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google chrome 97 security update

Chrome 97 update fixes 26 vulnerabilities (1 critical)

Google released a new version of its Chrome web browser to the public. The new version of the web browser, Chrome 97.0.4692.99, is a security update that addresses 26 different issues in […]

Browsers based on Chromium 97 no longer allow users to delete default search engines

Browsers based on Chromium will no longer allow users to delete default search engines from the settings

Most web browsers ship with a bunch of different search engines that you may switch to, if you are not a fan of the default option. In addition to changing the provider, […]

google chrome

Google Chrome 97 introduces controversial keyboard API

Google Chrome 97 is expected to be released later today. The new stable version of Google Chrome will be rolled out via the browser's automatic updating system starting today. Chrome 97's release […]

google chrome critical security update december 2021

Google releases critical security update for Chrome that fixes a 0-day vulnerability

Google released a new security update for its Chrome web browser that is fixing several security vulnerabilities in the browser. One of the security vulnerabilities is exploited in the wild, another received […]

Google: Chrome on Windows has become a lot faster recently

Google rolled out a new feature called Native Window Occlusion, to all Chrome installations on Windows back in October 2020 with the release of Chrome 86. The company has published information on […]

chrome logo

A security update for Google Chrome 96 is out

Google released an update for Google Chrome 96, the company's web browser, today for all supported desktop operating systems and for the company's Android platform. The new version of Google Chrome is […]

How to Get Chrome Extensions on Android

Whether you’re a student or work from home or an office, Chrome has some great extensions that help with organization, productivity, learning, and entertainment. You’ve probably discovered quite a few of these […]

google chrome privacy individual cookies

Individual cookie controls are removed from Privacy and Security in Chrome 97

Google's web browser Chrome will soon have reduced functionality when it comes to the managing of cookies under the Security and privacy menu entry in the browser's settings. Currently, when you open […]

chrome support windows 7

Google is extending Chrome support for Windows 7 by another year

Google continues to support all editions of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system by another year. Microsoft ended support for Home editions of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020 officially. Businesses and Enterprise […]

google chrome 96

Google Chrome 96 is out: here is what is new

Google released Chrome 96 for all supported desktop operating systems and Android this week; the new version is 96.0.4664.45. No mentioning of security updates in the release. Chrome 96 Google plans to […]

ventoy dangerous

How to deal with "may be dangerous" download prompts in Chrome

I tried to download the latest Ventoy release recently from the project's GitHub repository. Chrome, the browser that I used at the time, displays a notification in the download panel at the […]

chrome suggestions speed up

Chrome is using less memory, crashing less, and loading search results faster, according to Google

Google highlights a few improvements that it made in recent times to its Chrome web browser on the official Chromium website. These improvements reduce the number of crashes of the browser and the […]

chrome security update

Time to update Chrome again: latest update patches two 0-day vulnerabilities

Google released a new security update for the company's Chrome browser on October 28, 2021. The new update patches eight security vulnerabilities in the web browser, two of which are exploited in […]

google chrome 95.0.4638.54

Google released Chrome 95: here is what is new

Google Chrome is still the most popular desktop browser, at least when it comes to the number of users who have it installed. Google released a new stable version of Chrome that […]

Best Google Drive Extensions for Chrome

Are you looking for the best Google Drive extensions for Chrome? Check my list here!

Get the most use out of your favorite cloud storage with these extensions! Ever since its official launch back in 2012, Google Drive has become one of the most popular online cloud […]

Best Dark Mode Extension for Chrome

Need to protect your eyes? I have a list of the best dark mode extensions for Chrome

Save your eyes from blinding light with these great dark mode extensions! Most of us spend plenty of time looking at screens throughout the day. Hours upon hours go to gazing at […]

top screen recording plugins for Chrome

Want to easily capture your screen? Here are my top screen recording plugins for Chrome

Ever find something while browsing the internet that was worth recording, but you didn’t have the right tools for it? Here are five of the best screen recording plugins for Chrome on […]

Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail

What are the best Chrome extensions for Gmail?

If you’re spending a lot of time in your email, why not add a few extensions to increase your productivity? Which Gmail extensions for Chrome will help you the most? Gmail is […]

javascript restrictor

JavaScript Restrictor: improve privacy by limiting web browser APIs

JavaScript Restrictor is an open s0urce cross-browser extension designed to improved user privacy by limiting access to APIs of web browsers that websites may use when running JavaScript. The extension is developed […]

google chrome windows 11 style menu

How to enable Windows 11 Style Menus in Google Chrome

Google added a new Windows 11 Style Menu to the Canary version of the company's Chrome web browser this week. The new style matches the style of Windows 11 operating system menus, […]

Best Screenshot Extensions for Chrome

Which are the best screenshot extensions for Chrome?

