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Will We Get the First Windows Phone Update on February 7th?

There's no confirmation about this, but the buzz about the long-anticipated first Windows Phone update is that it will be released on Monday February 7th. The news which was being broken by […]

Windows 8 will NOT be out January 7th 2013... Here's Why

It's been reported by MicrosoftFeed that Windows 8 will be out on retail shelves on 7th January 2013.  NeoWin have said that "None of this information is verified or is confirmed but is […]

HTC Hub, The Phantom Data Leaker Identified?

I've been conducting my own investigation and tests into the "rogue app" which is leaking data on Windows Phones.  I want to stress at this point that my evidence was not collected […]

Which Windows Phone App is Leaking Data?

Microsoft have now completed their investigation into Windows Phones that have been leaking data.  It was first reported at the beginning of January that some handsets were transmitting between 30 and 50Mb […]

The 2011 Microsoft MVP Gift Pack

Firstly, a big thank you to everybody who sent me such nice messages after I was given a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award by Microsoft last week, for "Windows Expert (Consumer)", you're all […]

Why I Chose an HTC Mozart Windows Phone

Christmas day this year brought an extra present for me, I was due a free upgrade on my phone from my mobile carrier.  I'd spent a long time before weighing up the pros […]

Microsoft Working on Tablet Windows in Time for the End of the World

Bloomberg have today written that Microsoft's apparent new Tablet version of Windows that's set to be unveiled at CES next month will be a special version running on ARM chips, which is […]


Microsoft Montage, Create Visual Albums Of Topics Of Interest

How do you keep track of topics of interest on the Internet? Do you visit news site, subscribe to RSS feeds, email newsletters, Google Alerts, Twitter? Many Internet users are overwhelmed by […]

Windows Phone hits 3,000 apps + 1 unlocker

Two interesting Windows Phone stories have emerged today.  The first of which is that the phone's app store now has over 3,000 apps and 15,000 developers.  This means we can expect to […]

Windows Phone Locks-in MicroSD Cards

There has been discussion for a few weeks now about how Microsoft's new smartphone OS handles expendable storage, with many people reporting that inserting the wrong card can reduce the OS to […]

IE9 Scrubs up well against the HTML5 Competition

Microsoft has for years been accused of being shy about standard's compliance.  For many years they said they could do the web better and, for many years the web went along with […]

windows product scout

Windows Product Scout

Update: Please note that Microsoft has removed the product scout website again. It is no longer available. The Windows Product Scout is a new addition to Microsoft's Windows homepage. The free service […]

games for windows marketplace

Games for Windows re-launches November 15th

It was a great idea that was sadly let down by poor implementation and poor support.  Games for Windows, which was launched with Windows Vista, was intended to be the marker by […]

Docs Gets Improvements, Pushes Silverlight is an online document management, creation and publication tool that is closely tied to Microsoft and Facebook. Without going into to much detail, Facebook users can use the service to read, […]

Windows Phone 7 WILL get Cut and Paste in early 2011

It was one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone for the best part of three years and looked set to also be a major gripe about Microsoft's new smartphone OS, Windows […]

hotmail sign in page

Hotmail Sign In Troubleshooting

Microsoft's email service Hotmail recently received an update that improved the options to recover an account. That's helpful for users who cannot sign in to Hotmail, either because their username or password […]

50+ Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Hotmail

Microsoft's Hotmail service is undergoing a period of expansion, with new features being added.  As always happens this adds levels of complexity to the service but, recognising that many users still like […]

Windows Phone 7 "Official Launch", Oct 11th

There's been huge speculation about when Microsoft would launch Windows Phone 7.  Microsoft had already pre-booked an event to be held in New York City on October 11th but some commentators such […]