Browser choices…

Martin’s post about upcoming browser releases was something I had also been thinking about.

I can’t see Internet Explorer gaining any significant market share any time soon, but I can see, as Martin said, a solid, secure release stabilising the downward trend somewhat.

I have done my own extensive research on the topic of mainstream consumer browser adoption (also known as having a conversation with my girlfriend) and discovered that browser she preferred most of all was Opera.

The iPhone

With the kind of reality distorting statement we’re usually only accustomed to hear from Apple keynotes I’d like to present the exclusive on the iPhone: It has 3G and you heard it […]

vista transformation pack

NOT Another Vista Transformation Pack

That is correct. If you’re one of those people, and I believe they are still around, who still likes the Windows XP Luna interface (that’s the lollypop blue one), then this is […]

Google Gears for Flock

Update: Both Google Gears and Flock have been discontinued in the meantime. Flock may not be completely dead as the team announced that it is "working on something awesome". It has not […]

wildfire 0ad

Wildfire Games

If you play a lot of real-time strategy games then this will be very much of interest to you. Wildfire Games is an independent game developer that is been around for nearly […]

prime benchmark

Benchmark your System Performance

Even if you take accumulated PC junk out of the equation, the most important factor in in how well your computer runs is the hardware specifications. Windows Vista provides some kind of […]

Changing the Default Windows Search

Microsoft did integrate search right across the operating system in Windows Vista but restricted access to Windows Search technologies only. Windows Search provided decent performance, but just wasn’t as fast or efficient […]


20 More Online Desktops

I wrote wrote a post last week about online desktops and gave what was in my opinion, the best three of the bunch. Some of you where pretty interested in the topic […]

Open Office Extensions

Open Office recently pushed out version 3.0 as a beta release. Update: Time has passed since the initial publication of the article. The most recent version of OpenOffice, now called Apache OpenOffice […]


In a post last week I talked about the growth of cloud computing and web based applications in relation to online desktops. Today I’ve got some amazing flash powered online tools to […]


How does Plurk work?

Are you as sick of hearing about Twitter as I am? See the problem is that I never really “got” Twitter… I tried, I really did. I signed up and followed people […]

Started something too big

Windows 7 will be the Microsoft’s 7th incarnation of their OS kernel, hence the name (yep, pretty clever). As it evolved with time each successive Windows release still contained many UI elements […]

Windows Live Writer Preview

The newest version of Windows Live Writer has been released as a technical preview, primarily to showcase changes to the SDK. That isn’t to say this build is simply internal changes, you’ll […]

music sharing muxtape

Minimal Music Sharing

With conventional music distribution methods becoming less and less effective with every year and the associated corporations increasingly desperate a growing group of services have been springing up to offer way for […]

Have you joined the Flock yet?

Most of you are probably aware of Flock, the social networking browser. I first read about Flock in a PC magazine a few years ago, and didn't really comprehend what the whole […]

Customize your Vista Desktop

You can do a lot more than simply changing your background and Screensaver in Windows Vista. Unfortunately you'll need some 3rd party applications to do it. Microsoft decided nearly a decade ago […]

online desktop two

Choosing an Online Desktop

A few years ago the idea of cloud computing seemed vaguely absurd to me. I infinitely preferred using desktop software to any kind of online alternative and I hated the idea of […]