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Phrase Express - Paste frequently used text

I use many text phrases over and over again. This happens when I write emails, a business letter or reply to a private message in a forum. If you are tired of writing "Thank you for your email", "Yours sincerely" or a signature over and over again you might want to take a look at the free software Phrase Express.

While you can sometimes use built-in automation, for instance for email signatures, you may want to use the program if you need a versatile option, for instance if you need to switch between multiple signatures regularly or different programs that you use.

You can use Phrase Express to paste commonly used phrases into any text field easily. The program adds some of its own at the beginning but the real beauty is the flexibility of it. It is possible to create a folder and text structure that works best for you. You can for instance create folders for business, private and forums and add as many phrases as you want to those folders.

You may then paste those phrases by either right-clicking the system tray icon and selecting the phrase from the menu or by assigning hotkeys to folders or single phrases. The second method is of course a lot faster than the first.

Phrase Express offers several other features that make it a great software. It can automatically expand abbreviations in some programs and append a signature with a random quote as well. The spell checker is another feature which unfortunately does not work in Firefox or Thunderbird at the time of writing.

phrase express

You may disable the Capslock key to avoid pressing it unknowingly as well. The program can be very helpful if you use phrases over and over again when you are working on your computer.

I reply to about 20 emails per day plus numerous private messages on various forums and I was always looking for a program that would let me paste phrases that I always used. Guess what, Phrase Express saves me a lot of time everyday.

Note: Phrase Express is available as a freeware for non-commercial use. You need to buy the standard or professional version of the program instead if you want to use it in a commercial environment.

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    1. Me said on April 17, 2007 at 10:32 am

      Hi !

      Looks interesting. So I took a look at Outlook express to see if it could do the same. Well, yes it can ! Not all that Phrase express can, but it can easily paste commonly used phrases anywhere into the message.

      You can save them in Tools/Options/Signatures. The number of phrases seems to be unlimited (I saved more than 101 just to see).
      You can give them an explicit name, and you can even use the text of a txt file (that you may keep in a specific folder).
      Then when you write your message, and wherever you need to insert a phrase, just click on Insertion/Signature and make your selection.

      Whatever many people say, Outlook express is a great program with many useful fonctions that many users ignore. Personnally, I don’t see any reason to change for another program, and I even strongly recommand it. Yes ! And please, don’t strike !

      Once again, you made me learn something, Martin. Thanks again !

    2. Andrea Nagar said on April 17, 2007 at 2:47 pm

      Have you checked Direct Access at

      It works with Vista and allows for launching websites and do web queries too.

    3. DrakeDrake said on May 8, 2007 at 6:55 pm

      I was enjoying it until I realized the php file that holds the auto-texts wasn’t getting created. So, I lost all my auto-texts…so I tried again. Doesn’t save them. Manual says the PHP file is in the phrase express folder,but in my case, it just never shows up. I’ve used Google’s desktop search, and there is simply no PHP file related to praise express on my computer. I love this program. I just wish I could get it to save what I create!

    4. Derrick said on January 22, 2009 at 6:25 pm

      Andrea, no thanks. Direct Access really sucks.

      Ever tried to store a few bitmaps in Direct Access?! The data file grows to enormous size and if I say enormous I mean ridiculously enormours. Then the program takes forever to load and operate.

      Last but worst, Direct Access cost 50 bucks while Phrase Express is free!

      I use PhraseExpress and praise it.


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