The Worst Technology For Travelers

Brian Welsh
Jan 11, 2011
Updated • Dec 6, 2012
Mobile Computing

Since time immemorial, experimenting and technology have been a vital factor behind man’s progress. His thirst for knowledge has exposed the unheard secrets of the universe. Our home, earth has been left in no part to be explored by him. This thirst for knowledge made him travel intensively far and wide. Initially he tread on the earth’s surface to seek new shores. Later as his knowledge of his surroundings grew more he began to explore various mediums of travel which took him to space, under the sea, and through the air.

The docile human did not easily climb into invisible air to commute. The invincible oceans also seemed to give way to him. No physical or abstract barrier has obstructed his path. Every hurdle that he has encountered was removed with the help of years of research and experience. Over time, human progress has attained numerous unachievable milestones. The universe has been shrunk into a smaller time and space dimension. The giants of technology have taken every sphere of human activity in their stride.

There is an inconspicuous difference between a good and a bad technology. The dance of opposites is prevalent in every physical phenomenon. No entity of this universe is flawless. This is the law of Nature. This is the secret fact that strikes off the right balance for the survival of all. Humans have solely taken charge of their existence now. They have become the creator of life and also its destroyer. We have created a world of our own where technology has made everything available at the drop of a pin.

The bright world of technology is often haunted by its darker side. The over indulgences of humans in the comfort soaked world of technology have turned them into one of the several gadgets that they uses. Man is no longer an epitome of emotions but has long back become a mechanical unit.

He uses technology not just to derive pleasure for his body but also to maximize the efficiency of his body parts as well. This makes him think less and avoid trivial calculations too. Eventually the mind restricts its work to certain mundane tasks and creativity is hampered. This is the effect of a negative technology. The one which was not created for such an effect but due to its prolonged use its output goal has changed. The pleasure provided is such that reasoning takes a backseat. This is the cause behind every creation that becomes a stumbling block on the road of progress. Therefore no technology can be judged as a boon or a bane for mankind until its is effect is made certain.

The computer industry is flooded with new launches every day. The manufacturing firms are in a cut throat competition with each other. The soaring prices of the latest products does not hamper their sale. The demand for faster, smaller, and more expensive gadgets is unending.

The latest fad is gifting of these fancy possessions on just any occasion to even the youngest of users. Be it the birthday of an artist’s muse or the winning of an award. The question that whether traveling with a high class ultra expensive computer is really the best option or worst can only be answered by them. The panorama of the peoples traveling mode narrates a different saga. The incessant spam, huge number of websites devoted specifically to selling huckster products, affiliate sites, and rip offs never seem to stop. The technology that was aimed at providing privacy and comfort turns out to be the worst way to find travel deals. The huge number of bargain airfare sites all seem to give higher numbers than the airlines themselves. If you take the time to use an old fashioned travel agent, you find that the price is lower still. Where is the progress?

Technology available for travelers is not only confined to the laptop and internet sectors. The quality of comfort desired by the tech savvy humans today has led to an added baggage of gadgets to be carried while touring. Be it an i- pod, electric heater, or the most essential mobile phones.

The day that we forget to carry our cell phones turns into a nightmare. The number of mobile phone users is ever increasing. Though mobile technology has made the world safer and has increased interaction,it has not yet found a way to slash down high roaming rates!

Our dependence on cell phones is frightening. This amazing gadget is found in almost every citizen’s pocket today. The office goers, school kids, and college goers have the fancy ones while the rest have just regular 'old' ones of 6 months or more. The market however knows how to capitalize on this dependence by raising the bar of tolls on far off calls.

There is no way to escape this absurd protocol. International calls can even cost up to nine time higher call rates. This monetary loss is incurred by all of us and makes us give a second thought to answering your best friends call in outstations. The best way to avoid a pestering friend’s call is to give an excuse of the mobile’s battery being dead. What if it happens for real while traveling?? It can result in big problems.

Everyone wants the latest phones with the best features incorporated in them. A traveler cannot be said to be lonely if he has the latest blackberry or smart phone. The internet connectivity, large music storage, and infinite gaming options leave no time for a traveler to appreciate his surroundings.

The high appeal of this technology has taken a massive toll on the young. Even the youngest kids can efficiently operate their dad’s cellphone. This results in making him a social being but in the virtual world instead of the real one. Add to that that the harmful radiation that emanates from our mobile phones is known to cause sterility in men. and you start to see just what the worst technology for travelers might be.

While traveling we often witness a cellphone attached to the ear of someone and we tend to accept the mental absence from within the group activity. Eventually this causes the person to become totally disconnected from the present life situation. The unending frequency of calls from the workplace may also ruin a family trip.

The mobile phone is undoubtedly the worst technology for travelers. Because the entire workplace will know about your whereabouts, the mobile leaves no scope for a personal time for recreation.


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  1. MRK said on February 21, 2011 at 12:15 am

    “… the mobile leaves no scope for a personal time for recreation.”
    Say what – those things do have an “OFF” button! Failure to use it is one’s own fault!

    Now as for these things, how many users back them up, and treat them as the powerful items they are?
    Do you really have a list of all your phone numbers in case you loose your phone? Is there a software backup as well as a hard copy?
    Do you practice common sense security for “daliy” tasks and enhanced security for “corporate” or “personal priority” tasks?
    Do you confirm the safety and security of applications you install, and know the limitations thereof?
    Oh, and please, “hang up and drive!” and, when “texting” be aware of water fountains and open manholes.

  2. deny said on January 11, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Sorry didn’t understand what are you trying to say. Title of the article kind of alarming, but article itself is just watery gibberish without any substance. I guess you pushed too much with the title so i was expecting some panicky news or revelations.. Instead you shoulda called it “afternoon tea meditation on what technology means for humanity”…

  3. Jack said on January 11, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    Many of my friends and family seem to organise their lives around their mobile phone – younger generations actually suffer withdrawal symptoms whenever they’re separated from it. Normal conversation is often impossible – the interference of the ubiquitous mobile phone is simply rude and intolerable. “Excuse me while I get this?” Er….. NO!!

    I don’t want to be talking to my friends and family incessantly, and I certainly don’t want them to be ringing or texting me all the time unless it’s important. My last employer was refused my mobile phone number on principle.

    A recent online survey asked me which was my favourite and most used mobile phone feature. I replied – the off-switch!

    Unsocial? Perhaps. Or perhaps I belong to an older generation who value real family and friendship, rather than that defined and proscribed by the tyranny of social networking.

  4. Cornelis said on January 11, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    I just returned from a 3 week holiday and for the first time I left my mobile phone at home so that no one could contact me and guess what? I had a wonderful recreation time!!!

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