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This is our web-based news category. We post news, reviews, tips and tricks, and tutorials about Internet services in here. This includes news about popular Internet companies and services such as Twitter, Dropbox, Yahoo or Evernote, reviews of Internet services that let you do “things” online, and tutorials and tools that provide you with the knowledge and means to make the most out of the Internet.

The majority of articles listed here are Internet service news, announcements of changes for instance, or new services that have just been released and are ready for use.

But Internet also covers P2P and file sharing and hosting news, reviews, and tutorials. Here you find Bittorrent news for instance, information about the place no one talks about, the Usenet, or news about file hosts such as Rapidshare or Mega.


Webrecorder is a free online service that you can use to create recordings of web browsing sessions on the site independently from your browser. You can use the service anonymously and make use of the majority of functions that it provides including downloading sessions to your system. Users who create a free account get options […]

wayback machine preserve web page

The Wayback Machine, part of the Internet Archive, is a massive web page archive that holds more than 279 billion copies currently. This makes it an excellent option to look up pages that are no longer available at all, or have changed. You can head over to the Wayback Machine website directly to look up […]


Shopping websites like Amazon support review systems that allow customers to leave reviews for products on the site. Designed to add unique content and information to shopping sites, ratings are often also used when it comes to an item's visibility on a site. Customers who buy online may rely on reviews more than they rely […]

adobe acrobat chrome extension

When you install the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Adobe's free PDF reader, you may notice that it installs a Chrome extension along with the update. Tip: Make sure you disable the offers on the download page to install True Key by Intel Security, and McAfee Security Scan Plus, as they will […]


If there are not any last minute changes, the last days of the once-mighty Yahoo company have begun. Verizon offered $4.8 billion for the Yahoo brand name, core patents, and the bulk of the company's Internet properties, and Yahoo accepted the offer last year. The only major properties not included in the deal is the […]

stylish privacy opt-out

Stylish is a cross-browser add-on available for Firefox and Chrome, and browsers based on those, that allows you to install so-called userstyles in the browser. These userstyles change the style of websites, e.g. the color scheme, interface elements, and anything else that can be done manipulating CSS more or less. The owner of Stylish, the […]

startpage tips

The private search engine Startpage is my search engine of choice. If you are a long-time reader, you know that I made the switch from using Google first to DuckDuckGo, and then to Startpage, back when news about Prism and other government surveillance and privacy-invading activities hit the world. Startpage works considerably well out of […]


Internet of Things (IoT) devices are trending right now, and chance is good that more and more devices will come to market that may make things easier on the one hand, but may cause privacy issues on the other. You don't have to look further than at smart home devices that listen to your commands […]

vivaldi 1.7 screenshots

Vivaldi Technologies AS released the first browser snapshot of the upcoming Vivaldi 1.7 version yesterday. The new version introduces a feature to the browser that many users may find useful: the ability to capture screenshots. While that is not a super-new feature, as browsers like Firefox support screenshot taking natively, and screenshot extensions are available […]

chrome blank tabs

2017 is just a couple of days away, and it will be an interesting year if you are interested in technology. What will 2017 bring for web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Vivaldi? This is what I try to predict in this article. To do that, I have to look at the current situation […]

eu deals

Amazon runs several localized stores around the world which may have different items on offer and may also price the same item differently. Companies benefit from a global economy, more so than consumers. But you and I can benefit from a global economy as well, at least when it comes to making purchases in different […]

dropbox public folders

The public folder was one of those features that set the file sync and management service Dropbox apart from other services of its kind. The company stopped the creation of public folders for new users in 2012, and converted the public folder for new users to a private one in March 2016 for all free […]


If you happen to have a bank account at the German bank Sparkasse Soest, you may be paying for any click you make on the bank's online banking site. What would you say if your bank asked you to pay 1 cent -- that is 0,01 Euro -- for any click you make on its […]

vivaldi 1.6

Vivaldi Technologies has released Vivaldi 1.6, a new stable version of the up and coming web browser to the public earlier today. The new browser ships with a bunch of tabbed browsing improvements, fixes, and core updates. I'm keeping a close eye on Vivaldi as I like where this browser is headed. New stable versions […]