Windows 10

Windows 10 was one of the most successful Microsoft operating systems, setting a benchmark for future ones. We’ll look at the top features, which applications you can use on it, troubleshooting common issues, and the latest news from the company.

What to expect from the Windows 10 Consumer Event in January

Windows 10 is currently available as a preview designed to give tech enthusiasts, developers and businesses a chance to work with the operating system and give Microsoft feedback about it. If you […]

flac windows 10

Windows 10 to support Flac and MKV natively

One of the first things that I do after installing Windows on a PC that I plan to use or configure for someone that I like is to install VLC Media Player […]

disk cleanup compress

Windows 10 Disk Cleanup includes file compression option

It is quite easy to fill up hard drives or partitions with data. This is true for Solid State Drives which are blazing fast but don't come close to the storage that […]

windows 10 continuum

Get a first sneak peak at Windows 10's Continuum feature

Microsoft revealed information about a new Windows 10 feature called Continuum back in September 2014. One of the usage scenarios that Microsoft needs to handle are when a hybrid device is being […]

hide taskbar icons

New Windows 10 build lets you hide Task View and Search button

Microsoft pushed out a new Windows 10 Preview Build yesterday together with the security and regular updates for all its operating systems and products. Windows 10 users can get it already provided […]

windows 10 administrator user account

How to enable the hidden Windows 10 administrator account

When you install Windows 10 anew on a PC, or run it for the first time if it comes pre-installed with the computer, you create the first user account during that process. […]

Microsoft sheds light on Windows 10 security improvements

Microsoft has not really revealed a lot about Windows 10 up to this day. While it has released a preview build of the operating system and a first update for it recently, […]

windows 10 action center

How Microsoft could improve the Windows 10 Action Center

Microsoft rolled out the first update for the Windows 10 Preview Build yesterday. The 2.x Gigabyte update did not introduce many new features to the operating system but introduced more than 7000 […]

windows 10 start menu cleanup

How to move or remove apps in All Apps in the Windows 10 start menu

If you have had time to use the preview build of Windows 10 on a machine you may have noticed the new start menu right away. While not identical to the Windows […]

explorer tabs

What users want to see integrated in Windows 10

The release of the Windows 10 Preview some time ago revealed some of the features that Microsoft plans to integrate in the upcoming operating system. Probably the biggest feature is the redesigned […]

windows home

Remove Favorites, Frequent Folders or Recent Files in Windows 10 Explorer

When you open the File Explorer in Windows 10, or more precisely the Windows 10 preview that Microsoft released two weeks ago, you will notice that it starts on a Home page […]

start menu toggle start screen

Switch quickly between Windows 10 Start Menu and Start Screen

If you are running Windows 10 you may have noticed that you can either display the start menu or the start screen, but not both. The start menu is the default option […]

windows 10 start menu backup reset

How to backup or reset the start menu in Windows 10

One of the changes of Windows 10 is a new start menu that Microsoft integrated into the operating system. Designed to please desktop users without dropping the idea of apps and features […]

full screen apps windows 10

How to launch apps in Windows 10 in full screen

If you have installed the Windows 10 Preview on a computer system or read about it online, you may know that Windows Store apps run on the desktop now if you are […]

The Windows 10 Store may list desktop programs directly after all

When Microsoft launched Windows Store in Windows 8, it was disappointing to see for many that the store carried only applications that users could install on their systems directly from within the […]

command prompt windows 10

The new features of the Windows 10 Command Prompt

If you have played around on a Windows 10 Preview system you may have noticed that it features an improved command prompt. While you won't notice that right away, as it looks […]

uninstall updates windows 10

How to uninstall all Preview updates to fix update related issues in Windows 10

I did not experience any issues running the Windows 10 Technical Preview up until now. While that has been the case, the state of the operating system makes it more likely that […]

preview builds customize

Add Preview Build settings to Windows 10

The preview build of Windows 10 has been out for less than a week and feedback thus far seems to be largely positive, especially when you compare the reception with that of […]

uxstyle windows 10

Install custom themes in Windows 10 with UxStyle

Windows users can install two different types of themes. First official themes for the operating system, either in form of themes that Microsoft has created for it or lightweight themes that anyone […]

apps in windows

The important changes of the Windows 10 Preview

The Windows 10 Preview is out and interested users can download ISO images or an upgrade executable file to install Windows 10 as a standalone operating system or upgrade an existing version […]

Windows 10 Preview Downloads and Information

Microsoft has launched its Windows Insider Program a moment ago which lets you test new Windows versions before they are released, and in today's case a preview version of Windows 10. It […]

The features of the Windows 10 start menu

Microsoft announced Windows 10 yesterday during a media briefing in San Francisco and surprised the world with that name. The company has uploaded video footage of the briefing to YouTube for everyone […]


Why the next version of Windows is Windows 10 and not 9

Microsoft revealed information about the next version of Windows today and one of the big surprises is that the next version of Windows will be Windows 10 and not Windows 9. Windows […]


10 Programs that Microsoft should integrate into Windows 9

Microsoft has not revealed a lot about its upcoming operating system Windows 9 but from the tidbits the company has released and rumors it appears as if it will be closer to […]



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