install monitor

Monitor Software Installations for thorough Uninstalling

Leftovers are a serious issue when you uninstall programs in the Windows operating system. They both waste valuable disk space and may add to the clutter on the operating system. You may […]

inventory traveling gear

Create Travelling Gear Lists With Sherpa

If you are going on tour with a backpack, every gram may count, especially if you are preparing for an expedition or tour where you have to carry the backpack at all […]

apacer ac340 external hard drive

Apacer AC430 External Hard Drive

A few years back, buying an external hard drive meant buying an overpriced, loud, clunky housing, and then having to spring for a hard drive separately. It was, essentially, a pain. Even […]

ar drone

Parrot AR Drone

Remember when you were a kid and there was something that was just so cool that you absolutely had to have it? Even going so far as risking the ire of your […]

samsung smart tv d5500

Samsung Smart TV D5500 40” LED TV

When it comes to TVs, we are really getting spoiled these days. Never before have we had access to the kind of vibrant picture quality that we can find on the market […]

free wifi

Finding Free Wi-Fi While Traveling

Traveling is a pure pleasure and in the present technology-driven world, traveling has become all the more easy, user friendly, and exciting. Unlike the old days, when traveling meant just packing clothes […]

google maps

Using Google Maps For Travelers

Traveling is one thing that keeps you connected with the world: you explore new places, get to see, eat, and feel new things, meet new people, and a lot more. Everyone likes […]

The Best Language Learning Software

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do" - St Ambrose; Perhaps the best application of this saying would be in the field of language learning. When you go to a country […]

The Worst Technology For Travelers

Since time immemorial, experimenting and technology have been a vital factor behind man’s progress. His thirst for knowledge has exposed the unheard secrets of the universe. Our home, earth has been left […]


The Most Useful Websites for Travel

There are many books and websites available on the net today that offer planned nature trips at the lowest possible prices, but for those with an independent streak who don't want to […]

The Best Technology for Travelers

You are probably expecting me to go into a review of a new laptop or tablet here, but that's not at all what I'm going to do. Indeed, sometimes we forget that […]

Thoughts on Technology and Travel

Traveling with technology requires a certain je ne sais quoi, that sense of something that the French sum up so well with a simple “I don't know”. These days, it seems all […]

How To Use The Internet To Save Time And Money

Using the internet to save time and money is as easy as just doing it. In fact, there is no better way to save both time and money than by getting on […]

Backpacks for Laptops – Traveling with Technology

The mighty backpack has been around for a long time. For thousands of years men and women have been strapping their goods on their backs and lugging them from place to place. […]

New Year Resolutions, What Are Your Plans?

It's almost 2011 and that means that a whole slew of New Years Resolutions are ready to be made and broken. Every year, it's the same old thing. People say they are […]

Shopping for Travelers

One of the hardest things about this time of the year is finding the right gifts for the people you love. Sure, it's easy to buy a tie for the men and […]

christmas back home

Things Are Different Today..

Sometimes it's hard to see just how much the internet has really changed things. The holidays are just one example of how things are intensely different than they were before. It's not […]

travelling gear

Travel Technology Today, What's Your Gear List?

What is the best travel technology to bring with you when you are going abroad? It's a difficult question to answer since the needs of different travelers tend to be different. For […]

Finding the Right Way to Power Your Devices on the Road

One of the difficulties of travel in the modern world is that not all countries operate on the same type of electricity. You don't want to have to buy a new charger, […]

Internet Software for All Your Needs

In the modern world, we all need software. Whether we want to edit photos, zip up files, or simply watch videos on our computer – the need is clear. The big question […]

xkcd internet

Could You Live Without Internet Connectivity?

It's hard to believe that the web as we know it is still a teenager. No other teenager in all of history has had such a massive impact on life. Throughout world […]

GPS, You Will Never Be Lost Again

One of the most widely used technologies in travel worldwide, the Global Positioning System or simply GPS, has become indispensable in our traveling lives. Almost unthinkable a couple of decades ago, the […]

Tablets, Changing Travel Habits

There used to exist a time where travel meant devoting the entire time to your companions, be it family or friends. There was no TV to watch, no phone (I mean the […]

bag check

Great Travel Gadgets

I'm definitely a gadget guy. I love trying out the latest and the greatest new gadgets. I also love hitting the road and seeing where it will take me. That might be […]

Have Smart Phone, Will Travel – But Be Careful!

One of the great things about living in this age of smart phones and wi-fi devices is that it makes getting connected to the internet pretty easy, no matter where you are. […]

Finding Budget Travel Deals on Twitter and Facebook

There was a time when the thought of Twitter made my stomach turn. All those yuppies suddenly talking about 'tweets' and 'tweeple' made me want to gag. Facebook I had less of […]