Your business is ready for generative AI adoption with Salesforce AI Cloud

Emre Çitak
Jun 12, 2023

Salesforce has recently introduced its groundbreaking suite of products known as AI Cloud. This comprehensive suite aims to revolutionize enterprise AI solutions and bolster Salesforce's position in the market.

With Salesforce AI Cloud, the company continues its journey into generative AI, expanding its product portfolio and incorporating AI capabilities across its entire platform.

Salesforce AI Cloud
Salesforce AI Cloud is a suite of products specifically designed to bring enterprise-ready AI capabilities to businesses - Image: Salesforce

Salesforce AI Cloud is aiming to accelerate enterprise adoption of generative AI

The AI Cloud suite, designed to deliver enterprise-ready AI, signifies Salesforce's commitment to bringing generative AI models to the forefront of the enterprise sector.

Adam Caplan, Senior Vice President of Emerging Technology at Salesforce, highlighted the company's determination to swiftly leverage their AI expertise and integrate these capabilities in a trusted manner.

The suite hosts and serves AI models, with a specific focus on text-generating models, using Salesforce's robust cloud infrastructure. Partnerships with industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services, Anthropic, Cohere, and OpenAI ensure a wide range of cutting-edge models are readily available. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to bring their own custom-trained models and store data on their preferred infrastructure.

Salesforce AI Cloud
Salesforce AI Cloud enables customers to leverage a wide range of AI models from partner companies like Amazon Web Services, Anthropic, Cohere, and OpenAI

Adding Salesforce's flagship products generative AI

The AI Cloud suite introduces nine proprietary models developed by Salesforce, enhancing the capabilities of its flagship products.

These models include:

  • Sales GPT
  • Service GPT
  • Marketing GPT
  • Commerce GPT
  • Slack GPT
  • Tableau GPT
  • Flow GPT
  • Apex GPT
  • Sales GPT enables the automatic creation of personalized emails, while Service GPT generates service briefings, case summaries, and work orders based on customer data and history.

Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT provide valuable insights by generating targeted audience segments and tailoring product descriptions to individual buyers, leveraging customer data to offer personalized recommendations and strategies.

Slack GPT and Flow GPT allow users to build no-code workflows integrated with AI actions, while Tableau GPT generates visualizations based on natural language prompts.

Einstein Trust Layer

Differentiating AI Cloud from its competitors, Salesforce introduces Einstein Trust Layer, an AI moderation and redaction service. This service addresses the concerns of companies with stringent compliance and governance requirements that may have reservations about adopting generative AI tools.

Einstein Trust Layer safeguards against sensitive information retention in text-generating models, ensuring that customer purchase orders and phone numbers remain secure. Additionally, the service filters for toxicity, ensuring prompt and response contents are free from forms of discrimination such as sexism and racism.

Salesforce AI Cloud
AI Cloud includes Einstein Trust Layer, an AI moderation and redaction service that ensures sensitive information is not retained in text-generating models, promoting data security and compliance - Image: Salesforce

Enhancing AI adaptability with prompt templates

To further enhance AI Cloud's usability, Salesforce introduces prompt "templates" and building tools. These templates, optimized for AI prompts, utilize harmonized data to contextualize model-generated outputs based on specific company needs.

By providing pre-built templates and easy-to-use tools, Salesforce streamlines the adaptation of generative AI models within AI Cloud for specific use cases.

Customers can create templates that guide models to adhere to specific writing styles or incorporate relevant customer information from Salesforce's extensive database.

Looking towards the future of Salesforce AI cloud

Salesforce's AI Cloud demonstrates the company's commitment to advancing enterprise AI solutions and providing customers with powerful tools for innovation.

As Salesforce continues to refine and improve the capabilities of its models, the integration of AI, data, and customer relationship management is set to deliver even greater value to customers across various domains.

Salesforce AI Cloud
Salesforce's AI research division has developed proprietary models within AI Cloud

Salesforce AI Cloud is scheduled to launch later this year, with Einstein Trust Layer becoming generally available later this month. With this innovative suite, Salesforce aims to lead the way in bringing trusted and effective generative AI to the enterprise sector.


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