Windows 10

Windows 10 was one of the most successful Microsoft operating systems, setting a benchmark for future ones. We’ll look at the top features, which applications you can use on it, troubleshooting common issues, and the latest news from the company.

firefox default browser

How to make Firefox or Chrome the default browser in Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system ships with Microsoft Edge as the default browser. Microsoft Edge replaced Internet Explorer as the main browser on Windows 10 and while it is still possible to […]

estimated device life

Questions Microsoft needs to answer before the Windows 10 launch

Microsoft Windows 10 will be released in two week's time to Windows Insiders and users who have accepted the free upgrade promotion that Microsoft ran on Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices. […]

old volume control windows 10

Windows 10: accessing program-specific volume controls

Microsoft modified how system tray controls such as Volume work in recent builds of Windows 10. While the company is not finished yet with the update, the design itself is final which […]

windows doscvc

Windows 10 Bug: DoSVC files occupy all hard drive space

So I started my PC running Windows 10 as usual and noticed on Steam that there was an update for Team Fortress 2 available. The update would not complete and the error […]

windows 10 feature comparison editions

Microsoft details which features Windows 10 Home and Pro users don't get

If you plan to buy Windows 10 when it comes out, either retail, as a system builder copy or through a PC or tablet, you have the choice between Windows 10 Home […]

Computerbase: you have 30 days to downgrade Windows 10

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users who upgrade their machines to Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 10 have 30 days to downgrade to the old system again according to German computer magazine […]

What's going to happen to Windows 7 and 8 when Windows 10 comes out?

Microsoft's newest version of Windows for desktop PCs and tablets is going to be released on July 29, 2015. The company is working on Windows 10 as we speak and has yet […]


5 New Windows 10 features you may like

Windows 10 ships with several big changes and features, for instance Cortana, the digital voice controlled assistant or Microsoft Edge, a new web browser that replaces Internet Explorer as the default browser […]

backup favorites

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 10158

Microsoft just pushed out a new build of its upcoming operating system Windows 10 to Fast Ring users of the Windows Insider program which upgrades it to build 10158 in the process. […]

windows 10 web search

How to disable web search in Windows 10's start menu

The search in Windows 10 returns local files, programs and settings but also web results by default. While that may be useful to some users of the operating system, it is irritating […]

How to grab a free genuine copy of Windows 10

The newest version of Windows, Windows 10, will be released on July 29 to a worldwide audience. It is Microsoft's attempt to win back unsatisfied users who did not like the Windows […]

move apps windows10

Save Windows 10 apps to other drives

The following guide provides you with instructions on how to move individual apps already installed on a machine running Windows 10 to another system, and to set the default save location for […]

favorites windows explorer

How Windows 10's Quick Access feature differs from Favorites

The favorites folder in Windows' default file explorer Windows Explorer allows you to display custom folders in the Explorer sidebar for fast access. The feature is very convenient for Windows users who […]

windows 10 upgrade reserve

How to display the Windows 10 upgrade icon if it is not visible

Microsoft runs a promotion currently on systems running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 that advertises the free upgrade to the soon to be released Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10, which will […]

windows 10 latest information

Windows 10: what you need to know before you upgrade

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system will be released July 29, 2015 for PC and tablets. The operating system will be provided as a free upgrade to the majority of existing Windows systems […]

Windows 10 is more or less feature complete

Microsoft released a new preview build to Fast Ring testers of Windows 10 two days ago which introduced a series of improvements over previous versions. The company added -- more reinstated -- […]

Clearing away confusion about Windows 10's free for a year offer

When Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be available as a free upgrade for users running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, it probably did not imagine the confusion the […]

windows 10 updates

Windows 10 Home and Pro: automatic updates could become mandatory

If you run a preview build of Windows 10 on a computer currently you may have noticed that it is not possible to modify the operating system's update behavior. The only option […]

microsoft games

Is Microsoft's Windows 10 Candy Crush Saga deal bad for consumers?

