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Internet Explorer is the default web browser of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The browser, often abbreviated IE or MSIE, was first released as an add-on for Windows 95 and later included natively in all future versions of Windows.

Especially the native integration helped the browser gain market share rapidly which made it the most used browser ever since its release with peak usage shares of more than 90% at one point in time. The releases of Firefox in 2004 and Google Chrome in 2008 saw a decline in market share. Most market research companies see Internet Explorer still in lead but the gap is much closer now, with Chrome and Firefox the browser’s biggest contenders market share wise.

Microsoft recently started to take its Internet Explorer browser serious again after a couple of lackluster releases before that. Internet Explorer 9 and IE10 pave the way for a browser that adheres to standards and closes the gap to Firefox and Google Chrome which are both regarded as the better browsers by many.

We cover Internet Explorer news here and also post guides and tutorials for you which you may find useful. Among them instructions on how you can uninstall Internet Explorer or repair Internet Explorer.

internet explorer address bar leak

If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer currently, all what you type in the browser's address bar may be leaked to sites. The issue was disclosed by security researcher Manuel Caballero on Tuesday on the Broken Browser website. When a script is executed inside an object-html tag, the location object will get confused and return […]

hide microsoft edge button internet explorer

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system ships with two web browsers; the new Microsoft Edge web browser which is the default browser on Windows 10, and Internet Explorer 11. While Microsoft wants users of Windows 10 to use Microsoft Edge, as it supports newer web technologies and is the browser that Microsoft puts the development focus […]

edge extension developer features

The most recent build of Microsoft Edge on the Windows 10 Insider channel comes with a change that hides some preferences on the browser's about:Flags page. Microsoft Edge is a rather bare bones web browser when you compare its feature set to other browsers out there. It is like Notepad on Windows, a good but […]

print friendly pdf

PrintFriendly and PDF is a new browser extension for Microsoft Edge which optimizes web pages for printing or PDF creation. When Microsoft announced extension support for its Edge browser, hopes were high that this would give the browser a much needed boost to close the productivity gap to Chrome or Firefox. The initial release in […]

zoom for microsoft edge

Zoom for Microsoft Edge is a brand new browser extension for the default Windows 10 web browser by the maker of Turn off the Lights. While you can zoom in Edge in various ways already, advanced zooming controls are missing. The default zoom options -- Ctrl+ to zoom in, Ctrl- to zoom our, or holding […]

edge address bar

The following guide provides you with information on configuring Microsoft Edge so that the browser's address bar is displayed all the time. If you are using Microsoft Edge, or have used it in the past, you may have noticed that the browser's address bar is not displayed on certain pages. This is the case for […]

microsoft edge flash block

Microsoft announced some hours ago that upcoming versions of the company's Windows 10 web browser Edge will block Flash content by default. Flash is on its way out, and the next step in the process is the automatic blocking of Flash elements on websites. Google announced recently that it will prioritize HTML5 over Flash, and […]

ublock origin

A port of the popular blocker uBlock Origin is now officially available for the default Windows 10 web browser Microsoft Edge. The terms port and officially available require explanation. Port means that this particular release of uBlock Origin has not been created by its original developer but forked. The browser extension uBlock Origin is open […]

microsoft edge android ios

Microsoft Edge is a web browser that is exclusively available for Microsoft's new operating system Windows 10. In fact, Edge is the default system browser on the system. While Internet Explorer is still there as well, Edge is promoted left and right while Internet Explorer is kept on mostly for legacy reasons. Microsoft made it […]

edge ad windows 10

Windows 10 felt in many regards like an operating system that was not ready for release back when Microsoft released it. This was the case for the new system browser Microsoft Edge as well, as it lacked a lot of features. While it was highly optimized, it felt like a browsing shell more than a […]

turn off the lights

Turn off the Lights is a new browser extension for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 that ports the functionality of the popular extension to the browser. The extension has been designed to darken the screen when watching videos to improve the experience. Turn off the Lights is compatible with all versions of Windows 10 starting […]

edge extensions store

One of the big new features of the Anniversary Update was extension support in Windows 10's default system browser Microsoft Edge. Microsoft showcased several of the extensions during development of the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, and got at least some users excited about the prospect of running ad blockers, password managers and other useful […]