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Intrepid Ibex, or Hardy Heron SP1?

Ubuntu is now the most prominent Linux distribution perhaps due to its philosophy of creating '”Linux for humans” and targeting the consumer first and foremost. With a regular 6 monthly release Ubuntu […]

aMSN: Winks and webcams on Mac and Linux

Adium and Pidgin, the popular multi-network IM clients popular on OS X and Linux, lacks support for many features of MSN Messenger, such as webcams, audio conversations, voice clips and winks. This […]

Secure your files: An introduction to GnuPG

GnuPG allows you to encrypt data so only the intended recipient, with a key and a password, can decrypt it. It also provides a mechanism for verifying data is from the person […]

How To Deal With Huge Apache Web Server Log Files

I must admit that I have not been paying attention to the size of some of the Apache web server log files on my dedicated server. For those that do not know, […]

Run Linux Live CDs In Windows

Testing Linux distributions could not be easier already. All it usually takes is to burn the image of the Linux distribution to CD and boot from the CD to experience that distribution. […]

Install Linux Without CD

Universal Netboot Installer (UNetbootin) is a portable tool for Windows and Linux that you use to download and install various Linux distributions to a system partition or USB drive without the need […]


The following article is a guest post by Uk's finest Joe Anderson. You can pay him a visit at his own tech blog Webby's World. Boxee is XBMC-based media centre software currently […]

ulteo virtual desktop

Ulteo Virtual Desktop

I have watched the steps of Mandrake-Founder Gaël Duval since he (was forced to) quit the company, not because I was such a big fan of Mandrake (or Linux in general ^^) […]

Font Cubes Font Collection

I'm not someone who is searching for and downloading fonts regularly. Actually I only did it once or twice in the last years because I had to create a new logo for […]

Ubuntu 8 makes it even easier to try out Linux

One aspect of installing Linux has always been a major hindrance for inexperienced users. The fact that you had to partition your hard drives in order to install Linux on your computer. […]


Amarok - The music player

Martin posted back in December about switching to a tripple-boot, having XP, Vista and Linux on the same machine. I myself installed Ubuntu a while ago and am recently switching near full-time […]


Geexbox Linux Distribution to play multimedia

I'm currently still using my old Microsoft Xbox as my media center and it's working fine so far but I do have thoughts about the future. The Xbox will not last forever and the new Xbox 360 cannot be modified to do the same yet. One alternative that I investigated was building a computer for this purpose and I'm almost sure that I would use the Geexbox Linux distribution as the operating system.

Install Ubuntu without partitioning with Wubi

Many novice users fear the technical process that has do be done before or during the installation of a Linux distribution. Partitioning is something that most are not familiar with and the fear to do something wrong and wreck their standard operating system is probably one of the main reasons why many users do not install a Linux distribution.

Ubuntu Tweaking Guide

Time has passed since my last article about Ubuntu and I have decided to concentrate more on Linux and Ubuntu because it is a real alternative for Windows Vista. The Ultimate Ubuntu Tweaking Guide is a new user friendly guide that explains how to tweak Ubuntu for a better performance. It is a guide for new users because it explains every step instead of explaining just some and assuming that the user has the experience to get to the point where the explanation starts.


Use SoundJuicer to rip mp3 directly in Linux

Soundjuicer is a nice CD ripper for Gnome 2 and probably the tool of choice when it comes to Cd ripping in Ubuntu. Depending on your installation it could be that ripping CDs directly to mp3 is not supported by default and has to be added to make this possible. This could be useful if you own a mp3 player that does not support the ogg or flac format.

Why you should switch your parents PC to Ubuntu

About a month ago my mother called and asked if I could help her with a problem on her computer that I build and installed for her. The computer reacted slowly to her input and was opening unknown websites for no reason. It was immediately clear that some sort of spyware or even worse virus or trojan was responsible for this behavior. She was really desperate and I began to scan the system immediately.

My first day with Ubuntu

I tried to install Kubuntu yesterday but the partitioner failed and I decided to try out Ubuntu today because I knew they were using different partitioners. I downloaded the Ubuntu iso image and burned it to a CD. I then changed the boot sequence in the bios to be able to boot Ubuntu from CD. The distribution that I downloaded is a live CD and installation CD at once which means it will boot the complete operating system from CD first and give you the choice to install it or simply use the live CD version.


Widgets for Linux: SuperKaramba

Today i'm trying out SuperKaramba.
SuperKaramba is also a widget tool for Linux, but it seems to have a larger user base behind it then gDesklets.
gDesklets is Gnome based, but SuperKaramba is KDE based.
You can still use SuperKaramba on a Gnome interface, but not everything will work.