Data recovery

Losing your files and information can be detrimental, and can cost companies and individuals loads of money. Data recovery programs are excellent at resolving this issue, and we’ll show you which are the best ones while covering the latest news.

recover files from partitions

Recover Files from Lost Partitions

If you ever lost a partition on a hard drive you know how hard it can be to recover the data that was stored on that partition. Possible reasons can be system […]

file recovery undelete my files

File Recovery with Undelete My Files

File Recovery tools are flooding the software market these days and it takes more than just providing a way to recover files to stick out of the bulk of solutions. Undelete My […]

check media for errors

Check Media for Errors

Media Checker scans CDs, DVDs and folders for unreadable files. It actually could be the application to use before trying to recover those unreadable files with an application like CD Recovery Toolbox. […]

cd recovery

CD Recovery Toolbox

File recovery from old media disks like CD or DVD might become a huge market in the near future. People using them to store important data, like family pictures, documents or videos, […]

free undelete

Free Undelete Utility

A few years ago applications that would undelete files were not that common but this has changed tremendously over the last years. Today Windows users get to chose between several programs that […]

data recovery wizard

Giveaway of the Day - Data Recovery Wizard

Update: The giveaway is not available any longer. You may however download Data Recovery Wizard Free from the EaseUS website instead. The program is limited in terms of data that you can […]

Recover Files with Handy Recovery

Handy Recovery is a file recovery software that is able to recover (accidentally) deleted files on your system. If you have read my blog in the past you probably know that deleting files does not really delete them immediately but only removes the reference to the file.

Handy Recovery is a file recovery software that is able to recover (accidentally) deleted files on your system. If you have read my blog in the past you probably know that deleting files does not really delete them immediately but only removes the reference to the file.

copy cat

Copy Data from partially unreadable files

About eight years ago I was backing up some pretty valuable files on CD. I should add valuable to me. One Cd contained demos of me and my clan playing Unreal Tournament capture the flag and I've always seen this as a part of my history. Well, I tried to copy the CD to my hard drive a few days ago and guess what; Some files could not be read and I lost some of them during the process. At least that's what I thought until I found the freeware Copy Cat. Copy Cat uses a superior method to copy files by using a byte per byte method.

recover files

Recover accidentally deleted files

I disabled my trashbin by default which means that deleted items bypass the trashbin and are deleted immediately. This works fine most of the time but it happens that I occasionally delete a file that I need later on again. There is no obvious way to get those files back and you will face serious troubles if want to get them back but used something like defragmentation on that hard drive after the deletion.

The question that some might ask is why one could recover deleted files at all. This is actually a very good question. Windows does not delete the file at all when you press the delete button. It simply deleted the reference to that file and makes the space the file occupied writable again. This means that you can recover most files if you are just fast enough. One freeware that can do the job is Recuva which is supposed to be pronounced recover.

undelete plus review

Recover Deleted Files with Undelete Plus

I delete files most of the time by pressing down the shift key which will delete them immediately without moving them to the trashbin first. It happens from time to time that I deleted a file that I want to recover, sometimes it is because another file depents on the deleted one or it could be that I need to access the information again that was contained in the file. There is unfortunately no direct way to recover the files in windows which means that we have to rely on third party tools to recover lost files.

thunderbird folder

Recover deleted or corrupted Thunderbird messages

It sometimes happens that I delete a mail by accident because it does look like spam or a message that I do not longer need. Thunderbird does not display that message anymore if it is completely deleted from the mail client. Unknown to many Thunderbird does not delete the messages but flags them only which means it is relatively easy to recover corrupted or deleted mails. This method only works if you have not compressed the mail folders because compressing removes deleted messages from the mail files.

test disk

Testdisk - A Free Data Recovery CD

Ever encountered a problem on your computer that made it impossible to access a partition or complete hard drive ? Or something that erased your Master Boot Record which meant that you were not able to boot your operating system as usual ? Something like this could happen if you try to install a new operating system to dual boot both systems for example. If you do not know what caused this and do not know tools that can fix this your only option is to install the operating system again.

What you should consider before selling a video game system

Thunder7 recently told me that he bought a used Xbox and discovered that the hard drive was full of music files from the previous owner. The original Xbox uses an internal 20 gigabytes hard drive to store save games, patches, music and images. The new Xbox 360 and Sony's PS3 will also utilize a hard drive and the following tip is also valid for them.

pc inspector

File Recovery Software PC Inspector

I think you can´t have enough file recovery utilities once you lost data on your computer either by accidentaly deleting the files or by crashes or hardware failures. It is better to have one additional try at recovering the data than to give up if the first program that you´ve been using failed to recover the files. It is even better to already have those programs installed or ready at hand to use them immediately after you have lost the files. Chances that you are able to recover the files are highest right after the incident because no new data was written in the sectors the deleted files occupied.

Restore Accidentally Deleted Files with Restoration

I´am sometimes deleting files holding down the shift-key without thinking much about it. It happens that I delete a file that I did not want to be deleted at that moment because it is still needed on my system. A very easy way to restore files that have been accidentally deleted is Restoration which is a nice little freeware application that scans your hard disk and lists all files than can be either partially or fully restored.

Delete files permanently to block file recovery tools

It is a well know fact that files that are deleted by normal means can be recovered with ease using so called file recovery utilities. This might not be a problem for most users but it surely is not nice if you sell a used computer and someone discovers private pictures, account data and the like on the formatted hard drive.

10 Best Security Live CD Distros (Pen-Test, Forensics & Recovery)

The guys of have posted a new article that lists the 10 best security live cd distros. Each distribution is introduced in a small paragraph and features links to the distributions homepage.

Recovering Scratched CDs

CDs don´t last forever. They get scratches for instance and sometimes these make the CD or some sectors become unreadable. Now, what can you do if you desperately need the data on the CD ? The article Recovering Scratched CDs from tries to answer this question.

SmartPc Recovery Tools

Sometimes you delete something and realize later that you still need the file(s) that you´ve deleted before. Its easy to recover them if they are still in your trashbin, but you need special tools to recover files that have been deleted permanently under windows.

Data Recovery Freeware

Every know and then I accidentally delete files and later find out that I still need them. I configured my trashcan to hold no files at all, means files that I delete are gone by normal means and can´t be recovered that easily.

Securely wipe hard disks

If you ever sold or bought a used hard disk you probably know about this already. For all others, even if you use delete and format to clear the hard disk before selling it there are possibilities to recover most and possibly all data that was once on the hard disk.

There have been numerous cases in the news where people bought used hard disk and found confidential files on them using tools to recover deleted data. Enter Darik's Boot and Nuke.



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