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instagram setup two-factor authentication

How to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram

Instagram announced on March 23, 2017 that the company did enable two-factor authentication support for all users of the service. Two-factor authentication adds a security layer to the sign in process on […]

tumblr two-factor authentication

Improve Tumblr security by enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Tumblr announced today that Two-Factor Authentication is now available for all users of the site. Two-Factor Authentication adds a second layer to the log in process on websites. Instead of accessing an […]

twitter two-factor authentication setup

Twitter starts to roll out two-factor login verification

Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to increase the security of online accounts. Companies and services like Google, PayPal or Valve are already making use of the feature to provide […]

microsoft two-factor authentication

Finally: Two-Factor Authentication coming to Microsoft accounts

Selecting a secure password is the first step of ensuring that you are safe on today's Internet. While that is a great start, it may sometimes not be enough to properly secure […]

twitter two factor authentication screenshot

Report: Twitter to improve security with two-factor authentication

Many websites and services implement two-factor authentication as another line of defense against phishing attacks and hacking attempts.If enabled, users of the service or website need to not only enter their usernames […]

wordpress two-factor authentication

Protect your WordPress blog with two-factor authentication

As a webmaster I know that it is important to keep a close eye on the security of web properties. This includes updating scripts to new versions when they came out, making […]

facebook login approvals

Facebook Login Approvals, Optional Two-Factor Authentication

Facebook began to roll out a two-factor authentication system designed to protect user accounts from unauthorized access in 2011. Two-Factor authentication is designed to add a second layer of authentication to the […]

facebook login approvals

Facebook Adds (Optional) Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication seems to be the next big security feature to protect accounts from unauthorized access. Google recently enabled the feature for Google Accounts and now it is Facebook's turn to introduce […]

WinOTP Authenticator is an open-source alternative for WinAuth

WinOTP Authenticator is an open-source alternative for WinAuth

Some days ago, we told you about Authenticator, an open-source 2-step verification app for iOS. The app generates codes for two-factor authentication use. Many web services support 2FA to add another layer […]

Authenticator is an open-source 2-step verification app for iOS

Authenticator is an open-source 2-step verification app for iOS

When it comes to iOS, open-source apps are something of a rarity but that doesn't mean they don't exist. If you're looking for an alternative for Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, […]

microsoft two-factor authentication

Microsoft: 2-factor authentication blocks 99.9% of account attacks effectively

What is the best protection against attacks on accounts? Microsoft believes that it is 2-factor authentication, and the company has stats to back it up. Microsoft says that 2-factor authentication, sometimes also […]

Ghacks Deals: Boxcryptor Personal Cloud Security: 1-Yr Subscription

Boxcryptor is a popular service to protect data that is uploaded to file hosting services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. A free limited version is available and it may be […]

Strongbox Password Safe is a free, open-source KeePass client for iOS

Strongbox Password Safe is a free, open-source KeePass client for iOS

Many privacy/security conscious users, including myself, prefer to use KeePass. After all a free, actively supported, open-source application, that stores your logins in an encrypted database on your local storage is hard […]

microsoft account policy

Microsoft may close accounts after two-years of inactivity, unless..

Microsoft started to send out emails to all Microsoft Account users recently in which it informed its customers about upcoming services agreement changes. The changes are listed on a special page on […]

Microsoft updates Security Baseline: drops password expiration

Microsoft published a draft of the security baseline for Windows 10 version 1903, the May 2019 Update, and Windows Server 2019 (v1903). While you can download the draft and go through it […]

pwned passwords

Change your password day needs a counterpart

February 1 is change your password day; while not official, many tech sites advertise the day to their readers. Users are asked to change passwords on that day to improve security. While […]

disable webusb webbluetooth

Disable WebUSB and WebBluetooth in Google Chrome

Web browsers support an increasing number of APIs and features, and there does not seem to be an end in sight to that. Recent additions to Google Chrome, the WebUSB and WebBluetooth […]

phishing email subjects

Users fall for these Email Phishing subjects the most

Is phishing still a thing? KnowBe4, a security training company, released details on the top clicked phishing email subjects of the fourth quarter of 2018; in other words: the subject lines that […]