November 2010 - gHacks Technology News

Easily connect Linux to a Windows Domain

The task of joining Linux to a Windows domain can be a challenge. I have covered it before here (see my article "Join a Ubuntu machine to a Windows domain"), but many […]

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, Test Intel CPUs

There are a few things that you need to look out for when buying a new processor or a computer system. One of them is to make sure that you get what […]

twitter links

Power Twitter For Chrome

Update: The extension does not work anymore. It was last updated in 2011 and the most likely reason why it stopped working is that Twitter changed things around in the backend in […]

Shopping for Travelers

One of the hardest things about this time of the year is finding the right gifts for the people you love. Sure, it's easy to buy a tie for the men and […]

reverse image search

Image Search Options, Firefox Reverse Image Search Add-on

Sometimes you may want to find out more about an image that has been posted on the Internet, especially if there are no additional information attached to it on the page it […]

christmas back home

Things Are Different Today..

Sometimes it's hard to see just how much the internet has really changed things. The holidays are just one example of how things are intensely different than they were before. It's not […]

ping info view

Ping Info View, Ping Multiple Host Names, IP Addresses

One of the easiest ways of checking whether a host is responding or not is to send a ping to the host name or IP address. It is possible to ping local […]

godaddy email account

Configure Godaddy Email Accounts In Desktop Email Clients

I have been trying to move a Godaddy email account to the desktop email client Thunderbird for the last 30 minutes. The main problem that I have with Godaddy's website in general […]

system monitor ii

System Monitor II Gadget, Display Handy System Information On The Desktop

What's the current cpu load of your PC? How much RAM is used, how much is still free? What about hard drive space? While you can hit Ctrl-Shift-Esc to open the Windows […]

Add a quick-access shortcuts to the GNOME right-click menu

I use the terminal A LOT. Why? Because I'm an old-school Linux user. Because of this I like to have multiple ways to quickly access my terminal. In my never-ending search for […]

firefox 4 ui fixer

Firefox 4 UI Fixer, Modify The Firefox 4 User Interface

There has been lots of controversy about Firefox's new user interface that will be introduced in the soon to be released version 4 of the web browser. See Firefox 4, How To […]

thunderbird attachment name

Display Thunderbird Email Attachments With Their Full Name

I'm not sure why the developers of the Thunderbird email client have made the decision to limit the visible characters of email attachments in the desktop email application. Attachments in the email […]

geotag security

Geotag Security, Remove Geotag Data From Photos

Many modern digital cameras come with geotagging capabilities. What does that mean? It basically means that the location the photo was taken is added to the photo. This metadata is then used […]

wia-loader photo import profile

WIA-Loader, Transfer Photos From Digital Camera, Memory Card To PC

The newest Windows operating systems make it actually very easy to transfer photos from a digital camera to the local PC. The connected camera or memory card is usually identified automatically by […]

UK Police seek powers to close .uk Domains

I have mixed feelings about this, but the BBC is reporting that the police in the UK are seeking co-operation with the Internet's domain provider, Nominet, to close .uk domains that are associated […]

internet options

Internet Explorer Zone Analyser

Microsoft's Internet Explorer uses zones for security reasons. A total of four zones are available in the Internet Options that have their own distinct security settings. Why? Because security depends on lot […]

Wikileaks under DDOS attack on eve of new revelations [Comment]

Tomorrow WikiLeaks is set to reveal a new series of classified US documents that have been sent by United States Embassies around the world.  The revelations set to shed new light on the […]

Configure Linux to boot without a monitor

Many administrators/users prefer to set up their servers as headless machines. If you're not sure what a headless machine is - it's a PC without a monitor. This is an outstanding way […]