Microsoft announced today that its upcoming operating system Windows 10 will ship with the popular match-3 game Candy Crush Saga. I run a weekly series on Betanews about new applications in Microsoft's […]

Microsoft reveals Windows 10 editions

Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 10 will ship in three consumer editions and three Enterprise and education editions. The three consumer editions Home, Mobile and Pro are designed for the demands of […]


Windows 10: 5 things I like

I'm fairly critical when it comes to new software versions regardless of whether it is an update to a web browser I use (Firefox) or the underlying operating system (Windows 10). Part […]

windows 10 10074

Windows 10 Insider Preview 10074 brings back Aero Glass

Microsoft pushed the curtain away and revealed new information about its upcoming operating system Windows 10 yesterday on the first day of the BUILD 2015 conference. The company released a new build […]

windows version

Windows 10 builds stop booting when they expire

Microsoft published several Windows 10 preview builds of its upcoming operating system that give interested users a preview of things to come, Microsoft much needed feedback and companies options to test software […]

my device

Tech Support one click away in Windows 10

All current versions of Windows don't excel when it comes to providing users with assistance when it comes to troubleshoot issues on the system. The help is nearly useless and while some […]

p2p updates

Don't expect too much from Windows 10 Build 10041

If you are running a preview of Windows 10 on a computer system or virtual machine, you may have already noticed that Microsoft pushed out update 10041 of the operating system to […]

Windows 10 to ship this Summer

Who would have thought that? Microsoft announced a few moments ago that it will ship the company's new operating system Windows 10 this summer to 190 countries. What this means is that […]

windows folder size

No more recovery partitions in Windows 10 and other storage gains

When I check the storage space that Windows uses on the two computer systems I run it on, I notice that it occupies 43.4 Gigabyte on a Windows 7 64-bit Pro system […]

windows 10 system tray

Manage and display System Tray Icons in Windows 10

If you have checked out a version of Windows 10 already, you may have noticed that the operating system handles certain things different to previous versions of Windows. One of those changes […]

windows 7 start menu in windows 10

Stardock launches private beta test of Start 10 a Windows 10 Start Menu

When Windows 8 shipped without a start menu and forced anyone to use the full-screen Start Screen view instead to switch between it and the desktop regularly, third-party start menu replacements started […]

windows rollback

How to get rid of Windows 10's Rollback option on start

If you are running Windows 10 on a system either directly or in a virtual machine, you know that the operating system displays a selection menu on boot. The menu displays options […]

Will you make the move to Windows 10?

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is coming out later this year if development does not take a hit between now and then. The company announced previously that an upgrade to Windows 10 […]

windows clock calendar comparison

Enable new clock experience in Windows 10

Whenever a new Windows 10 build gets released, new tricks and tweaks come to light shortly thereafter that reveal additional features that are not available by default. The most recent build of […]

upgrade to windows10 windows update

How to update Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 using Windows Update

The only options you had previously to upgrade from an older copy of Windows to a new one was to run the installer either while the installed operating system was running or […]


Latest Windows 10 Preview download available featuring Cortana and new apps

Are you following the development of windows 10? If so, you know that Microsoft mentioned two days ago that it would release a new preview build of the operating system next week. […]

microsoft windows 10

Windows 10 after the live event: the key points

Microsoft revealed information about the company's upcoming operating system Windows 10 today during a live event. While some questions are still left unanswered, the company managed to provide information about several topics […]


Sign in to a Windows 10 account automatically on start

Whenever I set up a new Windows PC at home I configure it to sign in to an account automatically. This bypasses the user selection screen and the need to enter the […]

prepare this pc

Prepare your PC to upgrade to Windows 10 through Windows Update

Microsoft will release a new Windows 10 Preview build in January to the public. Most expect it to be the consumer-focused build company representatives were talking about earlier this year but no […]

directx windows

Should you be worried if DirectX 12 will be Windows 10 exclusive?

Microsoft announced back in October 2014 that its upcoming operating system Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12. Windows 10 is expected to be released in Fall 2015, three years after the […]

replace windows 10 start menu

Replace the Windows 10 Start Menu with a classic Start Menu

Microsoft plans to launch the Windows 10 operating system in 2015. One of the changes that the company introduces in it is a new start menu that mixes the classic Windows 7 […]

What to expect from the Windows 10 Consumer Event in January

Windows 10 is currently available as a preview designed to give tech enthusiasts, developers and businesses a chance to work with the operating system and give Microsoft feedback about it. If you […]



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