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Best Firefox Addons

This web page lists the best Firefox addons that we have come across in the past ten or so years.

These browser extensions add, remove or modify features of the browser itself, for instance interface elements, but also of websites that you may visit in Firefox.

Add-ons may add security features to Firefox, improve how your favorite site looks in the browser, may help you download files more easily, or fix annoyances of Firefox itself or of websites.

We have grouped all extensions listed here on this page into categories for easier access.

The Best Firefox Addons

Each add-on listing offers a screenshot and description of the Firefox add-on, as well as links to the Mozilla profile page, and to reviews here on this site.

Note: We highlight WebExtensions in the listing below as those will continue to work when Firefox 57 is released.

Group Listing

The available categories and add-ons that have been filed in them are:

1. Annoyances

  • Anti-Aliasing Tuner
  • Bookmarks Duplicate Cleaner
  • Click to Play per-element
  • CloudHole (WebExtension)
  • Greasy Scripts
  • GUI:Config
  • KillSpinners
  • Less Spam Please
  • Noise Control
  • Personal Blocklist (WebExtension)
  • Remove It Permanently
  • Session Manager
  • Skipscreen
  • Yet Another Smooth Scrolling

2. Download Managers / Tweaks

  • Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus
  • Down Them All
  • Download Panel Tweaks
  • Download Sort
  • Download Statusbar

3. Interface Modifications

  • All-in-One Sidebar
  • Classic Theme Restorer
  • Cleanest Add-on Manager
  • Greasemonkey
  • Menu Filter 2
  • New Tab King
  • OmniSidebar
  • Personas Plus
  • Puzzle Bards
  • Prevent Tab Overflow
  • Scriptish
  • Settings Sanity
  • Status 4-Evar
  • Stratiform
  • Stylish
  • Theme Font & Size Changer
  • Tile Tabs
  • Vertical Toolbar

4. Media

  • MediaPlayerConnectivity
  • Nextvid Stopper for YouTube
  • Popvideo
  • VLC Context Menu
  • player Resize
  • YouTube Plus
  • YouTube Watchmarker (WebExtension)

5. Productivity

  • Auto Refresh Tabs
  • Bookmarks Organizer (WebExtension)
  • CheckBoxMate
  • FindBar Tweaks
  • gTranslate
  • Monitor Master
  • Multi Links Plus
  • Native Screenshot Tool
  • NOverflow
  • Print Edit
  • Quickmarks
  • Save Text to File
  • Screengrab Fix Version
  • Tab Groups
  • Tab Mix Plus
  • Thumbnail Zoom Plus
  • Tranquility (WebExtension)
  • Update Scanner
  • Vimium FF (WebExtension)

6. Security and Privacy

  • Adblock Plus
  • Better Privacy
  • BluHell Firewall
  • Calomel SSL Validation
  • Cookie Controller
  • Cryptocat
  • DoNotTrackMe
  • FoxyProxy Standard
  • Ghostery (WebExtension)
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Hush
  • KeeFox
  • Keep Until Closed
  • LastPass Password Manager
  • Masking Agent
  • Mozilla Lightbeam
  • NoScript Security Suite
  • Per-Tab Private browsing
  • Preferences Monitor
  • Policeman
  • Priv8
  • RequestPolicyContinued
  • Searchonymous
  • Self-Destructing Cookies
  • Tinfoil
  • uBlock

7. Shopping

  • Ciuvo
  • Converter
  • Invisible Hands
  • Price Blink
  • Simple Currency Converter
  • The Camelizer (WebExtension)

8. Social Media / Sharing

  • 2-Click Like
  • AddThis
  • ChatZilla
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite
  • RSS Icon In Awesomebar
  • Social Fixer
  • Wallflower
  • X-notifier (WebExtension)

9. Web Developer

  • Firebug
  • Fire IE
  • FireFTP
  • Modify Headers
  • SearchStatus
  • SEO Doctor
  • SeoQuake SEO extension
  • SQLite Manager
  • User Agent Switcher

10. Misc Add-ons

  • about:addons-memory
  • Add to Search Bar
  • AniWeather
  • Archiver Menu (WebExtension)
  • Clean Uninstall
  • Fasterfox
  • FireGestures
  • Flagfox
  • Forecastfox Weather
  • Google Data Saver
  • Profilist
  • SQLite Manager
  • Tab Data
  • Unload Tabs


The add-ons and extensions listed in this category fix many annoyances of Firefox or websites that you visit.

