Watch out Windows, you got a new competitor

Emre Çitak
Sep 5, 2023
Updated • Sep 6, 2023

Huawei has announced that it will be launching its HarmonyOS PC in the near future. This is a major development, as it could pose a serious threat to Microsoft's Windows operating system.

HarmonyOS is a new, open-source operating system that was originally developed for Huawei's smartphones and tablets.

However, the company has said that it plans to make HarmonyOS available for a wide range of devices, including PCs, TVs, and wearables.

Update: In order to correct the confusion in the article, although Huawei's HarmonyOS operating system is not open-source in its stable version, users can access many lines used in the source code of HarmonyOS by using the OpenHarmony operating system. So, while HarmonyOS itself is not fully open source, its open-source counterpart, OpenHarmony, is available for developers to use and contribute to.

HarmonyOS PC
Huawei HarmonyOS, familiar from its phones, is coming soon to PCs and other smart devices

HarmonyOS PC version is on the way

On the Chinese social media platform Weibo, Chenglu was asked the following question: "Will HarmonyOS be available on PCs next year?". The Huawei executive answered this question very clearly and answered "Yes".

This answer revealed that HarmonyOS will come to PCs. Let's say that Wang Chenglu was the number one of the software team at Huawei until last year. So the person who spoke about HarmonyOS is not an ordinary Huawei executive.

Although it is certain that the HarmonyOS PC version is on its way, there are still many things we still don't know. So much so that the system requirements that this operating system will need are not clear.

It is also unknown when 2024 the operating system will reach PCs. It is also unclear whether existing Huawei computers will continue to use Windows or evolve to HarmonyOS with the update.

Does HarmonyOS have Google?

No, HarmonyOS does not have Google. Huawei's HarmonyOS is a proprietary operating system that is designed to power its own ecosystem of devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, and other IoT devices. While it can run some Android apps, it does not include any Google apps or services, such as Google Play Store, Google Maps, or Google Assistant.

HarmonyOS PC
The HarmonyOS PC version's support range for apps is yet to be revealed

Instead, HarmonyOS has its own app store called the Huawei App Gallery, which offers a curated selection of apps that are optimized for the platform. Huawei also provides its own set of productivity and entertainment apps, such as Huawei Browser, Huawei Mail, and Huawei Video, that are similar to Google's offerings but are tailored specifically for HarmonyOS.

So what about the HarmonyOS PC version? Will it support the apps we used to use on our PCs? Can we run any MS Office apps or Spotify on it? Only time will tell.

Can a HarmonyOS PC replace Windows?

The launch of HarmonyOS for PC could pose a serious threat to Windows. Windows has been the dominant operating system on the PC platform for decades, but it has been facing increasing competition from other operating systems, such as macOS and Chrome OS.

HarmonyOS could further fragment the PC market and make it more difficult for Microsoft to maintain its dominance.

Considering that the Windows 11 update was also not well received by users, there are a number of reasons why the HarmonyOS PC platform could be a success in the competitive PC market.

HarmonyOS PC
HarmonyOS PC version has the potential to outrun Windows OS

First, it is a very lightweight and efficient operating system, which could make it ideal for laptops and other battery-powered devices.

Second, HarmonyOS is designed to be very modular, which means that it can be easily adapted to different hardware platforms.

Third, HarmonyOS is open-source, which means that it can be customized by developers and manufacturers.

Now you: Can HarmonyOS PC dethrone Windows from the OS market?


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