What do camels eat in Minecraft: Full guide

Onur Demirkol
Jun 8, 2023
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One of the most popular games in the world right now, Minecraft holds a huge audience in its hands, and more people want to learn more about it by reading guides, news, etc. The game has several biomes, each with its own landscape, temperature, and animals. The desert is one of the biomes that players might encounter, and it is characterized by wide swaths of sand, cacti, and the regular village. In this guide, we will answer the question, "What do camels eat in Minecraft?"

The camel, a passive creature that can be tamed and ridden by players, is one of the newest additions to the desert biome in Minecraft 1.20. Camels are essential for traversing the desert since they can carry up to two players at once and can walk up 1.5-block-high barriers. Camels also have a distinct diet that distinguishes them from the other animals in the game.

What do camels eat in Minecraft
What do camels eat in Minecraft?

What do camels eat in Minecraft: Here is your answer

So, what do camels eat in Minecraft? Camels in Minecraft exclusively consume cactus, which are scratchy herbage found in the desert and badland biomes. Players can also collect and grow cacti with sand bricks. Players must hold a cactus in their palm and right-click on the camel to feed it. This causes the camel to follow the player and enter love mode, allowing them to mate with another nearby camel. If a camel is injured, feeding it a cactus cures it by two health points. If you give some cactus to a camel, it will begin to follow you and recover part of its health. They will still injure themselves if they come into contact with a cactus.

Camels are one of the few creatures in Minecraft that can consume cactus without suffering injury. This is based on real-life camels, who have jaw modifications that allow them to eat thorny vegetation without getting wounded. Camels are also well-known for their capacity to live in difficult situations with scarce water and food.

Camels do, in fact, consume cactus in the wild. Their jaws are tough enough, having special traits that allow them to ingest even thorny plants like cactus. Minecraft has done its homework on this front. It's not something to take for granted, given that rabbits still reproduce with carrots, which aren't beneficial for them in the real world.

When it comes to most creatures in Minecraft, you can breed and tame them. This is not the case with the latest 1.20 Minecraft mob.
Courtesy of Minecraft

How do you tame a camel in Minecraft?

When it comes to most creatures in Minecraft, you can breed and tame them. This is not the case with the latest 1.20 Minecraft mob. You cannot tame Camels in Minecraft. Instead, they are intended to be friendly mobs that do not flee when you wish to ride them.

While they are certainly friendly, you will need a lead to persuade them to follow you or to ride them, which you can do in the same manner you would with a horse or donkey by pressing the appropriate button to sit on their backs when the Camel is lying down.


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