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How do you use your media player?

Following up on last week's much commented article about how you guys use your Firefox, I decided to also take a look at how you use your media player applications. This is […]


The difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com

This might be very obvious to some, but about 70% of the clients I work with do not know the difference and spend money on something they could be getting for free! […]

identify pages css

Identifying each page using body tags and CSS

If you are building a large website, chances are you have a great little CSS stylesheet linked to every document which governs all the pages. But what do you do if you […]

print what you like

Rearranging and making any website print friendly

PrintWhatYouLike is a free online service that allows you to manipulate web pages before you send them to your printer to print them out. I felt weird all day today so I […]

bookmarked reporter

Check your sites delicious bookmark counts automatically

While looking for something completely different, I found a handy little tool called Bookmarked Reporter which can parse your site (or use an XML sitemap) and create a report of the delicious […]

How do you use your Firefox?

Since I always go through a lot of 'phases' in the way I use software, I am really interested to know how you guys use your browsers. Basically in the beginning I […]

Passing variables using in the URL

If you've seen some WordPress blogs or online stores you've probably seen url-s in the form of http://somepage.com/product.php?id=4. These sites pass variables to scripts using the url. The script will scan the […]

Google Calendar Offline released

While taking a look at my calendar today, I noticed that Google has rolled out their offline feature for Google Calendar, and after some searching I found that this is indeed the […]

Adsense ads available for parked domains

Google is introducing a lot of developments for Adsense, with font selection implemented not long ago, now comes a new, much anticipated feature, Adsense for parked domains. Many people own lots of […]

How echo works in PHP

The most basic command, and probably the first you'll learn when taking a look at PHP is "echo". The first example in many books and online tutorials is the following. Create a […]


Set a Cooktimer on your laptop

As someone who spends most of the day in front of his laptop I frequently forget things like "Wake me in an hour please", or "Can you tell me to come out […]

Using javascript to hide and unhide elements dynamically

My favorite aspect of javascript is that it enables you to add great features to your site like showing/hiding parts of it when a user clicks a link without reloading, get some […]

Basics of looping in PHP

Loops are an integral part of PHP, and many other programming languages for that matter, the basics covered here would apply to JavaScript as well, even the code is very similar. A […]

Web Development: How does PHP work?

When someone starts learning web development they usually start with HTML and CSS, and many people get stuck there without ever experiencing the wonderful work of server side scripting like PHP or […]

Work in style with the Enigma desktop package

While I'm a huge fan of desktop customization I always actually work with a solution which is the simplest possible. I love elaborite desktop configs, but I find most of the stuff […]

Web Development: A brief history of time()

Part of the beauty of PHP to me is the number of really useful variables that are built in. Some of these might seem very odd at first, but once you start […]

Keep your New Years' resolutions with Joe's Goals (and do other stuff)

An app I've been using on and off for a while is Joe's Goals, which is a goal tracking application designed to motivate you and help you visualize and accomplish your goals. […]

Web Development: Standardizing variables to code faster

Welcome to a new exploratory post here on gHacks! I actually work as a web designer specializing in standalone PHP and MySQL based sites, and I've always wanted to write a bit […]