r/place final image 2023: Who won the pixel war?

Emre Çitak
Jul 26, 2023
Updated • Jul 26, 2023

Reddit pixel war 2023 is over and the country that managed to take up the most space on the r/place 2023 final image has been decided.

The third edition of the event hosted many dramas this year. The relentless rivalry between countries, protests, rumors of bot use, and an ever-growing canvas have all been in the Reddit r/place of 2023.

First organized in 2017 as an "internet experiment", Reddit r/place gained popularity especially in 2022 when Twitch streamers joined it. Especially the efforts of streamers from different countries to protect and expand the flags of their countries made us all laugh, but as we approached the last days, it turned into a war.

r place final image 2023 who won the pixel war
r/place final image 2023 was drawn on an enormous 3000x2000 pixel canvas

Who is the winner of the Reddit pixel war 2023?

Although Reddit does not give us any official data on this, we have reached the r/place 2023 final image and Reddit pixel war winners are official now.

While calculating the percentages reached by the countries, we calculated the area on a 3000x2000 pixel canvas. For countries that drew more than one flag at different points of the canvas, we accepted the largest flags in the r/place 2023 final image, while we did not take into account the smaller flags.

The ranking below shows the top 20 countries and we did not include the countries below 0.2% in the ranking.

Here are the winners of the Reddit pixel war:

  1. Germany: 3000x50 – 150,000 – 2.5%
  2. Chile: 790x150 – 118,500 – 1.97%
  3. Vietnam: 235x335 – 78,725 – 1.31%
  4. Portugal: 330x150 – 49,500 – 0.82%
  5. France: 130x360 – 46,800 – 0.77%
  6. Netherlands: 1350x30 – 40,500 – 0.67%
  7. Argentina: 400x100 – 40,000 – 0.66%
  8. Guatemala: 145x165 – 38,425 – 0.64%
  9. Ukraine: 425x90 – 38,250 – 0.63%
  10. Morocco: 180x190 – 34,200 – 0.57%
  11. Turkey: 200x155 – 31,000 -- 0.51%
  12. The UK: 245x120 – 29,400 – 0.49%
  13. The USA: 230x110 – 25,300 – 0.42%
  14. Brazil: 115x200 – 23,000 – 0.38%
  15. Lithuania: 190x110 – 20,900 – 0.34%
  16. India: 210x95: 19,950 – 0.33%
  17. Finland: 180x90 – 16,200 – 0.27%
  18. Italy: 100x140 – 14,000 – 0.23%
  19. Norway: 145x90 – 13,050 – 0.21%
  20. Switzerland: 60x215 – 12,900 – 0.21%

See how users have formed the r/place 2023 final image in the timelapse video by u/SnooCupcakes8607 below.

r/place Full Timelapse - 2023
byu/SnooCupcakes8607 inplace

Spez was the most remarkable name of the event

The most striking name on the r/place 2023 final image was Reddit CEO Spez. While many users used this year's r/place event to protest Steve Huffman's changes to the platform, those who were unaware of all the protests going on in Reddit and are not regular Reddit users started asking the question "Who is Spez".

Reddit caused controversy in April 2023 when it announced plans to charge for its API, which had been free for over a decade. This decision led to the shutdown of several third-party apps and put at risk accessibility and moderation tools.

r place final image 2023 who won the pixel war
Criticism of Spez has taken the attention of many users on r/place final image 2023

Christian Selig, the developer of Apollo, announced on May 31 that he would have to stop working on the Apollo app due to Reddit's pricing. This sparked outrage among Reddit users, and moderators planned a protest from June 12 to 14 by making their communities private or restricted posting. Although Reddit's CEO, Steve Huffman, released an internal memo and some moderators backed down, others continued to protest.

Congratulations Germany

Germany is the winner of this year's Reddit pixel war, having managed to cover the entire canvas transversely since it was opened to users.

Last year we have seen the victory of France with more than 185,000 pixels placed which was a huge flag together with a picture of their famous football player and coach Zidane and the Eiffel Tower. Germany, on the other hand, did a lot of "mini" artwork on its long flag this year.

With plenty of drama this year, r/place 2023 concluded with a final Twitch event where participants can show off their cake badges.

Let us conclude with Reddit's r/place 2023 farewell video and see you again in 2024!

Maybe the real friends were creations made along the way. Thank you for participating in r/place.
byu/reddit_irl inplace



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  1. evilmossad said on July 26, 2023 at 8:27 pm

    Switzerland had actually 6 places and roughly 44.000 pixels claimed! :)

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