Windows software

Welcome to Ghacks Technology News’ Windows software news section where we review the latest and greatest applications and programs that get released or updated for the operating system.

The main focus of our reviews lies on free software, be it freeware, open source software or other applications that are available free of charge. We do review commercial programs as well, but only rarely. The majority of software reviews you find here in this category are for free programs that you can download immediately.

As far as coverage goes, we review all programs that run on Windows, be it portable software that you do not need to install, software that requires specific technologies like the Microsoft .Net Framework or Java, and programs that you need to install before you can run them.

Please note that we take great care in making sure programs are safe to download and use, and will add information to reviews that are important to know, like the inclusion of toolbar offers or adware in the installer. We will also let you know if a program runs only on some versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system and not on all of them.

All programs are checked for malicious code by us using the Virustotal service when possible and a set of local antivirus solutions.

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