Anti-Aliasing Tuner

anti-aliasing tuner

Use the extension to modify how text is displayed in Firefox. This can be useful if fonts appear blurry in the browser or otherwise distorted, or if you want them to appear cleaner in Firefox.

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Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner

firefox bookmark duplicate cleaner

There is no easy way to find and delete duplicate bookmarks in Firefox. The extension Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner can scan all bookmarks of the browser automatically to find duplicate ones which you can then delete.

Review | Go-To

Click to Play per-element


Mozilla changed how click to play works in Firefox 24. Instead of enabling just a single element on a site, Firefox now enabled all of them at once. Click to Play per-element restores the original functionality giving you the option to enable only select elements on websites you visit.

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one more step

CloudHole's aim is to reduce the number of CloudFlare capture pages that are presented to you when you browse the Internet using TOR or while connected to a web proxy or virtual private network.

If you have done so in the past, you know that captcha pages are displayed frequently to you while that is the case. CloudHole resuses the cookie and information to reduce the number of checks.

Review | Go-To

Greasy Scripts


The extension highlights if so-called userscripts are available for the site you are visiting. It uses the popular Grease Fork repository for that.

Review | Go-To


firefox advanced settings

You can modify advanced config settings by loading about:config in Firefox, or by installing the GUI:Config extension which brings many of those preferences to the Firefox options menu.

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KillSpinners puts an end to web pages that load seemingly endlessly. It makes sure that the loading of sites is stopped automatically when a certain threshold is reached.

Review | Go-To

Less Spam Please

less spam please

The add-on integrates several disposable email services into Firefox, so that you can use them directly in the browser.

Review | Go-To

Noise Control


Noise Control adds audio indicators to the tab bar in the Firefox browser.

Review | Go-To

Personal Blocklist

personal blocklist firefox

Personal Blocklist allows you to block sites in Google Search. The extension adds a block option to the search results, and you may click on those links to block results from the site on all future Google search result pages.

Review | Go-To

Remove it Permanently


Use the browser extension to remove page elements permanently from Firefox. This can be ads, annoying banners or images, Flash elements, and anything else that you do not want to see anymore on websites you visit regularly.

Review | Go-To

Session Manager

session manager

Firefox ships with its own session restore option. Sometimes, you may want greater control over it, for instance if you want to save sessions so that you can open them regardless of what you do with the web browser, and regardless when.

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SkipScreen "skips" intermediary pages when you download files on popular file hosting websites. It speeds up the downloading process as it eliminates the wait time.

No Review Yet | Go-To

Yet Another Smooth Scrolling

If scrolling is not as smooth as it can be on your end, you may want to give this extension a try as it lets you modify the browser's scrolling experience.You can use it to fine-tine Firefox's scrolling behavior.
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Download Managers / Tweaks

Download manager addons improve your download experience. They may automate certain processes,let you download files in bulk, or modify where and how files are saved.

Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus

image saver

If you download images in bulk regularly, you may find the Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus extension useful for that purpose, as it can automate much of that for you.

Review | Go-To

Down Them All


Down Them All integrates download manager capabilities into the browser. Use it to display all links, pictures or media on a page to download these files faster to your system.

Review | Go-To

Download Panel Tweaks

increase firefox download panel-count

Use the add-on to modify Firefox's new download panel. You can increase the number if items displayed by it by default for example and fix other features of the panel.

Review | Go-To

Download Sort


The Download Sort add-on gives you better control over the browser's download behavior. You can define custom save locations based on domains or file names and extensions, among other things.

Review | Go-To

Download Statusbar


Displays download progress information in the browser's status bar area.

