My smartwatch not turning on: What to do now

Eray Eliaçik
Aug 19, 2023
Updated • Aug 17, 2023

With this article, you can learn the possible solutions that you can use to fix your smartwatch not turning on issue. You can use the solutions for all smartwatches, such as Apple Watch, Google Pixel, and more.

What did happen to your smartwatch, the trusty companion that graced your wrist with its tech-savvy charm? An essential piece of wearable technology, it's been with you through the hustle, the bustle, and even the occasional wrist-flick dance move. But wait, what's this? A lifeless screen? Fret not, for we're here with our pro tips to resurrect your silent sidekick in no time!

What to do if your smartwatch not turning on?

Here are the options that you can use to bring back the life of your beloved smartwatch.

  • Check the power play: Imagine a star-studded stage with your smartwatch as the headliner, but the curtain doesn't rise because it forgot its batteries! Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, make sure your smartwatch isn't just running on fumes. Give it a proper charging session, and if you're feeling a bit extra, give it a stylish new cable – the fashion-forward kind!
  • The magical restart: When in doubt, give it a little R&R – that's Restart and Revive! Hold down those buttons like a maestro commanding a symphony. Different smartwatches have their own restart rituals – Google is your guide here. It's the wrist's version of a good night's sleep – refreshing and energizing!
  • Software sorcery: Sometimes, it's not a ghostly spirit that's haunting your smartwatch; it's just some unruly software acting up. Connect your wrist gem to your smartphone, unleash those updates, and watch the magic unfold. New features, better performance, and a stylish comeback – it's like a fashion makeover for your wearable!
  • Sync saver: Remember those times when you and your smartwatch were perfectly synced, and it knew your every move? Well, it's time to return the favor. A quick re-pairing with your smartphone might just do the trick. It's like rekindling an old flame, but in a techy, gadgety way!
  • The exorcism (Factory reset): Okay, let's not get too dramatic, but if all else fails, the exorcism –a factory reset – might be your saving grace. It's like a clean slate for your smartwatch, wiping away any digital dust bunnies that might be causing trouble. Make sure to back up your data.

There you have it! A guide to breathe life back into your silent smartwatch. Just remember, every tech hiccup is a chance to become a wearable wizard. So go forth, charge, restart, update, sync, and maybe even reset – your smartwatch is waiting be on your wrist once more. With these tricks up your sleeve, you're now the pro who can fix it all.


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