Best Midjourney prompts you can use (2023)

Onur Demirkol
Jun 8, 2023

Midjourney is an AI-powered art generator that can generate breathtaking visuals from basic written descriptions known as prompts. But how can you create the most effective suggestions for your project? In this post, we will provide some Midjourney prompting techniques and tactics and a list of some of the Best Midjourney prompts!


Best Midjourney prompts
Courtesy of Midjourney

Best Midjourney prompts to enhance your visuals

A Midjourney prompt briefly describes what you want the AI to create. It might be as basic as one word or as complicated as a whole paragraph. Modifiers that indicate the picture's style, mood, color, or other features can also be included in the question. You can include terms like "cartoon," "realistic," "surreal," "dark," "bright," and so on.

How to write a decent Midjourney prompt

This issue has no definite answer since alternative prompts may be more appropriate for certain objectives and preferences. Here are some broad tips to help you enhance your prompting abilities:

  • Be clear: The more information you supply, the more probable the AI will produce what you desire. Instead of "a dog," you might say "a golden retriever wearing sunglasses and a hat."
  • Be creative: The AI may produce visuals beyond your imagination, so don't be afraid to try out new word and modifier combinations. For example, "a dragon made of candy" and "a city floating in the clouds" are both possibilities.
  • Be enlightened: As references for your prompts, you can utilize existing artworks, genres, styles, or artists. For example, "A landscape in the style of Van Gogh" or "A superhero inspired by Spider-Man" are both acceptable.
  • Be brief: Because the AI has a short attention span, make your prompts brief and basic. Avoid using terms or repetitions that can confuse the AI. Instead of saying, "A picture of a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a red dress and holding a rose in her hand," says, "A blonde woman in a red dress with a rose."


Now that you know the basics of it, let's start our best Midjourney prompts with the creative sections.

  • A futuristic cityscape night view in the style of Syd Mead.
  • A steampunk airship in the style of Jules Verne.
  • A surreal portrait of a rabbit wearing a top hat, playing the saxophone in a jazz club.
  • A pop art illustration of Happy Meal at McDonald's made of caviar and champagne.
  • A whimsical photo montage of a blue submarine exploring the depths of an ocean made of jelly beans.
  • A retro pop art-style illustration of the famous Hollywood sign, which is surrounded by a few colorful and iconic classic cars such as the Corvette and the Mustang.
  • A surrealist interpretation of the Mona Lisa, which is surrounded by a flock of Twitter birds, each tweeting about different trending AI topics.
  • A minimalist black and white shot of the Apple logo which is placed in the middle of a huge Lego cityscape.
  • A stylized photo of a popular comic book superhero, such as Superman, who is surfing on a giant taco while eating a burger and drinking a Coca-Cola.
  • An artistic picture of a great record player playing a Beatles album.
  • A watercolor painting of a hot air balloon that is shaped like a Red Tape sneaker floating over the Grand Canyon.
  • An abstract picture of a yellow Ferrari car driving through a sea of Star Maldives.
Best Midjourney prompts
Courtesy of Warren C


Now, it is time for the best Midjourney prompts for a dystopian vibe. You can also relate these two dystopic movies, games, or books. Here is the list:

  • Imagine it is 2080, and a new desert-dwelling culture has emerged, controlling vast stretches of desert lands. Create a scene of a caravan of sand-covered vehicles, which is led by a mysterious leader inspired by The Rise of the Sand People – "In the Style of Dune."
  • Imagine it is 2072, and Earth is under attack by a powerful alien force. Create a scene of destruction and chaos, with towering aliens towering over a city in ruins inspired by The Invasion of Earth – "In the Style of War of the Worlds."
  • Imagine it is 2100, and humanity has spread out to the far reaches of the galaxy. Create a scene of a bustling spaceport filled with a variety of alien species and cultures inspired by The Expansion of the Space Frontier – "In the Style of Firefly."
  • Imagine that the year is 2090, and artificial intelligence has taken control. Create a scene of a dark, neon-lit city where humans are plugged into the Matrix, controlled by the AI inspired by The Expansion of the Space Frontier – "In the Style of Firefly."
  • The Discovery of the Reapers – "In the Style of Mass Effect": Imagine it is 2130, and a mysterious race of machines is discovered, threatening the existence of all organic life. Create a scene showing a team of heroes who set out to stop the Reapers.
  • Create a scene in The Matrix's style of desolate, barren land in 2204 where all the machines have taken over, and humans have been enslaved in virtual reality. A group of rebels dressed in leather and carrying weapons stand atop a dilapidated building, surveying the destruction below.
  • Create a scene in the Blade Runner 2049 style of a bustling cityscape in 2065 where flying cars soar above towering skyscrapers and holographic advertisements. An alien-like figure in a long black coat walks down a dimly lit alley, clutching a briefcase with a glowing green orb inside.
  • Imagine it is 2193 and create a scene in The Terminator's style of a battlefield where robots and cyborgs clash in an intense war for control of the world. A single figure in a gleaming metal exosuit towers over the chaos and brandishes a massive plasma cannon.
  • Create a scene in the Star Trek style of a crowded spaceport in 2260 where travelers from all over the galaxy come to trade and explore. A Starfleet officer in the uniform of Starfleet, along with a sentient alien in a flowing cloak, and is sharing a conversation as they walk through the bustling crowds.
Best Midjourney prompts
Courtesy of Michael Howeely


Midjourney can generate realistic images if given the correct prompts. The best Midjourney prompts can vary, and even in terms of realism, you might have to streamline them according to your preferences. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Create a photorealistic image of an English castle in the countryside and add some natural colors and blur the background.
  • Create an image of realistic landscapes with a few small animals walking and realistic portraits of old ladies sitting.
  • Create a realistic image of a lady who is a trained martial artist with a Realistic landscape background.
Best Midjourney prompts
Courtesy of Midjourney

Pop Art

Pop art is a famous wave that influenced many artists. That is why we included a pop art section in our "best Midjourney prompts" list. Here you go:

  • Create a stylized portrait of famous faces with bold colors.
  • Create a pop art portrait of a femme fatale with a black background and high-contrast colors.
  • Create an image of a pop art skull with pink and blue colors in the background.
Best Midjourney prompts
Courtesy of Thaeyne

Best Midjourney prompts for photographers

Last on our best Midjourney prompts list are the ones that our photographer readers will benefit from the most. Include these terms in your prompts to get better results:

  • Robert Mapplethorpe for Fine Art Photography
  • Cindy Sherman for Conceptual Photography
  • Richard Avedon for Fashion Photography
  • Helmut Newton for Fashion Photography
  • Diane Arbus for Fine Art Photography
  • Ansel Adams for Landscape Photography
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson for Street Photography
  • Robert Mapplethorpe for Fine Art Photography
  • Cindy Sherman for Conceptual Photography
  • Helmut Newton for Fashion Photography
Best Midjourney prompts
Courtesy of Andrei Kovalev

Special thanks to Deasilex for the great recommendations!


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