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Interface Modifications

All addons listed here modify the Firefox interface in a way. They may modify certain interface elements, add new options or features to it, or restore elements that Mozilla has removed from Firefox.

All-in-One Sidebar

all-in-one sidebar

The add-on extends Firefox's sidebar in many different ways. You can for instance place it on the left or right side of the browser window, open other sidebar items from it easily, or customize what and how it is displayed here as well.

Review | Go-To

Classic Theme Restorer

classic theme restorer

The extension enables you to undo certain interface changes that Mozilla introduced with the browser's Australis re-design.You can use it to enable the add-on bar again, display the Firefox menu button, enable small buttons, and several other features that were removed in the wake of the launch.

Review | Go-To

Cleanest Add-on Manager

firefox clean addon manager

Display more add-ons at the same time in the Firefox Add-ons Manager. The extension reduces the size of each row in the manager, and modifies other style elements to achieve that.

Review | Go-To


greasemonkey 1.0

Greasemonkey is one of the few extensions for Firefox that add userscript support to the browser.

Review | Go-To

Menu Filter 2

firefox menu bar

The extension provides you with the means to remove menu items from Firefox menus. This can be useful to remove items that you never use so that it is easier to identify the items that you use regularly.

Review | Go-To

New Tab King

new tab king

If you do not like Firefox's default tab page, use New Tab King to change it completely. From different background images to various interface improvements, for instance options to display the most used websites as text links and with additional usage stats.

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Firefox is the only browser that supports sidebars by default. You can display bookmarks or the browsing history there.The capabilities are improved when you install OmmiSidebar, as you can display other items in the sidebar as well from that moment on.

Review | Go-To

Personas Plus


Personas Plus extends the built-in lightweight theme functionality of Firefox. You can use the extension for example to rotate between different designs randomly, or add themes to your favorites so that you can one-click enable them in Firefox.

No Review Yet | Go-To

Puzzle Bars

puzzle bars firefox

Puzzle Bars adds new locations to the browser that users can add icons to including the location bar , a sidebar, or a bottom toolbar.

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Prevent Tab Overflow


Define a minimum width for tabs in Firefox to fit more or less tabs at the same time in the browser's tab bar.The extension offers a set of other features, like dimming tabs that have not been loaded or hiding the tab close button until hovered over.

No Review Yet | Go-To



Scriptish is one of the extensions that you need when you want to run userscripts in Firefox. It is an alternative to Greasemonkey.

Review | Go-To

Settings Sanity

firefox javascript preferences

Adds settings and preferences back to Firefox that Mozilla has removed in recent versions of the web browser.

Review | Go-To

Status 4-Evar

status bar

Mozilla removed the status bar in Firefox 4, and this add-on has been created to bring it back. It can display status information, as well as the loading progress and download status.

Review | Go-To



The extension can modify several Firefox related interface elements. Instead of having to install a theme for that, you can install this add-on to modify the colors of tabs among other things.

Review | Go-To



Stylish adds options to Firefox to install so-called userstyles into the browser. They enable you to modify web pages using those styles.

No Review Yet | Go-To


Theme Font & Size Changer

before after

There is no direct way to modify the font type or size of the Firefox interface. While you can use the userChrome.css file for that, you may prefer the direct method that the extension provides you with instead.

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Tile Tabs

firefox tile tabs

Tile Tabs provides you with the means to display more than one website in a single browser tab. This is achieved by dividing the available space into different locations that you can display sites in.

Review | Go-To

Vertical Toolbar


The extension adds a small vertical toolbar to the side of the Firefox web browser similar to the one that the Opera 12 browser offered. You can add icons to it so that you can fast access them from there instead of the browser's main toolbar or add-on bar.

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Media addons for Firefox change how you consume media in the web browser. They may change how video or audio files are played, may provide you with access to sites that is blocked for you, or how you download or convert media files



The browser addon enables you to load media such as videos or audio files that you discover on the Internet in media players that you have installed on your system.

No Review Yet | Go-To

NextVid Stopper for YouTube


Turn off autoplay on YouTube.

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firefox popvideo

Use this extension to display videos in their own window, so that you get to better control them and do not see all the other page elements on the website they were embedded in.

