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whatsapp send any file

Send any file with WhatsApp

The most recent WhatsApp update for Android and iOS enables the sending of any file type to other users of the messaging service. File attachments were limited to a selection of files […]

caffeine android prevent sleep

Caffeine: prevent sleep on Android devices

Caffeine is a free application for Android devices that prevents sleep, lock or screen dimming automatically or manually. Power saving modes are essential on mobile devices as these modes will preserve battery […]


neutriNote: powerful note-taking for Android

The Android application neutriNote is a powerful note taking application that supports math (LaTeX), rich markdown, and drawings among other things. Many Android devices come with basic note taking functionality, and a […]

ifttt voip calls

IFTTT update brings VoIP Calls support

If This Then That is a handy online service that you may use to automate things on your computer or mobile devices. The service calls these recipes applets, and they enable you […]

hello world android

Hello World mixes wallpapers with information

Wallpaper applications are a dime a dozen on Android, and most offer similar functionality: browse wallpapers using filters, set wallpapers, and that is about it. While they may differ in terms of […]

apkupdater 1.5 android

APKUpdater update brings support for Google Play updates

The latest version of the Android application update checker and installer APKUpdater, APKUpdater 1.5, brings support for Google Play update checking among other things. We reviewed APKUpdater when it was released to […]

amoled wallpapers

Saving battery on AMOLED devices

AMOLED Wallpapers HD is a free application for Android that provides you with specially crafted wallpapers for AMOLED displays. AMOLED, Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode, is a display technology that uses […]

adobe scan camscanner

Why I won't be using Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a new application for Android by Adobe that turns the device's camera into a scanner with text recognition (OCR) support. Basically, what it enables you to do is scan […]

lastpass authenticator cloud backup

LastPass Authenticator's Cloud Backup option explained

LastPass Authenticator is a free application for Android and iOS devices that can generate two-factor authentication codes for you. The application is compatible with LastPass accounts, but works also with other services […]


Memrise or Duolingo: which is better for language learning?

Memrise and Duolingo are two language learning services that are both free to use, and available for various platforms including Android and iOS. If you want to learn a language, one option […]

timbre edit audio video

Timbre: edit audio and video on Android

Timbre is a free application for Google Android devices that enables you to edit audio or video directly on the device it is running on. While all Android devices come with options […]

copyless paste app indexing

What is Chrome's Copyless Paste feature?

Copyless Paste is a new Google Chrome feature on Android devices that provides suggestions based on previous activity in the browser. A basic example is the following: you visit the website of […]

opera max 3

Opera Max 3.0 for Android with new design, Facebook support

Opera Software released Opera Max 3.0 for Android today featuring a streamlined interface and Facebook data saving support. Opera Max is a data savings application that sits in between your device and […]

microsoft to-do

Microsoft To-Do: the end of Wunderlist

Microsoft launched a preview of To-Do, a new cross-platform task management service the other day that is "designed to make it easy to plan and manage your day". My first reaction to […]

ifttt android

Top IFTTT recipes that improve your Android device

IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That, is a service that may automate a lot of things related to PCs, online and your mobile devices for you. Basically, what it allows […]

whatsapp lower data usage

How to lower the WhatsApp data usage

The following guide provides you with instructions on lowering the data usage of the popular messaging application WhatsApp. Created for Android devices, you can use the guide if you run WhatsApp on […]

family link

Google Family Link for Android: more control over your kids devices

Google Family Link is a new application for Android that gives you more control over the Android devices of your kids. This reads a bit like parental controls, and it is to […]

samsung internet

Samsung Internet browser for Android

Samsung Internet is a new web browser for Google Android devices that Samsung released as a beta preview version today to the Google Play store. You can download and install the web […]