Cyber attacks may be the source of ChatGPT outages

Emre Çitak
Nov 9, 2023

ChatGPT has emerged as a revolutionary tool, enabling users to engage in natural and engaging conversations with a large language model.

However, recent ChatGPT outages have plagued the platform, causing disruptions for users and raising concerns about its stability.

While OpenAI has initially attributed these outages to technical difficulties, the company has now revealed that cyber-attacks may be the underlying cause.

On the OpenAI status page, there is this message about the recent ChatGPT outages: ''Update - We are dealing with periodic outages due to an abnormal traffic pattern reflective of a DDoS attack. We are continuing work to mitigate this.''.

ChatGPT outages
ChatGPT outages becoming increasingly common nowadays

Unveiling the cause behind ChatGPT outages

OpenAI has indicated that it is investigating signs of a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack, a malicious attempt to overwhelm a server with traffic from multiple sources, rendering it inaccessible to legitimate users.

This revelation comes as a surprise, as DDoS attacks are typically associated with websites and online services, rather than AI platforms.

The recent spate of ChatGPT outages has been a source of frustration for users, who have experienced delays and interruptions in their interactions with the platform.

These disruptions have not only hindered productivity but also raised concerns about the reliability of AI technology.

OpenAI's acknowledgment of cyber-attacks as a potential cause for ChatGPT outages is a crucial step towards addressing the issue and ensuring the long-term stability of the platform.

By implementing robust security measures and mitigating the impact of DDoS attacks, OpenAI can safeguard ChatGPT's functionality and maintain its position as a leading AI tool.

ChatGPT outages
OpenAI suspects DDoS attacks are the cause of the ChatGPT outages

What if there is no ChatGPT outage but you can't access the platform?

If you are unable to access ChatGPT or GPT-4 Turbo even though there is no reported outage, there could be a few reasons for this.

Here are some things you can check:

  • Your internet connection: Make sure your computer or device is connected to the internet. You can try checking other websites to see if you can access them
  • Your browser: Try using a different web browser to access ChatGPT. Sometimes, issues with a particular browser can prevent you from accessing websites or online services
  • Your firewall or security software: Check your firewall or security software settings to make sure they are not blocking ChatGPT. You may need to add ChatGPT as a trusted website or application

If you have tried all of these things and you are still unable to access ChatGPT, you can contact the OpenAI support team for further assistance.


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