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Gmail now suggests recipients

The article looks at Gmail's recipient suggestion functionality which was first available as a Labs project, but has been integrated natively now. It seems that Gmail is set to read your mind; […]

Tired of Photoshop and GIMP? Try Paint.net

Paint.net is a free powerful image editor for Microsoft Windows devices that, as the name suggests, requires the Microsoft .NET Framework. I've been searching for a Photoshop replacement for a while, and […]

Do you use your OEM operating system?

I just got my hands on a new Sony Vaio FW, and I'm really interested to know how you guys use the operating system on your laptop. My old one had XP […]

Launch any app or folder with a hotkey using PS Hot Launch

PS Hot Launch VVL is a free launcher application for Windows that lets you start any app or folder with the tap on a hotkey. I use a lot of applications and […]

How to show 5 top categories in WordPress

WordPress is a great piece of software, and allows more than you'd think to be done with simple coding. I bet that a lot of people out there would look for a […]

Search and download from Flickr using zFlick

The ever so popular Adobe Air platform has given us a lot of useful apps, but few as tastefully done and as handy as this one. zFlick is an application which enables […]


Do you use Twitter?

Twitter is a service which really baffles me. It is an absolute killer idea, but I am still astounded by the volume of traffic it has. I find it very useful for […]

Load your advertisements after your content

I didn't have much use for loading ads after my content, since on most of my sites and those I worked on, they were near the end of the code anyway, but […]

Billy a simple but awesome music player

Billy a very lightweight music player for Microsoft Windows devices that ships with a couple of extra features besides playback functionality. We had a look at how you use your media player […]


Create an automated XP install with nlite

In today's world of internet connections and everything readily available at the push of a button, do we really need 1Gb of printer drivers? Ok, that goes for Vista, not XP, but […]


Schedule future tweets with Twuffer

If you use Twitter personally or as an organization, you might want the ability to post tweets for publication in the future, or schedule a number of them. You might not be […]

web email

How do you read your email?

We have learned a lot about you guys in the past couple of weeks, and I think the following question will become my favorite so far. Productive emailing can be a very […]


Count your keystrokes every day

If you do any work on your computer, especially if you do some sort of writing, a keystroke counter isn't just a fun tool for stats, it can be a serious output […]

wordpress template tags

WordPress template tags you should know

If you run a WordPress blog, you will eventually want to make some modifications to your theme. Perhaps you want to show your tags, not just categories, perhaps you want the date […]


How do you use instant messaging?

First we had a look at how you all use your browser, then how you listen to music and watch videos; now it's time to find out about instant messaging! With all […]

style page css

How to style your page using CSS

Beginner article coming up, it's time to get to know the wonderful world of CSS! Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, is the standard method of styling a webpage. In fact, you should […]

Create awesome photo effects with BeFunky

I haven't really gotten myself into online photo editing and effects software because they usually fall behind Adobe Photoshop, but I tried one which is worthy of not just trying out, but […]

php define constant

Creating a simple multi-lingual website

If you want to create a simple webpage for yourself, listing who you are, how you can be contected and what you do, you might want to add a few languages in […]