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google voice

Google Voice Extension For Google Chrome

Google Voice is a an invite only US-only service by Google that provides additional benefits to phones and voice communication. This includes voicemail transcriptions, notifications, a single phone number for all phones, […]

snap links lite

Google Chrome Gets Snap Links Finally

Snap Links Lite is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome browser that enables you to load multiple links at once in the browser. There are only a few add-ons available […]

Chromium Gets Rid Of Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnails

The feature to display taskbar thumbnails in the Windows 7 operating system was recently added to Chromium and later on to Google Chrome. The taskbar thumbnails were enabled by default with no […]

google chrome bookmark manager

Google Chrome Bookmarks Manager

Google Chrome, like any other web browser, offers an option to save websites as bookmarks to open them again at a later point in time. Bookmarks are placed in the bookmarks manager […]

session buddy

Manage Google Chrome Sessions With Session Buddy

We took a look at a basic Google Chrome session manager back in January which allows you to save Chrome sessions, that is information about the open websites in the web browser, […]

adobe flash chrome

Google Integrates Adobe Flash Into Chrome

One of the first things that many users do after installing a web browser is to install Adobe Flash as it is needed to display many websites and most of the hosted […]

Extension.Fm Play Music Comfortably In Google Chrome

Update: The browser extension is no longer available. There does not seem to be a comparable extension available for Google Chrome at this point in time. Check out the best music streaming […]

Google Chrome: Disable Tab Previews In Windows 7

One of the recent additions to the Windows version of the Google Chrome web browser was support for the Windows 7 taskbar to show preview thumbnails of all open tabs of the […]

Google Chrome 5 Beta

Google Chrome 5's development has reached a new milestone with the release of Google Chrome 5 Beta for Windows operating systems today. The official release version of the Google browser is still […]

YouTube Search For Google Chrome

If you want to search for videos on Youtube you can either go directly to the site and hack your search phrase into the search form offered there, use a search engine […]

Free Computer Memory In Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser ships with a Task Manager that reveals information about the browser's memory consumption, as well as cpu and network load. When you open the Task Manager in the […]

Google Chrome Tabs Manager Tabs Plus

Tabs Plus is a browser extension for Google Chrome that adds search, thumbnail previews, and drag and drop support to the browser's tab management functionality. Recent Firefox versions have an option to […]

Google Chrome To Allow Extensions In Incognito Mode

Google added several new features to its Chrome web browser lately. We reviewed the new autofill and taskbar thumbnail features already that Google added to the latest developer release version of the […]

Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnails Added To Google Chrome

Google introduced another feature in the latest Google Chrome developer version next to the new autofill feature that we reviewed earlier today. This new feature is only available if the user runs […]

Google Chrome Autofill

Google just added so-called Autofill functionality to development versions of the Chrome browser which allow you to fill out form information automatically. The Google Chrome web browser, at least the developer releases, […]

One Manga Reader

Update: One Manga Reader and the One Manga website for that matter are no longer available. Use alternatives such as Manga Viewer instead which you still find listed in the Chrome Web […]

Blacklist Google Search Results In Google Chrome

Personal Blocklist allows Google Chrome users to blacklist specific domains or pages from appearing in the Google search results. This can be helpful in situations where results from a website should not […]

Google Chrome Downloads Files Before User Confirmation

I noticed a strange behavior in Google's latest Chrome developer build. I'm not sure if the problem exists in other versions of the Chrome browser as well, but it is likely that […]