Reddit pixel battle: Join before r/Place end date comes

Emre Çitak
Jul 24, 2023
Updated • Jul 24, 2023

As the r/place end date approaches, the Reddit pixel battle is heating up. We've already shared with you how much of the canvas each country captured on the first day, but what's the current situation? Is France still ahead?

r/Place is an engaging platform where users can participate in a fascinating creative process! Here's how it works: Users are given the delightful opportunity to place a pixel of their choice from a selection of eight vibrant colors anywhere on the digital canvas. The only catch is that they must patiently wait for a few minutes before being able to drop another pixel.

The beauty of r/Place lies in its collaborative nature, as countless individuals come together to form groups with a common artistic goal. Some groups focus on creating awe-inspiring masterpieces, while others channel their creativity towards crafting meaningful messages, such as protesting Spez in a creative way. It's a thrilling sight to witness diverse communities bonding over shared interests, having fun in their respective subreddits, and contributing to the creation of mesmerizing artworks.

Notably, r/Place is not just a place for playful endeavors but has also been embraced by protest-oriented communities, offering them a digital canvas to express their voices collectively. This fascinating form of art and activism brings a sense of unity and purpose to the platform.

Of course, the internet, as always, loves to be competitive. Many users around the world gather on Reddit to draw the flags of their countries to this canvas.

Reddit pixel battle
The Reddit r/Place end date is approaching and the Reddit pixel battle is heating up

Who's ahead in the Reddit pixel battle?

Sadly, Reddit doesn't give us any real numbers about the artists who worked on this canvas. But we can get an idea by looking at the sizes of the flags made by countries compared to the whole canvas.

In order to make an assumption, the entire canvas was divided into sections of 1024x820, making a total of 839,680 pixels.

Here's the latest on the canvas of the internet as the Reddit r/Place end date looms:

  1. Chile: 32,000 – 3.81%
  2. Germany: 30,720 – 3.65%
  3. Portugal: 8,775 - 1%
  4. Vietnam: 7,000 – 0.83%
  5. Ukraine: 6,800 – 0.8%
  6. France: 6,625 – 0.78%
  7. Netherlands: 6,300 – 0.75%
  8. Morocco: 5,250 – 0.62%
  9. Turkey: 5,100 – 0.6%
  10. Argentina: 5,000 – 0.59%
  11. Romania: 4,800 – 0.57%
  12. USA: 4,275 – 0.5%
  13. India: 4,050 – 0.48%
  14. Peru: 3,900 – 0.46%
  15. Mexico: 2,975 – 0.35%
  16. UK: 2450 – 0.29%
  17. Syria: 1,350 – 0.16%

Bonus: Charizard first edition Pokemon card: 24975 – 2.97%.

While we did not consider flags below 0.1% in our ranking, the largest flags of countries with flags at more than one point of the canvas were taken as a reference and the numbers were rounded in the calculation. Reddit r/Place end date is still to come and our list will surely be changing until the last minute.

When is the Reddit r/Place end date?

Starting on July 20th, we know for sure that the event will end on the 24th, but we can't pinpoint the exact date because Reddit hasn't made an official announcement.

One thing is for sure, the canvas of the Internet will be waiting for its artists until midnight today.

For curious readers, the day 4 timelapse is as follows:

Official r/place canvas timelapse: day 4
by u/reddit_irl in place

Reddit pixel battle bot controversy

Yes, everything is permissible in war, but this is a bit much. Many users say that the drawing pattern is the same and that some countries are using bots to draw their flags.

Reddit officials have confirmed this by stating:

Bots, scripts, and another canvas expansion
by u/reddit_irl in place

Now you: Who do you think will be the winner of Reddit's r/Place, which didn't get much love this year due to API protests?


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