Online name card creator

I usually have big problems with online "X" creators, they are usually cumbersome, weird and have various results ranging from bad to awful. While Deyey also has these features, I find that […]

DailyMe - Online news at your doorstep

If you like reading newspaper style news, as well as online style, DailyMe may be for you. It aims to give you content you like, in a sort of digest form every […]

ThinkingRock - Desktop GTD

When it comes to GTD I'm pretty picky about what I use. I do enjoy the simplicity of online applications like Simple GTD, but if I have a lot of very elaborate […]

Listas - Lists from Microsoft

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that Microsoft is working on a list creation program, much like the web 2.0 list apps we can see around the web. […]

WinLibre, your open source software library

I was thinking on rounding up some of the net's best freeware apps and putting them into one easily installable pack. As these things go, it seems like some clever people have […]

google docs embed presentation

Embed GoogleDocs presentations on your website

While browsing the GoogleDocs blog I found an interesting update about two updates already in this year. The less significant, although probably better update if you want to organize yourself is the ability to add sub-folders. For me this was a much awaited feature since no matter how many tags and other organizational stuff I can add, a good folder structure is always a must.

web 2.0

The best sources for web 2.0

I love taking a look at fresh web 2.0 sites and then tracking their development, perhaps even taking part in them in the form of comments, feedback and email exchanges. I have […]

Ingenious PayPal mimicing spam

About 2 days ago, I received a quite clever spam email in my Gmail account. It's still pretty new, so I do take a look when I occasionally get spam to filter […]

Create mindmaps and share them online

Mind maps are said to be the most effective way to plan things because they follow your thinking better than any other method can. I have serious doubts about the global truth […]

Adobe buzzword - The new kid on the block

After such word processing giants as Google Docs and Zoho Writer, is there room for another one? The answer has to be a definite yes, I think there is always room for […]

Internet on the go

The problem with the net is that there isn't a sure-fire way to ensure that you will actually have access to it anywhere. If you have Wi-fi you are quite well of, but of course only near cities and towns. Even then, if you find hotspots you're fine, but otherwise no internet for you.

router passwords

Where's that darn router password?

Every router and even many modems are secured by a password, and while it is often very easy to find out what it is, for instance when the admin password is listed […]

Read any ebook on your iPod

If you love to read but don't like taking millions of things with you you will be quite delighted to know that you can take your books with you on your iPod. […]

Jot notes simply and easily

Wridea is a service I got to know about two months ago and in fact, I still use it today sometimes. Every now and again I find myself in a situation where […]


Grab any color from your Firefox session

As an amateur HTML and CSS enthusiast I see colors and schemes that I really like sometimes and when I'm trying to find the best colors to suit my sites I want […]

Sort files in Vista easily with The Magic Folder

While surfing the net I tend to download a lot of stuff. Not because I enjoy cluttering my hard drive with thing's I'll never look at again, but for example to make […]

Manage projects online with ProjectOffice

I'm always looking for good project management solutions, and so far I haven't found one that fits my needs perfectly. Short of programming one for myself, I don't think I (or anyone […]

Hands free reading for lazy bookworms

There are three places where I read a lot. My table while eating, my bed (usually eating as well) and on the John (after eating). I usually struggle in my bed and […]


Revolutionary new web 2.0 app that does absolutely nothing!

I have to say this is the most ingenious app I have ever seen. Download Nada to feel better, while it does nothing for you too! Nada promises to be light on […]

Selectively deleting entries from you Firefox history

Selectively deleting your history entries seems like something you do in adolescence and while I hope I may help my young friends in this area, my reason for wanting to do this […]

Easily create and maintain a website with Doodlekit

I have to say that I really hate website builders, I even hate WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML editors. These tools are inflexible, create laughably complex website codes […]

sms events google calendar

Send SMS to your Girlfriend/Spouse for free with Google Calendar

I have to admit, I'm not the cheapskate, I don't try dodging costs and I don't employ the technique described here, but it is a fairly easy way to get rid of […]

remember the milk

Remember The Milk - to do with so much more

I have to say, that while I love web 2.0 applications and shiny new things, I rarely actually adopt them for the long term. I usually find that it needs this one […]