Review | Go-To

VLC Context Menu

vlc context menu

VLC Context Menu adds a right-click context menu item to audio and video links that you can then launch in the media player.

No Review Yet | Go-To player Resize

youtube player resize

The extension allows you to resize the video player interface on YouTube to any size you want, instead of just the three sizes that YouTube offers by default.

No Review Yet | Go-To

YouTube Plus

youtube plus

YouTube Plus is a handy Firefox add-on that allows you to tweak various preferences and features on YouTube. Among the long list of features are options to blacklist YouTube channels, remember audio volume, disable annotations, subtitles and CC, disable hovercards, or switch to a grid layout in subscriptions and search results.

Review | Go-To

YouTube Watchmarker

youtube mark watched videos

YouTube Watchmarker marks videos that you have watched on YouTube (completely or partially), so that it is a lot easier to avoid watching those again.

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Productivity add-ons for Firefox improve your workflow on the Internet. They may speed things up through automation or shortcuts, or improve how you work or experience the web in other ways.

Auto Refresh Tabs

auto refresh

Tell Firefox to reload select tabs in the browser in intervals that you specify. Can be great for busy commenting threads, eBay auctions, or webcam photos that get updated regularly.

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Bookmarks Organizer

bookmarks organizer

Bookmarks Organizer may be used to check bookmarks for redirects, or dead links. It runs a check on all links, and provides you with a listing of warnings and errors.

You can go through that listing, and fix some or even all of those easily.

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Use the extension to check multiple check boxes on a web page in one operation. Instead of having to click on all boxes individually to check them, you can simply draw a box around them to select them all at once.

No Review Yet | Go-To

FindBar Tweaks

findbar tweaks

If you use Firefox's on-page find feature regularly, you may find this add-on helpful for that. It visualizes finds on a page so that you can jump to the right away using the scrollbar. In addition to that, it can widen the search so that all tabs of the current browser window are included in the search.

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google chrome translate

Adds options to translate some or all text on any web page using Google's Translate service. It can not only translate text, but also replace text.

Review | Go-To

Monitor Master

monitor master

If you run Firefox on a multi-monitor system you may find the Monitor Master extension helpful. It adds additional options to Firefox, for example options to move tabs to another monitor, that increase your productivity.

Review | Go-to

Multi Links Plus

multi links

Multi Links enables you to open multiple links in one operation. You draw a rectangle around links which get opened based on the extension's configuration afterwards.

Review | Go-to

Native Screenshot Tool

native shot

Native Shot is a free screenshot taking add-on for Firefox that enables you to capture part of or all of a screen in Firefox.

The addon comes with an editor that you use to add text, drawings, and other things to the screenshot before saving it to the local system or printing it directly.

Review | Go-to


firefox visible tabs

The No Tab Overflow extension squeezes more tabs in the browser window by reducing the minimum allowed width of tabs in Firefox.

Review | Go-to

Print Edit


Print Edit for Firefox add options to the print preview dialog. Instead of having to print everything that was selected, it enables you to remove elements that you do not want included in the printout.

No Review Yet | Go-To



Quickmark speeds up the filing of bookmarks into select bookmark folders by making them available directly when you click on the bookmark icon in the Firefox browser.

Review | Go-To

Save Text to File

save highlighted text

Use the extension to save any text that you have highlighted in Firefox to a text document on the local system. It speeds up the saving of information to the local system.

Review | Go-To

Screengrab (fix version)


Screengrab enables you to take a screenshot of any web page that is open in the Firefox web browser. You can save the screenshot locally or remotely, as the addon offers both options.

No Review Yet | Go-To

Tab Groups

firefox tab groups

Tab Groups is an exact replica of Firefox's built-in Tab Groups feature. Mozilla will remove the feature from Firefox and the add-on ensures that you can still make use of it to manage tabs better.

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Tab Mix Plus

tab mix plus links

Tab Mix Plus extends Firefox's tabbed browsing functionality. It modifies how and where tabs are loaded, which buttons are displayed on the tab bar, where the tab bar is being displayed, and dozens of other tab-related features.

