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Welcome to our mobile computing news category here on Ghacks. This category covers all mobile-related news including news about smartphones and tablet devices, but also mobile computing in the form of laptops and notebooks.

You find all smartphone and mobile phones in this category, including news about Windows Phone and Apple’s iPhone. Only Google’s Android has its own category that you can access with a click on the category listing on the right sidebar.

Here you also find news about tablet devices including Apple’s iPad, Android tablets and Windows tablets, the latter have just began to be distributed which can be largely attributed to the release of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

Notebooks and laptop reviews, news and tutorials are also included in this category even though they can also be used as stationary systems. The category features news, tips and tricks, first looks and more as long as it is related to mobile computing.


I dislike services and apps that require that you create an account before you can try them out or use part of its functionality that you are interested in. It is understandable that companies want user registrations as it may bind users to the service, provides them with information about the user and may look […]

microsoft outlook android

Microsoft released its Outlook Preview application for Android devices to the Google Play Store. It is not the first Outlook app by Microsoft for Android, there is OWA for Android for instance which is also available as a pre-release) but it is the first that brings core desktop Outlook functionality to Android. For starters, it […]

wifi hotspot

You have two core options to connect to the Internet with your smartphone or mobile device: WiFi or using mobile connections. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. While you may run into privacy issues while using wireless connections that you don't have full control over, mobile connections are often limited bandwidth-wise which means that […]

The recent development of the tablet market is quite interesting. Once hailed as devices that will make PCs obsolete its market is showing signs of a slow down. Even Apple's tablets are not selling like hot cookies anymore. Two new tablets were announced this week and both are related to Nokia in one way or […]


Ghacks reader Swapnil was nice enough to send over a truckload of Windows Phone 8.1 screenshots and information, and I decided to post them as a gallery here on the site. This is not your typical Ghacks post though so keep that in mind. I merely linked all the information that he provided me with […]

motorola moto g

I usually do not review smartphones here on Ghacks. mostly because I do not have access to samples that I can review, but also because it is not really something that I like to do a lot. I purchased the Motorola Moto G recently as a secondary smartphone next to my Galaxy Note 2 for […]


Slowly but surely, browser maker Mozilla is rolling out its own mobile operating system, and prospective buyers can already grab a handset -- the ZTE Open and Alcatel One are available through Ebay. The OS has not yet managed to catch on, though its still very early in the process. However, Mozilla is steadily pushing […]

samsung find my mobile

Device manufacturers such as Samsung add custom applications, features and services to their devices that differentiate the devices from stock devices and devices created by other manufacturers. Some go as far as putting so many apps on the device that it may feel like overload for some users. This can also result in users missing […]

ubuntu phone os screenshot

Two new mobile phone operating systems will  make their debut in 2013. Firefox OS by Mozilla will debut in markets such as Brazil, Spain, Poland or Venezuela starting this Summer, while first devices powered by UbuntuPhone are expected to be available at the end of 2013. Both companies target entry-level markets and customers in the […]

nokia music+

If you own a Nokia Lumia smartphone you have probably come in to contact with Nokia Music, a free to use music streaming service for Nokia device owners. All you need to do to use the service is to run the app that is included by default on Lumia devices. From here it is possible […]