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FotoMix, Manipulate, Mix Photos Easily

If you are more of the playful creative type of computer user, you sometimes may want to express your creative with some photo manipulations. How about mixing pictures of your family, friends or colleagues with backgrounds of your last vacation, favorite movie scene or scenery?

FotoMix is a surprisingly lightweight and advanced photo manipulation software for the Windows operating system, that can do that, and more.

The program basically allows the user to mix background and foreground pictures to form new photos. Each picture that gets added to the program can be manipulated in several ways, with options to add effects for instance or text.

Here is how FotoMix works in detail. It all starts with a new project, and a blank screen. It is then possible to select a background, either from an available photo, an artifical background or make the background transparent. Artificial backgrounds are textures basically that can be loaded in the program.

Each selection displays its own set of manipulation options. Photos for instance can be resized, cropped, rotated, deformed or enhanced with effects.

photo manipulation
photo manipulation

Effects vary and include blurring the image, or making it look like an oil painting, rock, old paper photo or negative. Several sliders are provided to fine tune the results further.

The foreground image is the second image for the photo mix. Only photos can be selected as the foreground photo. A similar set of image manipulation and enhancement options are provided.


Basically all available options in the background menu are also available in the foreground screen combined. From image manipulations like resizing or erasing to color tolerance, deformations, image tuning and effects.

Composition brings the photos together. In the beginning, only the foreground image is shown on the screen. Why? Because its transparency is set to 0. Sliders on the left edge can be used to change the transparency level and other parameters, like edge and circle fades, moving the foreground image around, and adding text to the image.


Touch up is the fourth and last editing tab of the program. Brushes are available here to manipulate the composition further. A total of five brushes are available, including a clone and blend brush, useful to fine tune the resulting image.

Finally, newly created images can be saved in various formats including jpg, png and gif.

FotoMix is a handy application for users who want to mix multiple images. The program is completely free but ad driven, and compatible with all recent 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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