Google sites - a different type of Wiki

I don't know how many of you have tried Google Sites, which is a Wiki like application available for Google Apps users. Although the application itself lacks a lot of features (more […]

How to cope with a toothache

Well, I know this has nothing to do with technology, but I thought I'd share some tips I've learned in the past 2 days. I didn't have access to any dentists since […]

Why I'm not switching to Firefox 3 just yet

I don't usually write opinion posts much here on gHacks, but I thought I'd share my views with you about all major Firefox releases (and all open source major releases in general). […]

Destroy Flickr for Adobe Air

Do you want to take a bomb and destroy the whole of Flickr? Well, no luck then, but if you want a cool way to navigate through your pics and even download […]

Organize yourself with Tobu

As you may know from my blog, I love information organizers. I think that sounds a bit sad looking back at that sentence, but nevertheless I do, and I cam across a […]

Photoshop "skin" for Gimp

Image editing applications have been coming and going on my desktop for some time now. I used to be a Photoshop user, but I decided to give free software a chance and […]

An easy way to learn web design

I spent a little time today on a WordPress theme for one of my clients. He asked me to copy his webpage design and turn it into a WordPress blog. This took […]

spread firefox

Help Mozilla achieve a world record!

With the much anticipated release of Firefox 3, Mozilla also wants to set a Guiness Record of the "most downloaded software in 24 hours". I think that is put just plain stupidly, […]

Book selection 2.0 with LibraryThing

I'm not kidding, it can sometimes take me 10-20 minutes to figure out what to read. From a book's title you might not be able to derive anything from the story, and […]

Edit Wiki entries in OpenOfice

A few days ago Sun Microsystems created an extension for OpenOffice which enables you to edit any MediaWiki page, which will be a blessing for those of us who are trying to […]

Find the latest and best Adobe Air apps

I am so hugely fond of Adobe Air apps right now because they are just so useful, easy to use and look so good. I also found a great site showcasing the […]


Easy and free isometric art designer

I was always intrigued by isometric art for some reason. perhaps the simplicity of it all is the thing that gets to me, I don't know. To create it though, you either […]

Explore the world with Schmap

Google Earth is unbeatable when finding stuff, looking at the world, finding your route and so on, but it doesn't really give you information on what the places you see are like. […]

Use Twhirl for Adobe Air to twitter

I've been quite fond of the Adobe Air environment for some time now, since it manages to achieve a lot I have been missing from traditional applications. First and foremost, many Air […]

Pull feeds into your website and customize them

I'm building my personal page right now, and since I write 2 blogs of my own (with one more coming up) and contribute to 3 other blogs I thought it would be […]

film making

Learn to be a master filmmaker with Wikiversity

Today was the first day, after using Wikipedia for ages I actually took the time to look at what the front page has to offer. I found separate part of Wikipedia named […]

binary toys

Play around with binary toys

Yes, we could chuck a lot of ones and zeros at each other (which would probably be fun), but until I have those in production, let me show you a cool desktop […]

windows icons

Quality icons from VistaICO

VistaICO is a site that offers only a few icons, but the ones they do have are very high quality. The site looks a bit like an adsense site, the navigation is […]


Amarok - The music player

Martin posted back in December about switching to a tripple-boot, having XP, Vista and Linux on the same machine. I myself installed Ubuntu a while ago and am recently switching near full-time […]

Moleskine - offline notes and calendar

This is not strictly software or web apps, but a Moleskine may be a great addition to many people's lives. Think of it as your Outlook when you're away from the PC. […]

generate random dates

Random date and time value generator

There are tons of applications and other instances where you need to either test using dates, or you actually need random dates. If you want to write posts on your blog ahead […]

IndyWiki a desktop Wikipedia tool

Way back in February I found a cool tool to browse Wikipedia from the desktop called IndyWiki, so let's get our hats and whips ready and a take a look at the […]

Create fully functioning PDF's for free

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours trying to get a pdf right. I was making a subscription based newsletter for my website, so I obviously needed something of high quality. I couldn't […]

Nokia text messenger Vista gadget

Although I'm not a big messaging fan, this is one gadget I would find really useful. I owned Nokia phones for about ten years and I loved every one of them. The […]

Flock - A Firefox beater?

I wrote a really long review on my blog recently on Flock, the community browser and thought I'd share some of my findings with you guys. Flock is basically a Mozilla based […]

Track your digged posts from your desktop

I just read about one of the best Digg tools ever on Make Use Of, immediately downloaded it and I love it already. Digg Alerter is a simple application designed to track […]

Analyze your website's meta tags

A great way to see if you are optimizing your site enough is to take a look at your meta tags and your keyword/content focus, A great Website Analyzer page I found […]

The ultimate online jazz community

I loveYouTube, but you have to face it, specific genre sites can be much better. If you want music Imeem may be much better, if you want comedy then go to specific […]

Find answers using your pictures

I just stumbled on to a very cool idea, a sort of picture research online community. The basics of PicAnswers is that you upload a photo, and ask a question related to […]

Remember the Milk on your iPhone

My favorite task manager, Remember The Milk is now easily available on your iPhone, or iPod touch. You need the pro version to get the optimized RTM ($25 per year), but you […]

Sync Facebook and Outlook

If you have been a heavy contact book user you know the dread of mass entering people. You need to copy paste their numbers, email addresses, and worst of all, pictures! Personally […]

Turn userscripts into Firefox extensions

I've always loved user scripts because they are easy to install, audit and to manage. If you prefer Firefox add-ons however, you can now compile scripts so that they can be installed […]

Pimp out your Google with the iGoogle Bar

I just found a great Firefox extension while browsing Lifehacker, a small addon that will add a bar in place of the default, quite unuseful bar, and let you access features in […]

Visible Body - Visualise your body

While this is a sort of biology tech online app, I think it's one of the most awesome things ever! I wasn't really fond of biology, but that was really due to […]

Galaxy It - A new way to search?

Browsing some web 2.0 blogs, I came across a site that boasts a new kind of web search. I quite like the idea since online search is one of the least researched […]

Put your Outlook calendar on the desktop

While taking my daily look at Stuff for Getting Things done, I stumbled upon an article about putting the Outlook calendar on your desktop. In fact, as I looked deeper into the […]

SpeedyMarks - A barebone start page

If you don't really have use for elaborate start pages like Netvibes, but you need more than the simple home page option in browsers, you could take a look at SpeedyMarks, a […]

Google document uploader

Google has just release a document list uploader to help you upload your stuff in large batches, and this is one smart move, since I had some frustration a while back because […]

Two invaluable buttons for Firefox

There are two buttons I always install when using Firefox, I have found that these not only shorten the time it takes me to do things, but they save me from a […]

Lifehacker productivity software

I always knew that Lifehacker editors have created some software programs like Better Gmail, Better Google Calendar, but it was new to me that they have created a whole line of applications […]