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Why are we still waiting for affordable laptops / netbooks / tablets for schools?

The mobile computing market changed forever a few years ago with the introduction of the netbook.  Finally a small, reasonably lightweight personal computer that could be carried by anybody.  Then the technology […]

blackberry phones

Is the Blackberry becoming a dying breed?

You may have heard recently that Research In Motion is planning on bringing out a number of new smart-phones in the coming months. This includes the new Blackberry Torch, which is the […]

Why Smartphone Security Has to Come Front and Centre

For the last few days I've been using the new beta update to Microsoft's smartphone operating system, Windows Phone, on my HTC handset.  I've written a full hands-on review of this 'Mango' […]

Sony Prepares for Tablet Launch As Verizon Leaks a Peek at the Motorola Xoom 4G

Friday and Saturday have uncovered some pretty interesting things about the new contenders entering the tablet market. Both Sony and Motorola are apparently rushing towards new releases, and while both are expected […]

Apple Announces iCloud and Other Functions

In what Apple enthusiasts called a highly anticipated keynote speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco this morning, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced Apple's future approach to cloud computing. iCloud, […]

Smart Mobile Working Since 1986

I've got a keen interest in smartphones and tablets. I think they're just both so brilliant for what you can do with them. For instance, being able to store spreadsheets and important […]

Acer Announces Plans To Launch Ultrabook PC Model

Ranked as the no. 2 PC manufacturing company in the world, Acer Inc. has announced plans to produce an ultra book which will be a super light computer model. The plan is […]

Google Chromebook, Are You Consider Buying One?

So the Chromebook has finally been announced, and first models will ship on June 15 in select countries (US and several European countries). Both Acer and Samsung have revealed some of the […]

Has the PC Worm Now Turned

For the last year we've all been talking about tablets.  They've been the technology of the moment for some considerable time now and their appeal doesn't seem to  be diminishing.  It's still […]

Tablets, Where Do We Need to Be, and How Do We Get There?

The tablet market is exploding and growing exponentially, but it's still not reaching a critical mass with the general public not embracing them in the way they did netbooks.  So why is […]

Nokia Shares Drop 14% as Staff Walk Out

Nokia is having a turbulent week, first the CEO's secret email to staff about the company being in trouble is leaked to the press, then they announce an historic strategic partnership with […]

free wifi

Finding Free Wi-Fi While Traveling

Traveling is a pure pleasure and in the present technology-driven world, traveling has become all the more easy, user friendly, and exciting. Unlike the old days, when traveling meant just packing clothes […]

google maps

Using Google Maps For Travelers

Traveling is one thing that keeps you connected with the world: you explore new places, get to see, eat, and feel new things, meet new people, and a lot more. Everyone likes […]

The Best Language Learning Software

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do" - St Ambrose; Perhaps the best application of this saying would be in the field of language learning. When you go to a country […]

The Worst Technology For Travelers

Since time immemorial, experimenting and technology have been a vital factor behind man’s progress. His thirst for knowledge has exposed the unheard secrets of the universe. Our home, earth has been left […]


The Most Useful Websites for Travel

There are many books and websites available on the net today that offer planned nature trips at the lowest possible prices, but for those with an independent streak who don't want to […]

European Mobile Charger Agreement Comes into Force Today

A voluntary agreement by all the major mobile phone manufacturers comes into force today in the EU, and because of the way phones are manufactured these days it's bound to very quickly […]

Windows Phone Marketplace hits 5,000 Apps and is Cracked

There's been good news and bad for Microsoft this week.  The good news is that the number of apps available in the new Windows Phone marketplace has been growing steadily since October […]