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Martin Brinkmann
Sep 27, 2010
Updated • Jun 28, 2015
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Converting bat files to exe is likely not a very popular topic, even though you find requests by users occasionally that want to perform those conversions.

As to the why; There are several reasons for converting bat files to executables. The first is for programs that can load executables but not bat files, backup software or shutdown programs come to mind that offer to load another executable before the process finishes.

The second reason is distribution and perception by users. Most batch file to exe converters are shareware or commercial applications with limited trial functionality. Not so Advanced Bat to Exe Converter, a free program to convert any batch file to executable.

A third that users can browse the batch script code but not the code of the exe file so that it is not possible that code gets changed or viewed after the operation. There is also an option to password protect the exe file so that it can only be run by authorized users.

Bat files can be loaded via the file menu from the local system. Their contents are displayed in the program interface once they have been successfully loaded. It is then possible to edit the batch file in the interface, and save it again to the local PC.

advanced bat to exe converter

The application works as a basic bat file editor as well, with an advanced command wizard that can be used to add commands to the batch file that are not supported by batch files.

Advanced BAT to EXE converter supports more than 40 extended commands that you can use in the program that you are creating.

The File > Build Exe allows the user to quickly create a standalone executable file that offers the same functionality as the batch file. A dialog window with exe options is displayed upon selection.

This can be used to select an icon for the executable, add version information, dependency files and password protection. Finally, options are provided to make the program execute invisibly with no console window.

exe options

Advanced BAT To EXE Converter can only be used on one computer. A Pro version is offered by the developer for users who need to distribute their converted batch files to other computer systems.

The Pro version offers additional features such as setting exe icon, author and version information, smaller file size, unlimited free updated and advanced extended commands.

The software is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system. Downloads and instructions are provided at the developer homepage.

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