Liquid Rescale plugin for Gimp

Martin Brinkmann
Oct 1, 2007
Updated • Jan 17, 2013

You might remember the technology demonstration a few weeks ago that introduced a new way of intelligently resizing images by automatically defining important and lesser important parts of the image. The results looked way better than the traditional approach which did not care about importance but reduced every aspect with the same ratio.

Liquid Rescale is a plugin for Gimp which adds this functionality to Gimp. I was a little bit surprised that it took just a few weeks to create the plugin, which currently does everything shown in the tech demo except real-time resizing.

The Liquid Rescale plugin requires Gimp or newer and can be found in the Layer menu after installation. Take a look at the technology demonstration below in case you missed it. The plugin itself is available for Linux and Windows.

Here is how the plug-in looks like in the GIMP image editor. As you can see you get a couple of options including selecting the new height and width of the image.

Update: The developers have improved the plugin, and released updates to keep the plugin compatible with every new version of Gimp released. They have also improved the website, by uploading examples and tutorials, both in textual form and as videos, to it. Especially the tutorials are a great way to start, after looking at the examples provided on the website to get an impression of what the Gimp plugin is capable of.

To install the plugin, simply download it for your operating system from the official web page, and run the installer afterwards. The website offers detailed instructions for all supported operating systems, which you should follow by the letter to make sure it installs correctly in the image editor.

A good way of getting started is to watch the video tutorials the developers have released that highlight how you can use the plug-in in the image editor.


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