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Add mp3 support in Fedora 10

One of more frustrating aspects of some modern Linux distributions is that they do not ship with mp3 support rolled in. This is, by design, done because of licensing issues. And granted […]

Installing Applications in Linux with GNOME PackageKit

If you have used Fedora in the past you might be well aquainted with rpm (Red Hat Package Manager).  But if you have taken a gander at Fedora Core 10 you might […]

Installing Linux applications with Aptitude

For those of you who like a little more power behind your tools you will certainly appreciate the Aptitude front-end for the apt package management system. Aptitude is based on the ncurses […]

Getting to Know Linux: Installing applications in Ubuntu

You have finally managed to get Ubuntu installed and you are up and running. And even though there are tons of new and exciting pieces of software on your hard drive, you […]

Convert .mp3 files to .wav files in Linux

With the popularity of mp3 players, and the frustrations of using DRM-crippled music, it is always nice to be able to rip your own mp3 files. There are plenty of Linux tools […]

Install Linux on a USB drive with UNetbootin

There are so many reasons why having a Linux distribution on a usb drive can come in handy. Fram having a "rescue" OS on your keyring to being able to install a […]

Installing and Configuring Enlightenment E16

Over the  years I have used countless Linux desktops and window managers. But no matter how amazing a desktop (read: Compiz-Fusion) I always seem to wind up going straight back to Enlightenment. […]

How to dual boot Linux and Windows XP

Unlike Windows Vista, Windows XP does not have a built in tool to resize a partition. Because of this you have to make use of another means. One of my favorite tools […]

How to dual boot Windows Vista and Linux

I have had a number of requests for how to documents on dual booting Windows and Vista. Since the process for Vista and XP are different I am going to give them […]

An Illustrated Guide to Installing Ubuntu Desktop

I have had a number of requests for a step by step walk through of a Linux installation. I thought this would be a great way to illustrate how simple installing Linux […]

Get to Know Linux: File System Hierarchy

The Linux file system hierarchy is much different than that of Windows. So much so that it becomes a show stopper for many new users. I hope to clear up a lot […]

Thoughts on Linux migration

It's been quite a while since I managed to write something here, partly because of work and study, and partly because I didn't know exactly what to write about. But the muse […]

Fundamental Differences Between Linux and Windows

Anyone who has pondered the idea of migrating from Windows to Linux knows there are differences between the two operating systems. But just what are those differences? Many people considering this migration […]

Get To Know Linux: Desktop Environment vs. Window Manager

Ever since the inception of GNOME and KDE there has been confusion among new Linux users which is which and which is best to use. The former question is fairly simple to […]

Get To Know Linux: Installation

Unless you search it out, you're not likely to come across a PC that comes with Linux pre-installed (exception being the wide-variety of netbooks being sold). Because of this if you want […]

Choosing the right distribution will ease your migration

For those of you considering a migration from Windows to Linux, I have a very simple piece of advice that will make the migration much easier. That advice: Choose the right distribution. […]

Access remote Unix GUIs in Windows: Xming

A friend recently introduced me to the idea of X11 tunnelling, which is accessing programs over SSH whilst still maintaining a graphical interface. Most Linux distributions, and OS X, have built-in X11 […]

Intrepid Ibex, or Hardy Heron SP1?

Ubuntu is now the most prominent Linux distribution perhaps due to its philosophy of creating '”Linux for humans” and targeting the consumer first and foremost. With a regular 6 monthly release Ubuntu […]