Yahoo Mail, Search And Messenger Upgrades

Yahoo announced upgrades to three of their major products and services. Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Search and Yahoo Messenger were all updated on the same day. Social integration was the key phrase during development as most improvements to the products fall into that category.

Yahoo Mail now comes with a redesigned mobile version that is available at that now offers one click access to important functions, attachment downloads like pdf or Microsoft Word documents and access to personal folders. The attachment size was raised from 10 Megabytes to 25 which is the exact same size that Gmail is offering it's users. The inbox of Yahoo Mail is expanded with an application box that is bringing third party apps like Picnik, ZumoDirve or PayPal to the inbox with more (Evite was mentioned) to come in future updates.

Yahoo Mail Contacts are improved as well as they can now be automatically updated whenever a contact changes their name, e-mail address or phone number.

Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta is now available for download. It introduces HD video calling and social improvements that keep users informed about their contacts including status updates. Other additions include Flickr uploads, Yahoo! Buzz stories, Tweets and more that are all available from the messenger's interface.

Yahoo Search was upgraded as well. It does however seem that only search engine users from the United States will be able to access the new functionality that allows them to explore related concepts, filter results by popular websites only or narrow down search results by type.

Yahoo is adding more social elements to their products. They also started to add features that were introduced by Google and Microsoft services like the email attachment size of 25 Megabytes.

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Responses to Yahoo Mail, Search And Messenger Upgrades

  1. jfjb August 26, 2009 at 9:25 pm #

    Yahoo sucks, it's a big business machine with poor tech support in the Philippines. Ask any ATT, Bellsouth customers who have been on the phone with those bozos at the other end of the world.
    Yahoo is a lever, nothing more, for big shot companies to gain market share.
    And I may be wrong, but so far, their external signs of health and wealth are poorly written on the wall of acquisitions and mergers.
    Where is Mabelle? Oops, Ma Bell....

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