Review | Go-To

Thumbnail Zoom Plus

image zoom

Lets you hover over images to display a larger version of them on the screen without clicking. Works with many sites and image hosting services.

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The extension improves the readability of websites by removing most elements on it that are not needed to read the article. This includes most sidebar and header elements among other things.

Review | Go-To

Update Scanner

monitor websites

Update Scanner monitors web pages for changes, and will inform you when they occur. You control the frequency of checks, and also what constitutes as a change and what not.

Review | Go-To

Vimium FF

vimium keys

Vimium FF is a productivity extension for Firefox that adds dozens of new keyboard shortcuts to the browser.

These shortcuts let you do things, such as going one tab to the left or right, or opening a Clipboard URL in a new tab, that are usually not accessible through shortcuts.

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Security and Privacy Addons

Security add-ons for the Firefox web browser. These add-ons either add security-related options and features to Firefox, or modify existing ones.

Adblock Plus

adblock plus add site to whitelist

Adblock Plus is without doubt the most popular ad-blocking extension for Firefox. While it is controversial due to its "acceptable ads" policy, it is used by millions of users on a daily basis. It is a subscription based blocker, which means that you can load additional lists into it -- it ships with one enabled by default that takes care of most advertisement -- so that you can also block annoyances on Facebook, YouTube and other popular sites.

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BetterPrivacy improves the handling of other forms of cookies on the system, especially Flash Cookies that browsers tend to ignore for the most part. You can configure the extension to delete those cookies on start or exit, and manage all of them from the options menu as well.

No Review Yet | Go-To

Bluhell Firewall

hellboy firewall adblocker

The name of the extension should not confuse you. It is an ad-blocker that works very well and is lightweight when you compare it to popular alternatives such as Adblock Plus.

Review | Go-To

Calomel SSL Validation

ssl validation

This add-on computes a security score for each secure connection that you make in Firefox. The score is visualized by an icon in the main browser toolbar, and a detailed overview when you click on it.In addition to that, it lets you pick cipher restrictions to prevent "too-weak" ciphers, and fix other browser annoyances and issues.

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Cookie Controller

firefox cookies permission

Get direct control over cookie permissions in Firefox. You can use it to configure custom cookie rules for individual websites among other things.

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Cryptocat adds encrypted private chat options to Firefox. Use it to communicate with other users in privacy.

Review | Go-To



The Firefox add-on blocks hundreds of tracking companies from tracking your movement on the Internet.

No Review Yet | Go-To

FoxyProxy Standard


FoxyProxy Standard enables you to change the browser's proxy configuration based on the locations you visit in it. You can for instance use a different proxy for localhost requests than you use for requests to work servers.

No Review Yet | Go-To


ghostery 6.0

Ghostery visualizes connections that your browser makes when you connect to websites. It displays connections that are not that visual usually, including web tracking related ones so that you know which sites track you and which do not.

No Review Yet | Go-To

HTTPS Everywhere


HTTPS Everywhere can force secure connections on websites that allow it but do not enforce those connections automatically.

Review | Go-To



Hush adds private browsing mode bookmarking to Firefox.Create password protected bookmarks that are only available in private browsing mode.

Review | Go-To



Users of the popular password manager KeePass can use the KeeFox extension to integrate their password database in Firefox.

No Review Yet |Go-To

Keep Until Closed

allow cookies

The Keep Until Closed Firefox addon improves the browser's whitelisting of cookies. It enables you to whitelist sites in Firefox so that cookies that they set are not removed by the browser's clear history functionality.

Review | Go-To

LastPass Password Manager

lastpass vault

One of the most popular online password manager available. This Firefox extension syncs your passwords with the online service, and makes them available in the browser comfortably.

Review |Go-To

Masking Agent

web browser information leak

Whenever you connect to an Internet service, you send so called header information to it. These header information contain the user-agent among other things, which may reveal information about your browser, the operating system, and other information about you.

Review | Go-To

Mozilla Lightbeam

mozilla lightbeam

Mozilla Lightbeam highlights the connections that websites make when you open them in the browser.In addition to that, it also links servers so that you can see connections between all the sites you have visited in Firefox.

