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bittorrent sync mobile

BitTorrent Sync mobile apps update improves file handling significantly

BitTorrent Sync is a file synchronization software that does not utilize cloud storage to transfer files between devices. We have reviewed the software in the past, the first alpha and beta versions, […]

whatsapp change number

How to change your WhatsApp Phone Number

My mother made the decision recently to switch from a regular smartphone contract to a prepaid contract. It simply did not make sense for her to pay €30 per month for making […]

ifttt do

IFTTT launches three DO apps for Android and iOS

IFTTT, If This Then That, is a wonderful service that you can use on the web or in form of app to use recipes that react automatically on certain events. We reviewed […]


You can use the Foursquare apps without account now

I dislike services and apps that require that you create an account before you can try them out or use part of its functionality that you are interested in. It is understandable […]

microsoft outlook android

Microsoft Outlook Preview for Android and iOS is now available

Microsoft released its Outlook Preview application for Android devices to the Google Play Store. It is not the first Outlook app by Microsoft for Android, there is OWA for Android for instance […]

wifi hotspot

WiFi Map Pro Passwords reveals open wireless hotspots

You have two core options to connect to the Internet with your smartphone or mobile device: WiFi or using mobile connections. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. While you may run […]

bluetooth pairing

Bitdefender: smartphone to smarthwatch communication is not secure

Security and privacy is not really at the top of the list of features that most consumers want when they select a smartphone or a smartwatch. It does play a huge role […]

Jolla Tablet vs. Nokia N1 Tablet

The recent development of the tablet market is quite interesting. Once hailed as devices that will make PCs obsolete its market is showing signs of a slow down. Even Apple's tablets are […]

privacy grade

PrivacyGrade rates Android app privacy and informs about third-party use

Apps on the Android platform can request no extra permissions or a bunch of them. While it is sometimes easy to find a reason for a permission, a web browser needs Internet […]


goTenna lets you communicate without cell towers, Wifi or satellites

If you want to use your smartphone for communication, you either have to be connected to a network of sorts to do so, or use short-range communication technologies such as Bluetooth to […]

maps with me

Maps With Me Lite is an offline mapping app for mobile devices

I do not use maps that often, usually only when I'm in a foreign country or a city that I do not know my way around in. A map was helpful when […]


Windows Phone 8.1 Screenshot Gallery and Information

Ghacks reader Swapnil was nice enough to send over a truckload of Windows Phone 8.1 screenshots and information, and I decided to post them as a gallery here on the site. This […]


You do not need the anti-social app Cloak to avoid friends

We are living in a connected world. If you are an average computer user, chance is you have accounts on at least one social networking site. If you own a smartphone, you […]

motorola moto g

A quick review of the Motorola Moto G

I usually do not review smartphones here on Ghacks. mostly because I do not have access to samples that I can review, but also because it is not really something that I […]

Mozilla announces Firefox OS 1.1, adds new features

Slowly but surely, browser maker Mozilla is rolling out its own mobile operating system, and prospective buyers can already grab a handset -- the ZTE Open and Alcatel One are available through […]

samsung find my mobile

Configure Samsung's free Find my mobile service

Device manufacturers such as Samsung add custom applications, features and services to their devices that differentiate the devices from stock devices and devices created by other manufacturers. Some go as far as […]

nokia asha

The difference between Nokia Lumia and Nokia Asha smartphones

I have to admit that I started to pay attention to Nokia Asha smartphones only recently even though they have been out for more than a year. Nokia introduced new Asha phones […]

ubuntu phone os screenshot

UbuntuPhone OS ships with Firefox and Chromium

Two new mobile phone operating systems will  make their debut in 2013. Firefox OS by Mozilla will debut in markets such as Brazil, Spain, Poland or Venezuela starting this Summer, while first […]