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The iPod gets more and more functionality that only PDA and mobiles have at this time. Today it is a straightforward weather forecast which can be updated every time the iPod is connected to the computer that is running the weather for me software. Using weather for me is actually pretty simple. After you have […]

wikipedia on ipod 3

The iPod becomes more and more not only a music and video player but also a multi functional player which is able to display subway maps, books and now the contents of wikipedia. Wikipedia on your iPod is a huge ebook which is available in English, German and Italian. The English version is the biggest […]

ipod library

There is no comfortable function in iTunes to transfer large e-books or documents to or from the iPod. Everytime major functions are missing a freeware author steps in and offers a freeware program that would add the functionality. Ipodlibrary is the freeware program that steps in this time. You can use it to add and […]


I don't like those big subway maps that you get for free when you visit cities like London, Paris or New York. They are big, they tell everyone that you are a tourist (attracts criminals) and not that handy if you need a quick answer about a certain subway you need to catch.

Most mobile phones are locked and can only be used with sim cards from the provider that sold you the mobile in the first place. The operator is able to unlock your mobile for you so that it is working with other operators as well, but you will have to pay for it most of […]

This is a neat little trick that should work with most phones and phone service provider. You simply enter a code in your mobile phone that reveals the unique serial number of it. If your phone gets stolen you report the theft and the serial number to your provider and they have the means to […]