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NoScript Security Suite

noscript tips

Considered by many the best web browser security add-on ever created.The browser extension blocks all scripts from running on websites by default, offers other security related features that you can make use of, and lets you whitelist trusted sites so that scripts can be run on them automatically no matter what.

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Per-Tab private browsing

firefox per-tab private browsing

Firefox supports only windowed private browsing modes by default. If you want to enable private browsing for individual tabs in a regular browser window, you need to use this add-on for that.

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Preferences Monitor

preferences monitor

The extension monitors changes made to Firefox's preferences -- including those only available on about:config -- and will even block some that are not authorized.The latest version of it includes a clean-up module that you can use to delete custom configurations, for instance left-overs by extensions.

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policeman firefox addon

The add-on allows you to create temporary or permanent rules that control which contents are loaded or blocked when you connect to sites on the

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The Priv8 add-on for Firefox adds options to Firefox to sandbox tabs to run them separately from other tabs and the browser.

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request policy

RequestPolicy puts you in full control over cross-site requests that websites want to make when you connect to them. This may block ad scripts, tracking cookies and also cross-site request forgeries and other attacks.

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google anonymous search

The extension modifies Google cookies in a way that you are no longer tracked when you use Google Search. Even better, it keeps you signed in to the account at the same time, so that you can still access other Google services without having to sign in again.

Review | Go-To

Self-Destructing Cookies

removed cookies

Use the extension to delete cookies automatically once you leave a website. This takes care of most tracking related cookies as well as other cookies that websites set when you visit them. You can add sites to a whitelist to preserve their cookies.

Review | Go-To


Tinfoil modifies privacy settings in Firefox. It ships with an option to set them aggressive or to set them manually.

Review | Go-To



uBlock is a popular lightweight ad-blocker for Firefox.

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Shopping related extensions that display coupons, improve the shopping experience in other ways, or display price comparison options so that you can be sure that you get the best offer.


ciuvo price comparison

Ciuvo notices when you are on shopping sites it supports and will display offers for the products that you are browsing so that you do not miss out on better offers.

Review | Go-To

Invisible Hand

The Invisible Hand extension for Firefox displays price comparison information directly in Firefox when you visit shopping sites such as Amazon.

Review | Go-To

Simple Currency Converter

simple currency converter

The Firefox add-on will convert all price information to a currency that you select in the extension's preferences.

Review | Go-To

The Camelizer

The Camelizer offers access to price history information and options to watch product pages on Amazon, Best Buy or Newegg.

Review | Go-To

Social Media / Sharing

All browser extensions that modify how you work with social media and sharing sites are listed here



The AddThis extension adds sharing buttons directly to Firefox, so that you can share web pages that you visit to social media sites, or by other means such as email.

No Review Yet | Go-To



Chatzilla is a full-blown IRC client extension for Firefox. You can use it to connect IRC servers.

Review | Go-To

Reddit Enhancement Suite

reddit enhancement suite

Reddit can be a great website, depending on what your interests are. I'm using it on a daily basis and like the discussions in the groups that I have a subscription for.The Reddit Enhancement Suite extension adds options and features to Reddit. This includes modifications to the user interface, filtering options, or options to ignore users.

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Social Fixer

social fixer

Social Fixer improves your Facebook experience and lets you remove annoyances on the site. It enables you to hide parts that you do not like, change what is displayed to you, and more.

Review | Go-To


block facebook users

Social Fixer improves your Facebook experience and lets you remove annoyances on the site. It enables you to hide parts that you do not like, change what is displayed to you, and more.

Review | Go-To

X-notifier (for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL)

X-Notifier adds notification options for various web mail and social services. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo and generic Pop3 or Imap accounts.

No Review Yet | Go-To

Web Developer


firebug 2.0

Firefox ships with its own set of developer tools and while that is a great feature, Firebug has more to offer than that which makes it a preferred add-on for web developers using the browser.

