Midjourney 5.2 is out!

Emre Çitak
Jun 23, 2023

Welcome to this step-by-step guide on how to effectively utilize MidJourney 5.2, the latest and most advanced version of the AI image generation platform.

Released in June 2023, or just a few hours earlier at the time of writing, MidJourney 5.2 introduces a range of powerful features and improvements that enhance the quality and creative control of generated images.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of using MidJourney 5.2, highlighting its benefits and providing clear instructions to help you make the most of this cutting-edge tool.

Midjourney 5.2
Midjourney 5.2 is out now - Image courtesy of Nicolas Neubert

What is new in Midjourney 5.2?

MidJourney 5.2 introduces a series of remarkable features that revolutionize AI image generation.

Let's take a closer look at each of these features.

Discord-compatible "Outpainting"

With the introduction of Midjourney 5.2, users can now zoom out, alter the image's aspect ratio, and even modify the prompt during the zooming process. This is similar to Adobe Firefly's Generative Fill feature.

This feature injects a new level of excitement and simplicity into the image generation experience, empowering users to unleash their creativity and explore a multitude of visual perspectives.

Don't like the generation? Try the new ''Inpainting''

Another exciting addition in MidJourney 5.2 is the enhanced "inpainting" feature. This advanced capability takes image generation to new heights by either creating something entirely new or reconstructing unsatisfactory or missing parts of an image.

By intelligently filling in gaps or completing missing areas, the "inpainting" feature produces visually captivating and cohesive compositions, further enhancing the quality of the generated images.

Below, is a comparison between Midjourney 5.1 and Midjourney 5.2 ( 5.1 on top, 5.2 on bottom).

Midjourney 5.2
Midjourney 5.2 adds further details to your generations with the same prompt - Image: Midjourney

You're undecided? Use the new ''Remix''

MidJourney 5.2 also brings forth an improved remix feature, offering a substantial enhancement in aesthetic quality and coherence.

This upgraded feature enables users to combine multiple AI-generated images into a single composition, resulting in visually stunning and harmonious outputs.

Artists, designers, and individuals seeking to create captivating visual content will find this feature to be a powerful tool for unleashing their creative potential.

Better NLP

Understanding user intent and accurately translating prompts into high-quality images is a fundamental aspect of any AI platform. MidJourney 5.2 addresses this by augmenting its natural language processing capabilities.

The platform now exhibits an improved understanding of the meaning behind user prompts, ensuring that the generated images closely align with the intended vision, resulting in more satisfying outcomes.

Mini tools with giant functions

MidJourney 5.2 introduces additional mini tools that further enrich the user experience.

The higher variation mode enables users to generate images with even greater diversity and creativity, providing an expanded range of styles, color schemes, and compositions to explore.

Additionally, the prompt analyzer tool assists users in analyzing their prompts, offering valuable insights for generating more accurate and contextually relevant images.

Midjourney 5.2
You can now analyze your prompts with the release of the Midjourney 5.2 - Image: Midjourney

How to use Midjourney 5.2

To take advantage of MidJourney 5.2, you can simply add the "--v 5.2" parameter to the end of your prompt.

This directs the model to utilize the latest version, enabling you to generate AI images with the enhanced features and improvements brought forth by MidJourney 5.2.

Alternatively, you can access the MidJourney settings by employing the /settings command. Within the settings menu, look for the option labeled "MJ Version 5.2" and select it.

This ensures that you are using the MidJourney V5.2 model for your breathtaking generations.

Now you: Do you think this AI generation tool that is driving everyone crazy could be the basis for a new understanding of art?


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