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PureVPN Brings Faster Speeds than Ever with its 20Gbps Server Upgrade

PureVPN, a highly-rated VPN provider, has upgraded its server infrastructure in three key locations. The company recently announced that it has added new 20Gbps servers in the United States and the United […]

thunderbird proton email design

Thunderbird Photon Design refresh and WebExtensions

With Mozilla changing core features of Firefox and cutting ties with Thunderbird, it was not really clear what direction Thunderbird's development would take. It was clear however that Mozilla's decision to drop […]

firefox photon animations

How to disable animations in Firefox Photon

Mozilla continues its work on Photon, a visual refresh of the Firefox web browser that will be released later this year (most expect it to launch in Firefox 57 out November 2017). […]

firefox 57 photon design

Firefox 57: new Photon design screenshots

The following article gives you a glimpse of the upcoming Photon design of the Firefox web browser which will come out later this year. Mozilla plans to make Firefox 57 a milestone […]

photon firefox 57 mockup 1

Firefox 57 Photon mockups: activity stream, library, compact mode, more

Mozilla plans to release a theme refresh of its Firefox web browser when the browser hits version 57 in November 2017. The refresh is code-named Photon, and it is the first major […]

firefox photon 1

Firefox Photon: new design mockups show interface, and more

We talked about the upcoming Firefox interface design change, codename Photon, before here on Ghacks, and even revealed a mockup showing some of its interface elements last week. Turned out later that […]

firefox nightly new design

Mozilla postpones Firefox 89 release date by 2 weeks

Firefox 89 will be a major new Firefox version; while all stable releases that bump the version by 1 may be considered major, there are only a few that make fundamental changes […]

firefox new tab shortcuts

Firefox Top Sites to be renamed to Shortcuts. New Design launches in Nightly

Mozilla confirmed some time ago that it is working on an interface refresh of the Firefox web browser under the codename Proton (not to be confused with Photon, a previous design refresh […]

firefox proton visual refresh design

Mozilla is working on a Firefox design refresh

Mozilla is working on a design refresh for the organization's Firefox web browser that it refers to as Photon internally. The last major design refresh of Firefox was unveiled in Firefox 57 […]

firefox pdf reader light

Firefox 81: PDF Reader gets form filling capabilities and more

Mozilla plans to launch several improvements to the PDF reader of the organization's Firefox web browser when the browser hits version 81 later this year. Besides design changes that bring the interface […]

firefox new quantumbar address bar

This is Firefox's new QuantumBar Address Bar design

Firefox 68 will be the first stable version of the web browser that features the rewrite of Firefox's address bar. The new component, called QuantumBar -- matching Mozilla's use of the Quantum […]

thunderbird 60

Thunderbird 52 to 60 update rollout started

The development team behind the email client Thunderbird released Thunderbird 60 in August 2018. Updates from Thunderbird 52.x to 60.x were not activated back then; users had to install Thunderbird 60 manually […]

chrome new ui material design

First look at Google Chrome's UI design refresh

Users of Google Chrome Canary, the cutting edge version of Google's web browser, have a chance to get a sneak peek of a user interface design refresh that Google may plan to […]

firefox legacy addons recommendations

Preparing for Firefox ESR 60.0

Mozilla plans to release the next Extended Support Release version of the organization's Firefox web browser, Firefox ESR 60.0, on May 9, 2018. Firefox 59.0 would have been the original target for […]

thunderbird 52.6.0

Thunderbird 52.6.0 with security fixes released

Thunderbird 52.6.0 is a security update for the popular desktop email client. The release is available via the email client's automatic update feature and also on the official project website. Thunderbird users […]

firefox quantum 57

Firefox 57 release overview

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 57.0 to the stable channel on November 14, 2017. The new version of the web browser is a major release as it introduces big changes to the […]

Firefox Quantum is 2x faster

Mozilla: Firefox Quantum twice as fast as Firefox six months ago

Firefox 57 is twice as fast as Firefox versions that were released six months ago according to Mozilla, the organization behind the web browser. Mozilla decided to give Firefox 57 a special […]

firefox 57 no search bar

Firefox 57: Search bar off by default

Mozilla plans to remove the search bar of the Firefox web browser by default in Firefox 57. While the search bar will be off for new users, existing users won't notice any […]

firefox search box

Firefox's Search Box future unclear

Mozilla plans to ship Firefox's new interface Photon, out with Firefox 57, without a search box for new users of the web browser. Mozilla notes however that the search box won't be […]

firefox photon design

Here is the first mockup screenshot of Firefox 57's new design

Mozilla plans to make Firefox 57 a milestone release by introducing major changes to the web browser when the version is released. We talked about those in the past already; most notable […]

firefox standard

Firefox: new default theme, theme API makes an appearance

2017 will be quite the interesting year for the Firefox web browser. Mozilla plans to make the switch to WebExtensions in that year, launch a new themes API that is based on […]

bitdefender internet security

Bitdefender Internet Security Review

When it comes to picking the right security solution for your PC, you have lots of choices. Do you want to install a free or paid product, and what functionality do you […]

New CMOS Camera Will Record Your Thoughts At 1,000,000 FPS

Scientists of the Megaframe project in Europe have developed a CMOS sensor so small that it can actually go inside a neuron channel and look at the thought signals in real time. […]