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Priyanka Monteiro
Mar 19, 2023
Updated • Mar 20, 2023
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Emoji is a fun way to express yourself and your feelings. You can get creative with the emojis you use, and learn how to write jokes in a variety of different languages.

There are thousands of different emojis available for you to use on your phone. They are often used in text messages, but some of them are also used on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Emojis come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. You can even find them as stickers on your computer or phone! Emojis can be used in a variety of ways: to express yourself when you're feeling upset or angry; when you want to make a joke; when you want to express gratitude; or just because it makes you smile!

If you’ve seen these colorful emojis on your phone but wondered how to use them in the most appropriate manner, here are 100 of the most popular emojis and their meanings.

Emojis Explained

Emoji Name Meaning
:joy: Laughing face with tears of joy This emoji is used to express happiness or to laugh
?? Red heart This emoji is used to express love or passion
? Sideways laughing with tears This is an intense laughing emoji which represents the ROFL acronym well.
? Thumbs up   This emoji often represents luck, or a positive approval, or an okay
? Crying emoji This emoji represents sadness, crying or being unhappy
? Joining hands This emoji can represent praying, folding hands, saying thank you or giving someone a high-five
? Kiss with heart This emoji represents a kiss of love
? Hearts around smiley face This emoji represents a happy or loved conversation
? Smiley face heart eyes This emoji represents being happy or excited about seeing something
? Smiley face with closed eyes A sweet smile as approval or agreement
? Party popper This emoji is used as celebration or congratulations
? Smiley face with closed eyes and teeth showing This emoji is a grin or extreme happiness
? Two hearted emoji This emoji represents love or a couple
? The pleading face This emoji is often used when requesting something
? Closed eye sweat smile This emoji often represents stress, relief or satisfaction
? Fire The emoji represents something hot, Lit, or on fire
?? Smiley face outline The emoji represents a smile or happiness
? Facepalm The emoji represents being upset or frustrated
?? Black heart suit The emoji represents love
? Shrug The emoji represents not having a clue or the lack of knowledge about something
? Rolling eyes The emoji represents being bored or being sarcastic
? Smiley with closed eyes and open mouth The emoji represents slight laughter, excitement or happiness
? Hugging face The emoji represents a hug, love or close friendship
? The winking smile The emoji represents being naughty or cheeky
? Cake The emoji represents celebration
? Thoughtful face The emoji represents lost in thought or pondering
? Clapping hands It represents celebration, clapping or applauding
? Smiley face The most commonly used smiley face emoji to represent content, happiness or approval
? Shocked face The emoji represents shock, disbelief or embarrassment
? Party face The face represents celebration or party
? Sunglass smiley face The emoji is often used to represent something cool or confident. 
? OK sign This emoji is used to okay something or give a go-ahead. It’s also used to appreciate something
? Purple heart An expression of friendship and love
? Pensive or sad face This emoji is often used to represent a sad or remorseful emotion
? Flexed arm The emoji means being strong or fit
? Sparkles This emoji is often added as a celebration or to let people know they have a sparkle
? Sparkling heart This emoji expresses the sparkle someone adds love in your life.
? Two eyes The emoji is often used to express interest, flirt or just be naughty
? Tongue out closed eyes This emoji is used to express naughtiness or a likeness towards a dish
? Smirk face The emoji expresses an attitude, annoyed or smug
? Crying face Being sad or in pain
? Right pointy finger It can be used to point right or even to prove a point
? Growing heart The emoji expresses a beating heart and love
? Weary or upset face It expresses sadness, being upset or very tired
? Hundred points This emoji is used to give an 100% approval
? Rose A flower to express love or romance
? Revolving hearts An expression of romance
? Balloon A cute emoji to celebrate little children's milestones
? Blue heart Another expression of love. Can also be used to tell someone they’re cold hearted
? Open mouth smiley face Used to express happiness, delight and joy
? Red angry face This emoji is used to express anger or being annoyed
? Bouquet of flowers Can be used as a celebration, expression of joy or happiness and love
? Winkey eye tongue out The emoji is used to tease someone or get cheeky.
? See no evil monkey It represents something cringeworthy, bad or not worth talking about
? Crossed fingers It’s used to anticipate something good, hope or luck
? Closed eye open mouth smiley It’s used to express great joy
? Drooly face Used to appreciate yum food
? Raised hands clapping Used to celebrate with someone
? Goofy face The emoji is used to express being goofy or funny
?? Heart with exclamation The emoji is used to emphasize love
? Gpen mouth open eye smile The emoji is used to express extreme happiness
? Kiss lips The emoji is used to express a romantic kiss
? Skull The emoji is used to show danger, sadness or something bad
? Finger pointing down Used to point down or elaborate on the text below
? Broken heart Used to express pain, grief or a broken heart
? Closed eye smiley The emoji is used to express calmness or relief or content.
? Beating heart It’s an expression of love
? Star eye smiley This emoji is used to express excitement and happiness toward something seen
? Upside down face It’s another cute expression of smiling
? Grinning face This emoji is used to express joy, be naughty or funny
? Shocked face The emoji is used to express shock or fear
? Sleepy face The emoji is used to express being tired or sleepy
? Giggle emoji It expresses giggling or being naughty and funny
? Straight face It expresses a blank look, unexpressive or no emotion
? Sunface smile It represents a sunny bright day with happiness or a radiant person
? Unamused face It represents being uninterested, annoyed or unhappy about something
? Smiley with halo It represents being innocent or angelic
? Cherry blossom flower A cute expression of love or friendship
? Smiley with devil horns A naughty or mischievous or devilish smile
? Music notes It represents a tune, a song or a melody
?? Peace sign Used to express peace or victory or even the number 2 
? Confetti Another form of celebration for an anniversary or wedding
? Hot face Express something spicy, hot weather or flirting with someone
? Disappointed face An expression of not being happy or being disappointed
? Green heart Love or friendship
?? Sun Often used to represent hot weather or a sunny day
? Black heart Used to express love, grief or sorrow
? Money bag Used to indicate money, spending or having to pay for something
? Blowing a kiss smiley This is a friendly kiss
? Crown It expresses royalty, importance or power
? Gift Use to indicate celebration
? Explosion This indicates fireworks, celebration or an explosion
? Happy Person Raising One Hand Asking a question or waving
?? Frown This depicts sadness or concern
? Straight Face This indicates boredom indifference, or a pause
? Woozy Face This symbolizes someone being drunk, confused, or dazed
? Pointing Left This is just something indicating left
? Poo Pile This symbolizes poo, something bad, or silly
? Check Button This is a sign of approval

Now that you have a clear understanding of what each of these emojis represent, it’s easy for you to start your own conversation using these cute stickers each time you chat with your friends and family.


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