Want to download a screenshot add-on but don’t know which one is reliable and safe? Keep reading for the six best Chrome extensions for screenshots Have you ever come across a website […]

chrome security update 94.0.4606.71

Another Chrome emergency update to patch 0-day vulnerabilities is now available

Google released another security update for the company's Google Chrome web browser that brings the version of the browser to  94.0.4606.71. Google Chrome 94.0.4606.71 is a security update that fixes two vulnerabilities […]

Want to edit a PDF online? Here's a list of the best 9 PDF Extensions for Chrome

Good news, you can edit your PDFs right from your browser! But which tools are the best for the job? Most file types are easy to edit. Just throw them into one […]

Best REST Client Plugin for Chrome

Need to test your API? Here are my top 5 REST Client Plugins for Chrome

REST extensions for Chrome can reduce the time you spend on manually testing your web apps, but which are the best to use? App testing takes a fair bit of the developers' […]

chrome idle detection api prompt

How to block sites from requesting Idle Detection API permissions in Chrome

Google introduced a controversial API in Google Chrome 94 this month. Called Idle Detection API, it allows sites to query the device to find out whether it is idle or in active […]

Best Pinterest Plugin for Chrome? Here is my best choice

Chrome has extensions for all sorts of sites, and Pinterest is no exception. Which ones are the best? Plenty of people rely on Pinterest for a nice burst of inspiration or just […]

google chrome 94.0.4606.61 security patch

Google Chrome: emergency update to patch zero-day vulnerability has been released

Days after the release of Chrome 94 to the Stable channel, comes another update for Google's Chrome web browser. Chrome 94.0.4606.61 is available for the desktop operating systems Linux, Mac and Windows. […]

Best Facebook Extensions for Chrome

7 Best Facebook Extensions for Chrome

Extensions can be extremely useful when a website like Facebook lacks the necessary features. Here are seven extensions you can use to enhance your Facebook experience. Facebook is a major social media […]

chrome manifest v2 support

Manifest v2 Chrome extensions will stop working in June 2023

Google has been working on a new extension manifest, Manifest v3, for quite some time. The company introduced support for the new manifest version in Chrome 88, released earlier in 2021, and […]

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Students

Best 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Students

Google Chrome has many extensions geared towards helping students study more effectively. However, among the hundreds available, which are the best? No more sitting at a desk with hundreds of books opened […]

google chrome 94

Chrome 94's Idle Detection API can be abused according to Mozilla and Apple

Google Chrome 94 is out and with the browser comes a new controversial feature: the Idle Detection API. As the name suggests, it can be implemented by sites to find out if […]

google chrome 94

Google Chrome 94 is out with security fixes, a 4-week release cycle, and Extended Stable channel

Google Chrome 94 is available. The new version of Google Chrome fixes security issues and the first version of the browser that is released in the new 4-week release cycle. Previously, Chrome […]

Best Weather Extension for Chrome

Weather extensions for Chrome browsers have been around for a while. However, are they reliable and which weather forecast apps are the best? Gone are the days of having your local news […]

google chrome security update 93.0.4577.82

Update Google Chrome to patch Two Zero-Day vulnerabilities that are exploited in the wild

Google released a security update for the company's Google Chrome web browser on September 13, 2021. The update is already available and most Chrome installations should receive it automatically thanks to the […]

google chrome site data

Google plans to replace Chrome's cookies and site data controls with an inferior option

Comments on the official Chromium issues tracker confirm that Google plans to deprecate the browser's cookies and site data controls in favor of a page that is inferior in functionality at the […]

You can finally save any file type in Google Drive offline

You can finally save any file type in Google Drive offline

The feature to save any file type to Google Drive’s web client was made available to G-Suite users two years ago. This beta version went through many struggles during the testing phase, […]

Mue Chrome Extension

Top 10 New Tab Extensions for Chrome

Best New Tab Extensions for Chrome In 2007, Opera introduced a feature that changed the way browsers were used, the Speed Dial. These thumbnail-based browser bookmarks allow you to browse your favorite […]

google chrome 93

Here is what is new in Google Chrome 93

Google published Chrome 93, a new stable version of the company's desktop and mobile browser, on August 31, 2021. The new Chrome version is already available, and desktop users may select Menu […]

google recommends using chrome

Hide Google recommends using Chrome advertisement on Google websites

When you visit Google's main website and many other the company operates in a web browser that is not Google Chrome, Google displays an overlay on the screen that advertises the company's […]

Google Chrome will support a multi-window experience for Android 12

Google Chrome will support a multi-window experience for Android 12

Google was working on a new split-screen mode feature earlier this year. This function would let you group two apps simultaneously. However, not much came from this yet. A new feature is […]