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nokia music+

Nokia launches Music+ streaming service

If you own a Nokia Lumia smartphone you have probably come in to contact with Nokia Music, a free to use music streaming service for Nokia device owners. All you need to […]

power efficiency diagnostics report

Create a Windows Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

A long battery life is one of the most important features of mobile devices in my opinion. That's obviously only the case if the laptop or tablet is running on battery regularly. […]

ubuntu for phone

Ubuntu for phones announced

The mobile phone market is an ever changing place and companies that were once on top may find themselves at the bottom of the food chain after short periods of time. It […]

GPS could soon to be more power efficient thanks to Microsoft

Do you have the GPS feature of your phone activated at all times or only when you need it? Whenever I activate GPS it seems to use a lot of battery, which […]


Cross-platform Nokia Maps service launched

You can do maps right, like Google does with its service Google Maps, or get lots of flak for your maps application like Apple did when the company switched from the reliable […]

nokia lumia 920 pricing

Nokia Lumia 920, 820 pricing revealed

It appears that more and more companies release news about new products bit by bit nowadays. Microsoft for instance announced its Surface tablet devices running Windows 8 months ago, but has yet […]

nokia music

Nokia Mix Radio: free Nokia Lumia music app

With smartphone hardware coming closer together performance-wise, it is important for manufacturers to make available features that distinct a particular brand or phone from offerings of competing manufacturers. Nokia Lumia owners for […]

inventory traveling gear

Create Travelling Gear Lists With Sherpa

If you are going on tour with a backpack, every gram may count, especially if you are preparing for an expedition or tour where you have to carry the backpack at all […]

windows phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Upgrades To Windows Phone 8

With conflicting rumors about Microsoft's upgrade plans for existing Windows Phone 7 devices to the upcoming Windows Phone 8, comes uncertainty for customers who already purchased a Windows Phone 7, like the […]

connect to a workplace

Preparing Your Laptop Before You Go Abroad

I always take my laptop with me when I go on trips. It does not really matter if it is a weekend city tour, a business trip, or a long vacation abroad. […]

Boot To Gecko, Something To Get Excited About?

When I first heard about Mozilla's new project, Boot To Gecko (B2G), an open source operating system for smartphones, I initially thought that Mozilla should better spend the resources on the Firefox […]

Blackberry Playbook OS v2 Update Due Today [Updated, It's Out!]

It's been delayed and delayed further, but despite no official confirmation from RIM the long-anticipated version 2 of the company's QNX operating system for the Blackberry Playbook is due to be released […]

Which Should I Keep, an HP TouchPad or a RIM Playbook?

As a tech author, blogger and reviewer I get technology sent to me periodically or I pick up bits and pieces myself.  This does mean that I can occasionally find something being […]

What Technology Will We Expect with Next Year's PCs and How Will it Affect Prices?

Smartphones and tablets have a lot to answer for, at least when it comes to making technology affordable for the public.  Since the launch of the first iPhone it's become not only […]

Syria bans the iPhone

The internet, social networking and in particular smartphones have caused many problems for regimes around the world.  Twitter and Facebook were widely used in the Egyptian uprising earlier in the year, Saudi […]

Top Tips for Securing Your Smartphone

The more we use our smartphones and the more personal and sensitive data we keep on them you'd think the greater target they are for thieves and hackers, right?  Well, the fact […]

Adobe Discontinue Flash for Mobile Devices

The world has been wondering what the next move would be in the stand-off between HTML5 and Adobe's Flash Player.  Apple has always resisted Flash on the iPhone and iPad demonstrating that […]

google hotel finder

Google Hotel Finder, Google Maps Mashup

It feels rather strange that Google decided to retire the Google Labs section of their site which often showcased new Google services and features that at least sometimes were turned into full […]