brush will allow users to replace parts of an image using generative AI, effectively filling in gaps or modifying specific elements within the image.

On the other hand, ''Restyle'' will enable users to recreate sections of an uploaded image by describing the desired changes through text prompts.

This innovative approach will provide users with greater control over their content, facilitating easy customization and personalization. We know so little about it all so far but here is how it looks:

AI chatbot

Similar to Snapchat's My AI chatbot, Instagram is also experimenting with a new conversational UI embedded within Direct Messages (DMs).

By typing ''@ai'' in the chat field, users will be able to summon the AI chatbot, which can answer questions, provide recommendations, and even settle disputes by offering random trivia, all within the DM thread.

This AI chatbot will add a new dimension to user engagement and interactions on the platform.

Message summary

To cater to users with busy schedules, Instagram is developing an AI-powered tool that will summarize full Direct Messages. This time-saving feature will efficiently condense message content, making it more convenient for users to catch up on important conversations without reading through lengthy messages.

Although the concept of message summarization using AI is promising, some users may be cautious about relying solely on AI to interpret the nuances of every conversation, as reported by Twitter, sorry X leaker @alex193a:

Instagram Standouts

We don't know much about Instagram Standouts, but the image shared by Alessandro Paluzzi clearly tells us that there will be a kind of "celebration" periodically as friends connect and engage in joint interactions.

Sound familiar? Yes, it looks very similar to Spotify and TikTok Wrapped.

Labels on AI-generated content

To maintain transparency, Instagram plans to introduce new labels that indicate when an image has been created using generative AI tools.

This feature aims to differentiate AI-generated content from regular user-created content, ensuring clarity and authenticity. Instagram's initiative to encourage creators to add a ''created by AI'' marker on posts that originated from other AI tools will further enhance transparency and credibility within the platform.

Featured image credit: Image by Freepik.


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