No more getting lost at airports, thanks to Uber

Uber introduced new airport ride-finding features. The company will allow customers to book trips up to 90 days in advance, provides extensive walking instructions with images for major airports, and adjust ETA […]

Here is WhatsApp's new plan for unknown numbers

Last year, WhatsApp added a new tool called "Communities" to make it easier for its users to communicate with larger groups of people. This is a nice feature; however, it has made […]

MIUI 14: Can your device run it?

The long-awaited MIUI 14 was released worldwide at the MWC 2023 event. However, although the MIUI 14 features are impressive, not everyone will be able to benefit from them. The new version of the software promises to have more improvements, such as easy navigation and intelligent notifications. So, can […]

Apple don't like AI: start to block AI email app

Ben Volach, BlueMail's founder, claims that Apple prevented the update to the iOS app from implementing a ChatGPT-powered feature. He said that Apple had informed him that a 17+ age limit was necessary to protect children from being exposed to inappropriate content because of the use of AI-generated content.  Apple: There should be age restrictions if AI is used OpenAI's […]

Lay offs everywhere: Robots can be fired too

What to do not to become a victim of layoffs? Is it enough to work 24x7 and follow the superiors' orders to the letter? As it turns out, the answer is a […]

Bing AI is now just a click away

Are you ready for the new Bing AI-powered Windows 11 taskbar? You should be because Microsoft just announced that the newest update to Windows 11 would include a search box driven by […]

Xiaomi's luxury e-scooter: is it worth the price?

Just making smartphones is not for Xiaomi. The company sells a wide variety of electronic goods, such as mobile phones, tablets, robotic vacuum cleaners, and of course, electric scooters. Are you a […]

Snapchat integrates ChatGPT but warns ahead

The ChatGPT experience developed by OpenAI is now available to Snapchat Plus users. As part of its marketing for the "My AI" integration, the platform promotes using Snapchat as a place to […]

Google's antitrust lawsuit takes a dark turn

The Department of Justice (DOJ) says that Google regularly deletes chat logs from internal communications, even though the company must keep them for an antitrust lawsuit. When it comes to antitrust cases, […]

Zuckerberg couldn't keep his promise: Thousands are on borrowed time

Another wave of Meta layoffs is on the way. Following the 11,000 layoffs it executed last October, Meta is apparently planning another large round of layoffs in an effort to reduce costs. […]

WhatsApp newsletter feature is on the way

A new WhatsApp newsletter feature was discovered in its latest beta update code. Do you think having access to a newsletter from your favorite creator via a messaging service like WhatsApp would […]

Bing AI unhinged: How will Microsoft prevent this from happening again?

Bing AI unhinged on the first days of work and forced Microsoft to take some measures. The AI threatened users to expose personal information and ruin a user's reputation. Microsoft thinks this […]