Jinni - the Best Movie Recommendation Engine

Update: Jinni announced that it will shut down its service on the web and concentrate on delivering "content recommendations and discovery via [..] TV & online operators". For years there was really […]

FeedDemon 2.8 Beta 2

There are a whole lot of web-based feed readers which compete fiercely,  but few desktop based applications. In fact FeedDemon and perhaps a couple others like RSS Bandit and RSS Owl represent […]

Hacking Horror Story…

Joe’s post today was about the importance of backing up your blog, and it’s something which I now realize can never be taken too seriously - only this week another website I […]

An Interesting Read from StarDock

StarDock is a software company which I would be willing to bet just about all of you have heard of or personally use some of their products. I haven’t actually purchased any […]

premium wordpress themes

The Times are a-Changin’

As WordPress emerged the dominant self-hosted blogging platform of perhaps 2 years ago a growing ecosystem of sites and services sprung up around WordPress.org including resources websites, premium WordPress themes and other […]

Nokia Ovi Suite

2009 should be an interesting year for mobile phones, with the iPhone growing rapidly in popularity, the much talked about Windows Mobile, Google Android making it’s way onto more devices and the […]

Intrepid Ibex, or Hardy Heron SP1?

Ubuntu is now the most prominent Linux distribution perhaps due to its philosophy of creating '”Linux for humans” and targeting the consumer first and foremost. With a regular 6 monthly release Ubuntu […]

Acer GridVista

Frank, one of gHacks’ readers let me know about a great little tool called Acer Vista Grid that he discovered recently. Lets see what he had to say about it first: …a […]

Features coming with Windows 7

As you now know, Windows 7 is being officially called… Windows 7. Microsoft has been pretty tight on leaks up to now so we haven’t had a great deal of information about […]

Winners of Extensions for Windows

A couple of days ago I gave some of you the chance to win one year’s license for Extensions for Windows by simply stating the one feature they would most want to […]

Win Extensions for Windows

Extensions for Windows isn’t freeware and so this review may seem out of place here on gHacks, however I managed to score some free licenses to give away to you guys, just […]

The Zune: A Review

Yesterday I finally got my Zune 120, all the way to Australia from America through Ebay thanks to Microsoft’s failure to release the Zune internationally at this point. All I can say […]

Travian – Online Strategy Game

I’m really not a big gamer. I play occasionally, but when I do I’m generally only interested in Real Time Strategy (RTS) titles such as Age of Empires III, Command and Conquer […]


Even though I’m not a programmer myself I’ve always enjoyed reading Coding Horror. Okay, partly because it’s one of FeedDemon’s default feeds but also largely because  Jeff Atwood just writes interesting stuff […]

Windows 7 Wishlist

As you know by now, I’d be the first to defend Vista. I personally feel it is the best OS available at this point in time and I’ve spent the last 9 […]

MySpace Music Venture

Joshua writes about cool interesting stuff over on his own blog Extendably. Feel free to check it out, I’m sure you’ll like it.   No matter what your opinion is on MySpace, […]

Alphas, Betas and Why we’re all Guilty

It’s been remarked upon of late that the concept of beta software has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Perhaps Google was a major influence (sigh… Gmail) or perhaps the Internet […]

Opera, Totally Screwed?

I’ve got a feeling that the biggest loser from Google releasing Chrome is going to be Opera. I saw a lot of reviews comparing Chrome to Firefox, Safari and IE, but almost […]

New Zune Won’t be an iPod Killer but it’s Just as Good

Microsoft announced it’s latest lineup of Zune products to a fairly underwhelming response, which was  frankly also fairly well expected. It’s easy to get cynical about the Zune, especially considering Microsoft’s promises […]

Create WordPress Themes

WordPress is fantastic for the extend to which is can be customised, however if mucking around with CSS isn’t something you really want to get into personally then here are a few […]

Live Mesh Applications

From the whole “Google is an OS” discussion going on across the blogosphere you’d think Microsoft is in complete denial about the future of cloud computing and has absolutely no initiatives in […]

SoundUnwound, New Music Database

Whenever I want to discover some new music these days I got to 1 of 3 places; Amazon, Wikipedia and Last.FM, in that order. Amazon has got perhaps the most useful database […]

You’d be Stupid Not To…

Adobe Reader is the *worst example of software bloat I’ve ever had the bad experience of using. In fact I have not idea why I did use it for so long. Adobe […]


Let’s talk about Google Chrome. Why not? Everyone else is. I would be willing to bet anyone reading this article has already downloaded the Windows beta and is probably using it right […]

WinFS, Was it Really so Good?

If you were in any way interested in Windows Longhorn then WinFS will not be an unfamiliar word to you. This technology was to be part of the revolutionary next OS and […]

The Best Free Guitar Tools

I’m going to go slightly off-topic today and share some of my recent finds with you, I hope some of you will find them helpful! Guitar Tabs are an incredibly easy way […]

Windows Live and Internet Explorer. What’s the Story?

Windows Live is rapidly maturing into a very real and competitive set of products. Each individual service isn’t the best solution, excluding Windows Live Writer perhaps, but it does have a huge […]

Complete Media Player Reviews (Part 4): Zune Software

So far in this series of posts I’ve taken a look at Windows Media Player, iTunes, Media Monkey and Helium Music Manager. Today I’m going to review Microsoft’s 3rd Media software offering; […]

Complete Music Player Review (Part 3)

For Part 3 I’m going to do the unthinkable… review a commercial application! So apologies for that, but I think this is worthy of a mention, even if you do have to […]

Complete Music Player Reviews (Part 2)

Yesterday I began this series of posts which I hope will be a very comprehensive review of every music player alternative. I started off with Windows Media Player 11 and iTunes. However […]

The Complete Media Player Review (Part 1)

I was hoping all you gHacks readers could help me out with some feedback on one particular topic; Music jukeboxes. I have written up my thoughts, but I would genuinely like to […]

Credible Reporting eh?

I use Digg (on occasion), StumbleUpon and sometimes Google News. The New York Times and Techmeme satisfy the rest of my needs. I didn’t really think I could be interested in yet […]

Free Apps and Games for your Symbian Phone

Nokia doesn’t have one wizz-bang distribution store like Apple has with iTunes, and locating applications for the Symbian OS is actually quite a pain. Apparently Symbian is a total bitch to develop […]

Impressive Photo Editor Pixlr

It’s getting pretty hard to get excited about online image and photo editors seeing as they’re a dime a dozen. However just today I discovered one which I particularly liked and thought […]

multiple desktops

Multiple Desktops for XP and Vista

I’ve always loved the ease in which multiple desktops are accessible in Ubuntu (and other Linux OS’s as well I presume, I haven’t tried any) and find myself wishing for the same […]

Blogs and Social Networking

Josh is a freelance blogger and trying to start his own over at extendably.com – check it out! Like most people, my first experience with blogs was on Blogger.com. Within about a […]

Cloud Computing Totally Failed us

Just a word of warning, this is very likely going to turn into a rant. (But not the rant you may have expected) If you follow tech blogs then you could hardly […]

Opera Knew Best All Along

This report by Mashables’ Paul Glazowski caught my attention whilst reading my feeds the other day. It’s called, ’Opera Mini’s Continued Success Rests on Smart Product Placement’ and describes the current success […]

Woopra, the best free Analytics

Google Analytics is almost the default free service for any blogger, and for good reason. It’s a solid service, essential for anyone needing to track visitor statistics and create a successful blog. […]

So Long Pidgin.

Last week I posted an article discussing some of the issues with messaging application Digsby, and why for now I chose to instead use Pidgin. My conclusion was that although Digsby is […]