Duolingo Max vs Super: GPT-4 powered difference

Onur Demirkol
Mar 21, 2023
Updated • Mar 21, 2023

Duolingo Max rolled out around a week ago, and it can potentially change how you learn new languages thanks to its two new features powered by GPT-4. If you want to learn more about the Duolingo Max vs Super comparison, read the article until the end!

Duolingo and OpenAI have recently forged a groundbreaking partnership that includes the integration of OpenAI's next-generation GPT-4 LLM (Language Model) into Duolingo's innovative language learning platform. This formidable collaboration is poised to empower Duolingo's users with state-of-the-art AI technology that will elevate their language learning experience to unprecedented heights.

The new service's name is Duolingo Max, and it has launched as the most-expensive subscription tier. We previously covered Duolingo Max and GPT-4 features that help you learn languages with innovative methods. In this article, we will look at the Duolingo Max vs Super comparison and see if it is worth paying more.

If you want to learn more about the Duolingo Max vs Super comparison, we gathered their common and distinct features!

Duolingo Max vs Super: Differences

Duolingo Super is the platform's favorite paid subscription model language learners use. However, it will probably change in the upcoming weeks or months. To start things off in this Duolingo Max vs Super comparison, first, we need to start by saying that Duolingo Max includes every feature that Super has. If you are already a "Super "user, it means that you will keep all the features and add two more by paying a little extra.

Here are the features you can get your hands on with Duolingo Super:

  • No ads: Learn without interruptions
  • Unlimited Hearts: Enable unlimited hearts so mistakes won't slow you down
  • Mistakes Review: Make a mistake? No problem; you'll receive a personalized lesson to practice your mistakes.
  • Unlimited attempts at Legendary challenges: Prove your skills by earning a Legendary trophy!

GPT-4 Features

GPT-4 is OpenAI's newest LLM, and it was launched recently. While people were still amazed by GPT-3's capabilities, the new version has hit the surface with even better features and abilities. GPT-4 and Duolingo max were released on the same day, so OpenAI and Duolingo worked together for a while before the event.

As mentioned, Duolingo Max offers two extra features powered by GPT-4, and they have the potential to change the game while we head into an AI-powered world. "Explain My Answer" and "Roleplay" are the difference makers of this comparison, and let's dig deeper into what they are!

Explain My Answer

Explain My Answer's abilities are pretty much obvious from its name. Even if your answer is correct or incorrect, this feature lets you learn more about your response in a lesson. After certain exercise types, you can tap a simple button to chat with Duo and see its explanation of your answer. It will provide you with a simple explanation on why your answer was right or wrong.

You can also ask for examples to understand the context better.

If you want to learn more about the Duolingo Max vs Super comparison, we gathered their common and distinct features!


Roleplay is also another feature that gets the new subscription model ahead in the Duolingo Max vs Super comparison. You can't always find native English or Spanish speakers to test your skills and knowledge. Roleplay lets you practice your real-world conversation skills with world characters implemented into the app. If you don't know what to talk about, don't worry, Duolingo Max will guide you through different scenarios.

"Learners might discuss future vacation plans with Lin, order coffee at a café in Paris, go furniture shopping with Eddy, or ask a friend to go for a hike," says the official website.

If you want to learn more about the Duolingo Max vs Super comparison, we gathered their common and distinct features!

Which one should you choose?

In today's world, almost every technology firm wants to grow its business with AI-powered tools. AI's innovative solutions undoubtedly help humanity, but because the developed LLMs are still a new concept for mass usage, they cost slightly more than the traditional methods. Duolingo Max definitely has the upper hand, thanks to the features above.

It is always better to learn a language by practicing it daily. On the other hand, some people might be too shy to talk to real humans on their path to learning a new dialect. That is one of the reasons to get the Duolingo Max subscription model, as you will be practicing your skills against a literal robot.

Duolingo Max is available in the U.S., Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and the only courses are Spanish and French for English speakers on iOS. The company is looking to expand the span soon.

Duolingo Max price

The Duolingo Max price is obviously more than the "Super" subscription tier. It is currently priced at $30 per month or $168 annually if you choose to pay at once. Below you can find the fees for Duolingo Super:

  • Monthly Super Duolingo Premium Subscription: $12.99/ month
  • Monthly Super Duolingo Premium Subscription: $6.99 /month if you pay for the FULL year
  • Yearly Super Duolingo Premium Subscription: $59.99
  • Duolingo Family Plan for 7 total users: $119.99
If you want to learn more about the Duolingo Max vs Super comparison, we gathered their common and distinct features!

How to get Duolingo Max?

It launched only for iOS users, but don't worry; the company will roll out web and Android support soon. If you are eligible to use Duolingo Max, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Duolingo.
  2. Tap on the Shop tab (Blue gem icon at the top of the screen).
  3. You will see a "Duolingo Max" option on your screen.

With GPT-4's advanced natural language processing capabilities, Duolingo's learners will enjoy unparalleled access to personalized and contextualized language instruction. Duolingo's new subscription model will incorporate this powerful technology, allowing users to acquire a new language with unparalleled efficiency and efficacy. This bold alliance marks a quantum leap forward in language learning technology, potentially revolutionizing the entire field.


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