Youtube Insight: Find Out Who Is Embedding Your Youtube Videos

Youtube Insight is a function of Youtube that displays video statistics to video uploaders on the Youtube website. It is practically a basic traffic analyzer that is displaying views, demographics and community responses to the uploaded videos. It is furthermore possible to access in depth stats of individual videos by clicking on one of the videos by clicking on an uploaded video in the main interface of Youtube Insight.

This will open up a submenu with statistics about the selected video including demographics, views and community responses of that video. A discovery option is also available that contains some very interesting options. Discovery will display the traffic sources of the video. In other words, it will display how and where users are finding and accessing the selected video.

youtube insight

Each traffic source category that is listed on that page is accessible so that detailed statistics can be viewed. It is for example possible to see a list of the search phrases that Youtube users use to find the video on the Youtube website. Other options include Google search phrases, external links and embedded players.

Embedded players lists the websites and services that have embedded the video on their website. This can be an excellent opportunity to discover new communities and create relationships for future productions.

youtube embedded links

Each traffic source that is displayed in this category can be visited by clicking on the link that is provided. This link (unfortunately) does not lead to the page the video is embedded on but to the homepage of the website. The links can be downloaded in a csv file for further processing. Date and country filters are available on the top to filter results based on these two parameters.

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Interested users can access Youtube Insight by following this link. Make sure you check out our Download Youtube Videos article for a list of great programs and plugins that allow you to download Youtube videos.

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