msn images

MSN Images, Save Profile Pictures Of MSN Contacts

Microsoft's instant messenger, which is currently called Windows Live Messenger, offers no option to directly save profile pictures to the local computer system. While it is possible to use a screen capturing […]

Convert your ebooks and files to various formats with Calibre

Ah the ebook readers. They are the future for avid (and even not-so-avid) readers. With them you can carry around your entire library (without a hand cart) and even add your own […]


WinMaxinumize, Expand Windows Over Unused Space

I sometimes have to resize windows on my computer desktop before I can start working with them. That's usually the case when they open in a small window and I want them […]

choose a search engine

Google Chrome Canary Builds Reach Version 11

It was Google who started to release minor improvements as major version upgrades. The browser has just reached version 11, less than two and a half years after its first beta version […]


Typo3 Winstaller, Windows Typo3 Environment

Typo3 is a powerful Open Source content management system that runs on system that support recent versions of PHP and MySQL. Linux users usually do not have a problem installing PHP and […]

firefox 4 more

Display Modification Dates Of Firefox Extensions

Users who troubleshoot the Firefox browser often take a closer look at extensions and plugins installed in the browser as they may be the cause for the issues experienced. One problem that […]

Amazon Login May Accept Password Variants

The online shopping portal Amazon may accept password variants during login according to the German technology news site Heise Online. According to the information published there, Amazon may accept passwords that are […]

Will We Get the First Windows Phone Update on February 7th?

There's no confirmation about this, but the buzz about the long-anticipated first Windows Phone update is that it will be released on Monday February 7th. The news which was being broken by […]

WordNet+Artha: A great Linux thesaurus combo

I am a writer. I write loads of technical documentation as well as novels (check out my fiction on Smashwords and Autumnal Press). Because of my trade I am always seeking out […]

file joiner

File Joiner, Combine .001, .002, .00x Files

The main reason for splitting files is to prepare a file for distribution. File hosts for instance often have file size limitations that force a user to split the file before it […]

mp3 cover downloader

Mp3 Cover Downloader Review

Many mp3 player, smartphones and software music players use cover art to improve the identification of albums and songs. Album art also improves the manageability of the digital music collection, and many […]

Firefox StayInOnlineMode Prevents Switching State To Offline Mode

While I personally never had difficulties with Firefox's built-in offline mode and automatic state switching to it, I have had contact with users who reported that this happened regularly in their version […]

Windows 0-Day Vulnerability Workaround

A new 0-day vulnerability has been confirmed yesterday. The vulnerability affects all client and server versions of Microsoft Windows up to and including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Security Advisory […]

blog spam

Lets Celebrate, We Received Our 1 Millionth Spam Comment

Blog spam, in the form of manual or automatic comments, trackbacks or pingbacks, has always been a problem for bloggers. It is just to lucrative to run a software that spams links […]

System Silencer, Run Commands When The Computer Is Idle

We have seen our fair share of application reviews for Windows that change system settings automatically when the computer enters idle state. Most of the applications offer to turn off the monitor, […]

pdf jumbler

PDF Jumbler, Merge, Delete, Rearrange PDF Documents

Free tools to manage pdf documents are rare while many pdf viewing applications exist. That can be a problem for users who want to work with pdf documents, for instance to delete […]

Manage startup services in Linux with BUM

If you have ever had to change a service to either start or not start on a Linux machine, you know that process can be a little daunting. Not that it's impossible, […]

find hidden

Find Hidden, Locate Hidden Files And Directories

Files and directories can have attributes that hide them from standard view in Windows Explorer and other applications. Several system folders for instance are automatically hidden from view. Microsoft did that to […]


Opera LinksRedirector Extension, Redirect Links Automatically

Some websites and services display interstitial pages which some users may not want to see. Google Images is an example for that. A click on an image search result does not load […]

Apple's Retina Display is Perfect, Stop Trying to Beat it!

I'm not known for applauding Apple so I'll give you a moment to pick yourself off the floor before I get into the thrust of this article.  I genuinely believe though that […]

google rapidshare

Google Search Suggestions Block Download Related Suggestions

Google search suggestions displays the most likely search terms in the search form once the user begins typing. Sometimes it is enough to enter one letter and hit the tab key to […]

"Instant Personalisation" Arrives at Facebook. Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!

