Everything you need to know about Live Stickers on iOS 17

Kerem Gülen
Aug 22, 2023
Updated • Aug 19, 2023

iOS 17 has introduced substantial advancements, such as new live stickers-related features, particularly in areas of user customization. Many of these updates are centered on refining communication methods with your contacts. Key highlights include the newly integrated Contact Poster, keyboard customization, enhanced predictive text capabilities, among others. Moreover, iOS 17 has enriched the stickers feature. These stickers now appear within your recommendations and are compatible with third-party applications.

An intriguing update is the elevated flexibility in creating personal stickers using the live picker feature in iOS 17. These custom-made stickers not only appear in your recommendations but are also functional within external applications. While this capability was initially launched in iOS 16, the creation and integration of these stickers were somewhat cumbersome.

In contrast, iOS 17 has streamlined this process, enabling users to craft personalized stickers with minimal effort. The following is an overview of this refined procedure.

Can I use live stickers across apps and platforms?

Absolutely. Live Stickers, inclusive of ones personally crafted, can be employed in any app that permits access to the emoji keyboard. With the latest changes, Live Stickers have been relocated to a specialized segment within the emoji keyboard. As a result, they can be incorporated into any application supporting the emoji keyboard.

However, one should be cognizant of the fact that iOS 17 is still in its nascent stages. Consequently, certain applications may necessitate updating their support for the corresponding API to ensure smooth access to these stickers. This is particularly observed in apps where sticker usage is atypical, such as web browsers.

For those eager to harness the potential of custom Live Stickers on their iPhones, the subsequent segment provides a comprehensive guide.

Image source: Unsplash

How to create and use custom Live Stickers on iOS 17?

To create and employ custom Live Stickers on your iPhone, ensure that your device operates on iOS 17. If you're yet to update, initiate the process by navigating to: Settings > General > Software Update and instituting the latest version suitable for your device. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you embark on this journey.

First option: Add stickers from Photos or other apps.

  • Launch the Photos application and identify the image you want to convert into a Live Sticker. Select the respective image.
  • Note: Ensure the image is suitable for Visual Look Up to discern the subject.
  • Display the image in full-screen mode. Maintain a prolonged press on the intended subject within the picture.
  • An understated outline should materialize around the subject, accompanied by a pop-up menu. Choose "Add Sticker".
  • Your sticker should be relocated to the sticker repository. Opt for "Add Effect" to embellish your sticker.
  • Browse and select the desired effect from the provided choices. After finalizing, select "Done".
  • The sticker is now part of your repository and accessible via the emoji keyboard.
  • To initiate, select an appropriate live photo. Live photos can be discerned by a "Live" label in the image's upper left corner.
  • Engage in a prolonged press on the central subject of the image. This triggers a playback of the live photo. While maintaining the hold, drag to select the subject from the photograph.
  • Post selection, opt for "Add Sticker", similar to the prior steps.
  • Once the sticker is integrated, allow a brief waiting period for the loading animation to conclude. Prematurely choosing "Add Effect" prior to animation completion results in the sticker being saved as a static image.
  • Following the completion of the addition, click on "Add Effect".
  • Scan and finalize your preferred effect, akin to the aforementioned steps.
  • After effect application, click "Done".
  • The animated sticker is now established and is functional across all compatible apps. It's pivotal to remember that while numerous third-party applications accommodate stickers, not all might support the animated variety.
Image source: Unsplash

Second option: Add stickers via the Messages app

Launch the Messages application and proceed to the conversation wherein you intend to dispatch the sticker.

  • Click on the '+' symbol located to your left.
  • Choose "Stickers."
  • Within the sticker domain, click on the '+' sign.
  • Your Photos library will be unveiled, wherein photos suitable for sticker creation are automatically isolated. Select the desired photo for your sticker.
  • Note: The automated photo filtration feature is in its preliminary stage and may not be optimally effective. If the desired photo for sticker creation isn't presented in the curated set, employing Method 1, as described previously, would be more efficient.
  • Post selection, the pertinent subject from the photograph will be autonomously delineated. Conclusively, opt for "Add Sticker," situated at the bottom right corner.
  • Select "Add Effect" for the application of visual embellishments to your sticker.
  • Browse through the available effects at the screen's base and decide on the desired one.
  • After selection, finalize by selecting "Done.”

Congratulations, you've successfully fashioned a sticker within the Messages app! Furthermore, this sticker is also operational in third-party applications wherein the emoji keyboard is accessible.

How to delete custom live stickers on iOS 17?

If you're contemplating the removal of previously crafted Live Stickers, follow the steps delineated below:

  • Start the Messages app on your iPhone.
  • For temporary access, select and open any existing conversation.
  • Click on the '+' icon situated at the bottom left of the interface.
  • Choose the "Stickers" option.
  • Press and hold the specific sticker you're looking to erase, then release.
  • A prompt will emerge; select "Delete."
  • The action will result in the deletion of the chosen sticker from your collection.
Image source: Unsplash

What to do if live stickers don’t appear on the emoji keyboard?

At times, despite being set as the default option, the sticker feature on the emoji keyboard might be deactivated. To ascertain its activation and ensure accessibility to your stickers on the emoji keyboard, follow these steps:

  • Start by launching the "Settings" application on your iPhone.
  • Select the "General" option.
  • Proceed by clicking on "Keyboard."
  • Navigate until you reach the section labeled "Emoji."
  • In this section, find and activate the "Stickers" toggle.

With these steps completed, stickers should be reinstated and readily accessible on the emoji keyboard across all third-party applications.


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