Internet Memes try too Hard these days

Is it just me, or are internet memes trying to hard these days? An internet meme refers to some kind of “catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person”. A […]

Completely Ridiculous Radiohead Music Experiment

Am I alone in thinking these new shock horror reports about Radioheads’ online music experiment are completely ridiculous? PaidContent today picked up on a story by Big Champaign, a company which monitors […]

Yahoo, sick of them yet?

The Yahoo-Microsoft-Ichan soap opera got pretty damn annoying for a while there. In fact It wasn’t even so much Yahoo and Microsoft, it was billionaire investor Ichan who really made it all […]


I can’t fully understand some of the decisions behind the launch of Cuil, the wanna-be Google Killer. I also don’t quite understand the amount of hype and media attention that went with […]

Torn between Pidgin and Digsby

I’ve been a longtime Digsby advocate all the way back to the private alpha stage of development. Given the growing number of social networks, chat addresses and email accounts I had I […]

Essential PIM

Personal organisers are a dime a dozen but I’m yet to find one which full meets my requirements. For some time however I did use Essential PIM and found it a good […]

system partitioning vista

System Partitioning with Vista

System Partitioning is a little scary, especially if your as stupid as me and don’t back your files up before you start. I have been using Ubuntu installed through Wubi, a very […]

EverNote over OneNote

I never had any experience with using Microsoft OneNote before getting the Microsoft Office 2007 Home Edition. I’m a university student and having spent a few weeks attempting to organise my notes […]


Delicious Not

It’s been a long time now since Yahoo acquired Like most Yahoo acquisitions it was a great service and grew rapidly in popularity, but unfortunately was left to stagnate somewhat. Frankly […]

Vista Part 3

Well I don’t think I’ve ever had so many responses as I have to these Posts on Windows Vista =) But obviously it’s a controversial subject. Now I realise that many of […]

Vista vs. XP

300 Words into replying to some comments made by Rarst on my post yesterday about Microsoft I decided I may as well publish it like so as a new post… that’s what […]

Microsoft Back on the Offensive

After its $500 million “Wow Starts Now” campaign completely bombed, Microsoft went awfully quiet and let the public, the tech community and Apple noisily tear Vista to pieces. Understandably of course, there […]

The New Alpha

I follow developments of both and Windows Live Mesh with interest and this week has seen new releases for both. What I find most interesting is that both developments have a […]

Do you like the idea of

As I’ve said before, I’m not a big twitterer… I would say I average maybe 1 Twit every 2 days, in fact I don’t know why I even still use the service. […]

Live Mesh

If you haven’t managed to get into the Live Mesh preview then I would recommend you trying it now: We are doubling the upper limit of our technology preview program. Our technology […]

google docs templates

Google Docs Templates

Everyone likes to bang on about how Google Docs is going to be the end of Microsoft Office, but people say that sort of thing all the time… 2008 is going to […]

Desktop Apps with Bubble

I must admit I had never heard of Bubbles before I tried out the time tracking service SlimTimer. Bubbles is a Windows only ‘browser’ which lets you create site specific ‘bubbles’ to […]

A Host of Tips – Week 1

As I read a large selection of RSS feeds each day I see a whole lot of great little tech tips coming through, and often I want to share them, but that […]

opera web panels

Useful Opera Features

Since here at gHacks we seem to be on a bit of a Firefox and Opera theme I thought I’d share a couple of things I have discovered to be useful when […]

Dual Desktops, One Wallpaper

I only just discovered 360 Desktop, and unfortunately, before I could really adjust myself and get more productive, I also discovered dual monitors. Frankly, the one makes the other irrelevant, although I […]

360 Desktop

Well I finally got a notification that 360 degree desktop was ready, something I’ve been eagerly awaiting for for a number of months now. I saw a brief preview of it in […]

Flash on your Phone

It’s pretty well documented at the moment that Adobe wants Flash on the iPhone and Steve Jobs doesn’t think it’s good enough. What’s interesting about all this is that now the iPhone […]

google calendar slim style

Redesigned GCal to join Gmail

The popular ‘Better Gmail 2’ Firefox extension adds a whole lot of great extra functionality to Gmail through various Greasemonkey scripts. What I loved the most was the inclusion of the fantastic […]

Digsby too Plain for You?

So some of disagreed with me when I introduced Digsby a couple days ago? Dark Kosmos thinks “trillian is MUCH better (and looks better)” and I must admit the from the Trillian […]

Dig Digsby, You Have Good Reason to

Have you heard of Digsby yet? If not, it’s about time you do. Digsby is a multi-network chat client. Doesn’t sound like that big a deal? Use Pidgin or Miranda already? Well […]

5 Great Media Center Extenders

Windows Media Center really is quite a decent application to use for media management and Microsoft doesn’t get enough credit for the steps it’s taken to establish the PC as the home […]

vista start menu

The Windows Start Menu

It took me a little while to adapt, but I soon grew to find the Vista start menu far more useful and productive then XP's ever was. Granted I've read the comments […]

web forum reader

Web Forum Reader

Forums used to be huge back in the day. They where a vital source of knowledge for anyone getting into any field, and particularly areas like SEO and programming. They allowed people […]

RSS Bandit

I’ve been a user of FeedDemon RSS reader ever since it became freeware. It’s a fantastic application and has a lot of great features, not the least being synchronization between NewGator Online […]

Return to Plurk

It’s been about a month now since I introduced Plurk here at gHacks and now that I have had a chance to properly test it, here is an update on the developments […]

Colour Schemes

I have spent this week struggling with colour schemes for my blog. I found deciding on a colour scheme to be an incredibly frustrating process, and what I finally settled on was […] Online

Adobe recently released a new set of office applications online to compete with the dominant Google Docs, Zoho and possibly Windows Office Live. It was released alongside Adobe Flash9 and received a […]


Glassdoor is a very new service founded by Robert Hohman and Rich Barton. They had worked at a number of large corporations including Microsoft and had previously founded successful companies themselves such […]

A Few Useful Tweaks

Since this is a subject we have touched on a couple of times recently I decided to share a a few useful registry tweaks. These apply to Windows Vista. 1) Stop UAC […]

windows longhorn

Windows Longhorn Blog

It may be a little late to be discussing leaks of Windows Longhorn seeing as the project was reset over 4 years ago and we are now looking at Windows 7 on […]

Speed up Vista

When I first got Windows Vista about 7 or so months ago it did seem to be pretty slow compared to Windows XP. After checking out all the online tech websites I […]

flock 2 sidebar

Flock 2 Beta

Well this month has been all about browsers as both Firefox and Opera release new versions and people compare each of the 4 main competitors Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Flock […]

A Few Defragmentation Tools

My defragmenter of choice has always been Auslogic Defragmenter, I have no idea how effective it is compared to other programs but it’s simple enough and looks pretty. However I came across […]

restart windows explorer

Don't Reset!

This is a incredibly handy little tip that I found over at APC Magazine. When you’ve been working on your computer for a day or two and it’s starting to slow down […]

Twingly Blog Search

There are two blog searching engines which dominate the market… Google Blog Search and of course, Technorati. The biggest challenge both search engines face is trying to keep their indexes spam-free and […]