Review | Go-To

Fire IE


Fire IE embeds the Internet Explorer engine in Firefox. This has been designed mainly for two purposes: access IE-exclusive sites in Firefox, and provide web developers with the means to test websites in Internet Explorer.

No Review Yet | Go-To


firefox ftp client

You can integrate a fully working FTP client into Firefox. While it is usually better to use a program like winSCP for that, it may work out for you as well, especially if you are not allowed to install desktop software on your work PC.

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Modify Headers

Modify Headers provides you with the tools to add, replace or filter HTTP request headers. It is excellent for web development and other testing related tasks.

No Review Yet | Go-To



SearchStatus displays a website's Pagerank, Alexa rank and Compete rank in a toolbar in Firefox. It makes available research tools as well, for instance to highlight Nofollow links, create a link report, show the page's keyword density or the robots.txt file.

No Review Yet | Go-To

SEO Doctor

seo score

SEO Doctor is a diagnosis extension for Firefox that webmasters can use to find problems and issues in regards to SEO on their websites. It can visualize the link structure and page rank flow on websites, detect pages that are not indexable by search engines, or point at issues that may reduce the visibility in search engines.

Review | Go-To

SEOQuake SEO extension


SEOQuake offers two different tools that make it attractive to SEOs and webmasters. The first displays a toolbar on pages that highlights various metrics, like the site's Alexa rank, Google Pagerank, or pages indexed in the three search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.The second part displays similar metrics in the search results. What makes SEOQuake interesting, among other things, is that you can customize what it displays to you.

No Review Yet | Go-To

SQLite Manager

You can use the extension to manage any SQLite database from your computer.

No Review Yet | Go-To

User Agent Switcher

Navigate through the menu

Sometimes, it may be necessary to use a different user agent. This is development related most of the time, for instance to check if different user agents are redirected to the correct version of a website. At other times, it may be to protect privacy, or to access information that are only available to certain user agents.

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Misc Addons

All addons that do not fit into any of the other categories are listed here.


firefox addons memory usage

The extension displays the memory usage of all installed Firefox add-ons.

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Add to Search Bar

add to search

This add-on provides you with the easiest way to add any search form that you encounter on the Internet to Firefox's list of supported search engines.

No Review Yet | Go-To


weather conditions

The extension displays weather information for select locations directly in Firefox, so that you do not need to visit weather websites for that.

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Archiver Menu

archiver menu firefox

Archiver Menu provides you with options to create copies of web pages that you visit using archiving services such as

All you have to do is right-click on the page, and select one or all of the supported services to create an online copy of that page.

Review | Go-To

Clean Uninstall

clean uninstall

Clean Uninstall monitors Firefox add-on uninstallations to suggest leftover preferences that you may want to remove from the browser.

The removal of addons leaves traces behind sometimes, and the extension takes care of them.

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You can use FasterFox to tweak the browser's networking and performance settings. It can be used to increase the number of simultaneous requests the browser can make for example.

Review | Go-To



FireGestures adds gesture support to the Firefox web browser. You can use the extension to add gestures to Firefox to execute commands or features.

No Review Yet | Go-To


Flagfox displays the country a website is hosted in. This is indicated by a flag displayed by the extension.

No Review Yet | Go-To

Forecastfox Weather


Forecastfox Weather displays weather information in the Firefox web browser.

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Google Data Saver

google data saver firefox

Google Data Saver for Firefox brings the popular data compression technology of Chrome to the Firefox web browser.

It will reduce data transfers when enabled by compressing data before it reaches the user's computer. Downside is that all traffic flows through Google's servers which privacy-conscious users may  not like.

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firefox profilist profile manager extension

Profilist adds profile management right into Firefox so that you can switch between profiles elegantly.

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Tab Data


Tab Data displays in each tab how much memory it is using.

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Unload Tabs

unload tabs

The more tabs you have open, the more memory is being used for that. If your system is running low on memory because of that, use this add-on to unload tabs and free up memory.

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The best add-ons for the Firefox web browser
Article Name
The best add-ons for the Firefox web browser
A list of great extensions for Firefox sorted into categories such as security & privacy, annoyances or downloads.
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