Think twice before selling your Tesla Cybertruck

Emre Çitak
Nov 13, 2023

The highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck is set to make its debut on November 30, and with its unique design and impressive performance specs, it's no surprise that the vehicle has generated significant buzz among potential buyers.

However, Tesla has taken a proactive stance to prevent the Cybertruck from becoming a hot commodity for quick profits in the resale market.

Tesla Cybertruck resell clause
Users who want to resell their Tesla Cybertruck could be fined up to $50,000 - Image courtesy of Tesla

The anti-reselling clause

Tesla has introduced a new clause in its purchase agreement specifically for Cybertruck buyers. This clause prohibits buyers from reselling their Cybertruck within the first year of ownership without explicit permission from Tesla.

Failure to adhere to this provision could result in legal action, with Tesla seeking injunctive relief to prevent the sale and potentially demanding liquidated damages of up to $50,000.

Tesla's rationale

Tesla's decision to impose restrictions on Cybertruck reselling stems from several key factors. First, the company wants to ensure that the vehicle is accessible to genuine buyers who intend to use it, not those seeking to flip it for quick profits. This approach aims to maintain a fair and equitable distribution of the Cybertruck, particularly in its initial limited production phase.

Second, Tesla is concerned about the potential impact of rampant reselling on the Cybertruck's market value. By controlling the resale market, Tesla can prevent artificial price inflation and maintain a more stable pricing structure for the vehicle. This benefits both genuine buyers and Tesla's long-term brand reputation.

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Exceptions and buy-back options

While the anti-reselling clause is strict, Tesla does recognize that there may be legitimate reasons for a buyer to sell their Cybertruck within the first year. In such cases, buyers can apply for written consent from Tesla to resell the vehicle.

If approved, Tesla may offer to buy back the Cybertruck at a reduced price, taking into account factors such as mileage, wear and tear, and necessary repairs. Alternatively, Tesla may allow the buyer to resell the vehicle to a third-party buyer, but only with prior authorization.

Tesla Cybertruck resell clause
Users wishing to resell or return the vehicle should contact Tesla - Image courtesy of Tesla

Affects both the market and the buyers

Tesla's anti-reselling policy has significant implications for potential Cybertruck buyers and the overall resale market. Buyers must carefully consider their intentions for the vehicle before purchasing, as reselling within the first year without Tesla's consent could result in legal consequences. This policy may also deter some individuals from purchasing the Cybertruck solely for resale purposes.

For the resale market, Tesla's restrictions will likely limit the availability of Cybertrucks for quick profits. This could lead to a more stable resale market, with prices more closely aligned with the vehicle's actual value. However, it may also make it more challenging for individuals to purchase a pre-owned Cybertruck within the first year of its release.

Featured image credit: Tesla.


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  1. Fritz said on November 13, 2023 at 4:18 pm

    Once again a story that reads as if it’s a reprint of a Tesla press release… where is the journalistic instinct to question their position? A legal opinion if it’s even possible to mandate such requirements, etc.?

  2. John C. said on November 13, 2023 at 12:49 pm

    This will definitely have a chilling effect on sales. However, it’s also a toe in the door for more such idiotic purchasing agreements. If I buy a verhicle, it should be mine, period. I won’t spend 10s of thousands of dollars on such a thing and have it not be mine, be easily disabled by the manufacturers or some other such assinine nonsense.

    1. penny said on November 14, 2023 at 7:22 pm

      super luxury cars are all like this. you cant just sell your ferri, etc. its so they can control their image and its part of the price you pay. i mean its supply and demand. the demand is so high people are more then willing to agree to these terms i mean it is what it is its not at all a new concept. whatever the truck is selling for i can bet you anything it would most likely sell for 3x on the open market. these things will be sold out for years. so in that context youd be lucky they arent selling for 2mil a pop

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