It's got the innocuous title of "Instant Personalisation" but this new Facebook feature is yet another major blow to your privacy and security on the social network. Facebook has been plagued with […]

intel solid state drive toolbox

Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox 2, Now With System Optimizer, Secure Erase

Solid State Drives (SSD) are different from conventional platter based hard drives in several key aspects. The drives do not need to be defragmented for instance. The operating system needs to be […]

opera11 01

Opera 11.01 Final Lands

Opera Software has just released Opera 11.01, an update to Opera 11 which adds security fixes and stability improvements to the popular web browser. The final version has been released after numerous […]

home dash

Firefox Home Dash, Removes Interface, Adds Dashboard

It is a bit difficult to explain what the experimental Firefox extension Home Dash does, at least in one sentence. Home Dash removes the Firefox interface, and with interface I mean everything […]

Manage your VirtualBox VMs via the web with phpVirtualBox

Generally speaking, if it is a web-based tool that starts with "php" (such as phpMyAdmin or phpLDAPadmin) you know that tool is going to make your administrative life a lot easier. Such […]

facebook secure browsing

Facebook Improves Security With Secure Browsing, Social Authentication

Facebook today announced two changes to the popular social networking site that aim to improve the security of site visitors. Secure Browsing is a new opt-in option to configure Facebook to always […]

usenet feed

Usenet Traffic Growth To Almost 9TB Per Day

Usenet traffic has increased from 5 Terabytes per day in January 2009 to almost 9 Terabytes of traffic per day two years later. The statistics have been collected by Giganews, one of […]

image fit

ImageFit, Scale Images Automatically In Firefox

The Firefox web browser scales images automatically to fit the current browsing window. Users who do not like the behavior can take a look at our guide How To Disable Dynamic Image […]

Keep My Opt-Outs For Chrome Blocks Ad Personlization

Update: Google shut down development of the Keep My Opt-Outs extension for Chrome. It shows as deprecated now in the Chrome Store and the company suggests to use the extension Protect My […]


OpenOffice, LibreOffice 3.3 Final Released

Oracle, with the purchase of the software company Sun, is the current main sponsor of the Open Source project. Members of the Open Office project formed The Document Foundation back in September […]

The Best Language Learning Software

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do" - St Ambrose; Perhaps the best application of this saying would be in the field of language learning. When you go to a country […]

bookmarks bar

Samfind Bookmarks Bar For Firefox

Firefox offers many options to work with bookmarks in the browser. From the standard Bookmarks menu to a single icon in one of the toolbars or a sidebar listing of bookmarks, lots […]

Add serious web content control with WebContentControl in Linux

There are many reasons why you might want or need to control what is seen via a web browser. Be it children, work, or any other reason, you might want to have […]

Oh No, Mozilla Plans To Accelerate Development Cycle

It took a very long time from Firefox 3 to Firefox 4. Guess how long it will take from Firefox 4 to Firefox 5! According to plans published in Mozilla's Weekly Engineering […]

ACS: Law Withdraws from File-Sharing Cases

It's been on ongoing story and has produced the first ruling on file-sharing in the UK where Judge Birss said back in December 2010, "The term used by those sections of the Act is ‘authorising’ […]

bing top image searches

Bing Images Updated, Improves Image Search

Microsoft yesterday made the announcement on the official Bing blog that they have updated Bing's image search. The feature update includes interesting additions and changes to the image search on Bing that […]

windows explorer xp

Vista Drive Status, Drive Storage Information For XP's Windows Explorer

Windows 7 and Vista users see a representation of the free and used drive space in Windows Explorer. That's handy for a number of reasons, for instance before copying or processing large […]

Windows 7 and SSDs

Ed Bott has published a very interesting article today about the benefits of running Windows 7 on a solid state hard disk (SSD).  He wanted to test the real-world benefits, if there are any, […]

rollyo custom search engine

Rollyo, Create Your Own Custom Search Engine

When it comes to searching for information, I prefer results from a handful of trusted websites. Limited the results to select web properties only offers several advantages over the standard catch-all approach […]